Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Our youngest grandchild, Archer, is walking!
And he's not even 1 yet.  

Steve and Bex managed to get a short video of him for me last night:

ABOVE: our clever wee man.  In 10 days he will be 1 year old.  The time goes so fast.

Today I'm going to do some packing of stuff in the Dungeon (store room under our house), then this afternoon I have a Doctor's appointment.

Need a re-fill of me meds.  And I will talk to her about me cough, cos I really don't want it to linger for months like the last few years.  It IS a bit better than it was last week, but still worth seeing if it can be kept at bay.

Meanwhile... Stew is at work in Hamilton... waiting to hear from our bank.  Fingers crossed we get good news today which will enable us to put an offer on a house in Hamilton this week.


1.12 pm:  Not heard from the bank yet... grrrr.

Been to the Doctors... but not for me.  Young Archer had a fall and hurt his mouth, so I met Bex at the Doctor's this morning just to be supportive.
Archer is OK, he's got a big gash in his upper gums.  We are hoping his teeth are not damaged.  Time will tell on that score.

When I left, the kids were in bed.  When I got home... they were still in bed! They hadn't even noticed I wasn't here. Typical teenagers.

I went down to the dungeon, looked inside and decided I didn't feel like doing anything!  So... I went and lay on my bed and fell asleep for 2 hours!  

Now I am going to the Doctor's.

Dr visit went well.  She's given me an inhaler to relax my lungs so I don't throw up so readily.

Talking about throwing up.... I had a sandwich for lunch with a slice of luncheon, tomato and cheese.   Since then I've been fighting nausea.  We think the luncheon might have been past it's due date.  Don't you just hate it when you WANT to throw up, constantly feel like you are going to... but then don't!

And on that miserable note, I'm off to bed early.
Hope to feel much better tomorrow.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed. I Hate things have to be so darn complicated.

  2. Oh the poor wee man, hope you get better soon Chris

  3. Christine3:17 PM

    Poor Archer! It's rough learning to walk!

  4. I remember Annette falling when she started walking. she didn't try again for a few days. Poor Archer. Hope you got on at Drs ok and got something for your cough.

  5. I hope you heard from the bank today

  6. Archer is so cute and he be fully away soon. I hate the thought of even being sick. Banks when they want money from you they on to it quick smart shame it doesn't work the other way eh!!

  7. Archer is adorable, hope he didn't hurt himself too bad!


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