Wednesday, April 06, 2016


I'm drawing a blank today!

My mind is custard... nothing comes to mind to yabber about!

Weird.... gimme a minute....

I'm going to Spotlight today to get some fabric to make a squab for Russell's lounge window seat.  Then I'll have to go to Para Rubber for some foam for it too.

So I suppose I will be sewing today!

Yaaa, I have a plan.  something to do today.

Have I mentioned how going back on Amitriptyline has been awesome?  Well it has.  I'm finally getting a proper night's sleep again.  Things are so much easier to cope with when you ain't bone tired every day.  

I think I shall stay on it forever!  lol

Nah, maybe just until I'm over friggin MENOPAUSE.  That might be a while, as I've been having hot flushes for 10 years now! 

Shit, 10 years!  You'd think having to birth babies, feed babies and look after them would be enough eh?  But no, just when you think you are getting over all that ... you get slapped in the face with bloody menopause!  And a hairy chin!  Nice one nature.

I'm comin' back as a boy.


1.54 pm:  What a gorgeous day it is today. Hardly a cloud in the sky, and mild temperature.

I've been out checking out cost for the squab and came to the conclusion is would be WAY cheaper for Russell to just buy a couple of chair cushions!
The foam alone is $66!  And it's only a small window seat.  So, I'm not making one unless he wants to spend that much money.

It was nice to be out today though.  Nice to take a breather from the housework. 

Well another day down... and looking forward to tomorrow.  Should be a nice day.


  1. Hi Chris.

    I've caught up with your news. Not done much blogging... writing or reading for months.

    I do hope all goes well with this contract. You have worked so hard to get good sale. The agony of waiting cnnot be underestimated. We ended up with two contracts but the first ones only had 5 days to go unconditional once we got the 2nd and might I say better offer. It was quite a relief when we knew the 1st ones had withdrawn and we went unconditional. Settlement is May 12th so plenty of time to close the house for good. We are coming north for all of May. I'll be sad to say goodbye to Matarangi but happy to really get on with the next stage of our life. Still waiting for Mum's house to sell though. Until then it's look and do what I call pre-planning for our Permanent Christchurch home.

    All the best for the next few days. Do you have to wait through another weekend ... we did. It's hard to keep focus. Find something really interesting to distract you. I think you're getting good at that:)


  2. I think we are All waiting along with you about this new contract. Waiting is hard-putting your life on hold like that and then trying to make plans for the new chapters in your life.
    Hope your new sewing project went together good.

  3. That hairy Chin is the pits isnt it !!!

  4. Oh Gid yes the chin - and I ain't even going through menopause yet!!

  5. could you buy a second hand squab from hospice? was our first minor frost today 4 degrees! made for great sleeping though.

  6. Some stuff is just ridiculous! Like cushions for outside chairs. It's cheaper to buy a whole new table and chair set than new cushions lol.


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