Thursday, April 14, 2016


Can you believe it?
I got to the class 2 times the entire term.  And I made... NOTHING.

I am going this morning to pick up my last house from LAST term.  And for a yak.  And to while away some time.


If I know anything, it's that today is going to drag on slowly.... our purchasers have till 5 pm to go UNCONDITIONAL.  And all signs are that it could happen.  MAYBE.  I'm too battle worn to TOTALLY believe that it will happen.

Time will tell.

So, after class I will probably come home and try to have a nap.  I am sure I can sleep an hour or so away!

Bex told me that Archer took 3 steps yesterday!  I hope I can see him doing that in the next day or two.

OH and the other thing that might happen today ... the viewers from yesterday might make an offer.  Ha!  Might be too late?  Ya never know though.

Right, I'm outta here ... be back later.


Two nights ago Brylee woke us up at 4 am.  Her bottom lip was swollen and sore.  We figured she had a reaction to a mosquito bite... as it's happened before.

Last night.... she came out in hives:

So... clearly it wasn't a mozzie bite causing her lip to swell!
It must have been something she ate.  Only there's no point trying to work out what it was now.  
I just hope she recovers fast.  When I had hives from a medication years ago, it took a whole month before I stopped itching!

ABOVE:  Hee hee.... wonder what she's doing?  Checking for spots. 
(photos and content published with Brylee's permission).

Hmmm... hindsight.  I wonder if the cough liquid she's been taking caused it?  Or the Gees Linctus I gave her three night's ago?  Highly likely.

2.26 pm:  and no news yet.  I'm feeling very anxious and alone... waiting for the phone to ring... or an email or text.  It's horrible.

I did the grocery shopping this morning to while away some time.  But I've still got hours to wait.... *sigh*

There's been a small 'hitch' in the process.... but... but... by 5 pm today it looks like our house will go UNCONDITIONAL!  

I will let you all know just as soon as I have LEGAL confirmation.  OMG it really might happen TODAY!


The purchaser's solicitor needs ONE MORE DAY.... he needs to talk to the purchasers himself to go Unconditional, and they are in England, sound asleep as it's 4 am there.  So... TOMORROW.

I'm feeling like... SHIT.  But Stew assures me it will happen tomorrow, so I will hang on to that.


Proud of myself... I've not let the disappointment derail me.  I know it will happen tomorrow. It will.
Though I'm not looking forward to yet another wait by the phone tomorrow, that's for sure.


  1. My daughter would break out in hives like that if she wore new clothing that had not been washed. Turns out she was allergic to the sizing used in the fabric.

  2. Are you sure it's not mosquito bites, she has too small ones on her chest hahaha

    1. BRYLEE: They are not mosquite bites, they are actually boobs!

    2. You tell him Brylee!! LOL!

    3. Anonymous10:05 AM

      I was waiting for him to say that....


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  4. Barbara Anne8:49 AM

    Popping in to say that allergic reactions often get worse with repeated exposure to the substance that the person is allergic to. Since Brylee's lip swelled this time in addition to the rash, that can mean the next reaction might well be really bad. May this retired registered nurse suggest you or Brylee promptly call her doctor to report this occurrence?

    Wishing you both well!

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    All positive vibes and energy coming your way today. Hope you find the cause of Brylee hives.

  6. Must be careful, allergic reactions can be very dangerous, always keep some Predisone and antihistamines aside, you never know when you need it urgently in an emergency. Good luck for today.

  7. May pay to get Brylee's rash checked out, there is quite a lot of cases of shingles around at the moment.

  8. Anonymous12:00 PM


    As Brylee's lip is involved could be good to check it out, my sons tongue and mouth swell from brazil nuts, and he starts having breathing problems. Otherwise, it could be fabric, washing powder, etc. You cannot catch shingles from anyone, you can catch chicken pox from shingles if you haven't had it or haven't been immunised. Shingles does not appear all over the body, it follows a nerve path and only people who have had chicken pox get it.

    I hope you have good news today ! otherwise all us bloggers will have to put in and buy your house! lol

    Cheers Peta

  9. Good vibes headed over the ditch for you today Chris!

  10. O man- so sorry for Brylee! That is miserable and dangerous.
    I sure do wish you would get some "Good House News"!

  11. Wow that rash looks itchy too Brylee you have grown into a beautiful young woman hives and all.... That house I was going to suggest burning white sage and a blessing to cleanse the house.... and once again I will be at work when said news hits waaaa its a long time until 7pm you could TEXT me lol

  12. christine3:09 PM

    Oh man. It's 10pm here. I hope your house sale goes through before I have to go to bed! This is crazy. And obviously very real and stressful for you! Good luck!

  13. OMG have fingers crossed waiting. Brylee's rash looks very itchy poor thing.

  14. SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!! This will drive you nuts. He'd better call them early and I hope you don't have to wait until late tomorrow. Good luck.

  15. Bring on tomorrow! I love that Bryleee is covered in hives and is still smiling! Gorgeous girl xoxo

  16. So what if it was 4am in the UK, if he & his ban & his solicitor had their shit together then it would have been sorted, I say wake the bastard up!!!

  17. Hubs had hives several times. I had it maybe twice. My girl has the swollen lower lip thingy before. For her, it's from stress. Luckily in her case, it's just swelling with no pus or anything and it goes away sometimes in a day, sometimes over 2/3 days. Our doctor says hives need to be treated ASAP.

  18. Still have my fingers crossed for you!

  19. UGH AGAIN!! I hope today is the day!


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