Friday, April 22, 2016


We are taking a break from packing today... well this morning at least.

The kids and I are going to the mall to meet up with Bex and the boys.
Bex is having an haircut, so while she's in the chair, I will mind the boys for her.

I'm quite looking forward to the break. I've been so busy these past few days.  Add the cough from hell and I'm due for a relaxing morning.

We have a long weekend coming up, so Stew will get a nice LITTLE break from work.  But not from ME!  I am sure I will be giving him a job list a mile long!  Poor bugger.

UNLESS some new houses show up online today, and we decide to go and look at them.  I'm sweating buckets that we are not going to find (and buy) 'THE HOUSE' before we have to move!

I really thought selling our home would be the end of the stress.  How wrong could I be?  It's totally down to the Hamilton market selling 90% of homes via AUCTION.  It means you have to have your money up front... instead of at settlement date.  

And we are STILL waiting for our bank to approve our finances before we can bid on a house.  It's totally doing my head in.


2.57 pm:  And whoops!  Forgot to update.
Went to the mall, spent time with Bex and the boys, did some grocery shopping then came home.

We had lunch then I crashed on the 'couch' in the lounge!  By couch I mean the spare bed!
Hopefully Stew and Griffin will get everything home from the storage unit tomorrow, then we will have a real couch to sit on again.

I'm now looking at all the dinner plates that were on the dining table for 'display purposes'... I will bubble wrap them up soon.
I also plan on getting the laundry cupboard packed up today too.

Trying to get 2-3 areas packed up each day.
Our spare bedroom is slowly filling up with all the 'last minute' things you have to keep out from the packing... vacum, cleaners, dog stuff, bathroom stuff etc.

It's a real JOB packing your home up!  But it's progress.... POSITIVE progress.

Stew said we MIGHT hear from the bank today about our finances too.  Fingers crossed for that happening.

How typical for us.  Nothing seems to be easy or straight forward ... the Bank Loan officer did not read our application fully, and therefore did not do everything she needed to do to approve our loan today. 

I'm not going to panic though.  Even if the Vendors of the house we want to bid on gets an offer in the next 3 days, it won't stop us from bidding, as the Auction will probably only be brought forward to next Friday, which gives us plenty of time to get our finances approved.

It will happen.  And if the house is meant to be ours... it will be.

And on that positive note, I'm going to sign off for the day and enjoy a lovely evening in front of the telly watching Coronation Street.


  1. How long do they take to approve your finances? Seeing as you will have the money coming in from the sale of this home , wouldn't they have a fair idea already what you can afford etc. Just asking as I've never been in a position to buy a home and this is very intriguing, I just assumed you could just go buy a house if you had the money etc and that there wouldn't be all this waiting and stressing.

  2. Money from the sale of our present home will not be 'ours' until the settlement date.
    If we want to buy a house at Auction, you have to front up with the money/deposit on the day of sale. Yes, we will have the money eventually, but as we want to buy and settle BEFORE our present home's settlement date, we need to borrow the full amount from the bank before we actually get the money from the sale of our present home. Does that make sense?

  3. OH... it's called 'Bridging Finance'.

  4. Now I understand, wow a lot goes into buy a house doesn't it, and you've been through selling and buying homes. I have no desire to buy a home of my own now lol, as the stress and overwhelming of the whole situation is a lot. Never knew all the work that actually goes into buying a house, reports etc. I hope you find your home sweet home soon.

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  6. I hope you feel better soon sweetheart!

  7. And now that makes more sense in the delays of the other buyers gee you know what step back take a few days to chillax and why worry about "future" buys until you know you have money to spend because I would be crushed IF my all time favourite house came up I looked and fell in love and it sold.... MAYBE you Stew and kids ( all of you ) Steve and Bex just breathe abit and recharge batteries..... you and Stew be exhausted from traveling YOUR body is rebelling hence run down and cough too .....what ever you do do have an enjoyable weekend.

  8. Hope you're feeling better!


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