Wednesday, April 20, 2016


First thing this morning we are expecting the House Stager to arrive and take away the furniture we 'borrowed'.
I can't wait.

I will also be buying the gorgeous flower painting from her.  I'm really happy about that.

One of the houses right at the top of our list goes to Auction today, but as we won't have our finance approved by the bank till next week, we MIGHT lose it.

I'm going to hope and cross everything that it doesn't sell, and ends up with a fixed price... so I can buy it next week!

This is it:

ABOVE: It's in an area we are very familiar with, and I love it.

I did LOVE the house on River Road, but after having another good long look at it yesterday, I realised it just wouldn't work for us.  The stream was at the bottom of a gully... access was steep, and it was more of a river than a babbling brook.  I didn't think it would have been a good idea with little grandkids visiting.

ABOVE:  well all the  borrowed stuff is gone.  I've taken down the pictures in the lounge, it looks NAKED!
We will be sitting on the single spare bed until the guys get our lounge furniture back from storage in Botany.

12.41 pm:  I don't know all I've done today... it's already a blur.
But I DO have one of our green lazyboy chairs and my laptop desk back from storage... so I'm comfy in the lounge.

I've also been tidying up the garage in readiness for all the other furniture to come back from Botany storage.

The spare bedroom is slowly filling up with stuff that has to stay till the last minute, like cleaners, vacum, our personal stuff etc.

I will have to start thinking about getting quotes from moving companies soon.  That will be as soon as all our stuff is out of storage.

There's a mountain of stuff to do, and we haven't even bought a house in Hamilton yet!  Slightly freaking out.

ABOVE:  A bunch of boxes ready for tomorrow.

Time now to wind down for the night.  Dinner tonight is roast chicken 'n' veges.  It smells delish.


  1. Fingers crossed Chris, the house is gorgeous

  2. yippee skippy the moving process in the forward mode

  3. Oh Chris, that house is just beautiful!! Fingers and bits crossed it doesn't sell today....Auctions on a Wednesday??

    1. Yep. Its been to auction before and didnt sell.... so here's hoping it doesn't sell again.

    2. So can your REA tell them you are interested but just waiting for finances?

  4. I guess you can't bid and win and have a week to get your finances sorted? BUMMER

    1. That would be a calculated RISK we are not prepared to do. We MUST have assured finance before bidding at an auction.

    2. Penny2:08 PM

      I'm with you Chris, better to have peace of mind! Good luck whatever happens. Penny xo

    3. So what about the arses that did it to you? Are there any consequences for them?
      I have never bought a house before, obs!

    4. If our house was being sold by Auction, they would not have been able to back out. As we were selling by 'Negotiation'... they could make an offer SUBJECT to getting their finance/or failing it on a Builder's report. We lost 3 buyers because they could not get their finance after thinking they could.

    5. Thanks for the education, Chris! xx

  5. Fingers crossed for the house but if not then it was obviously not meant to be and there will be an even better one around the corner (possibly literally).

  6. gee there is so much to consider here's hoping a it doesn't go at auction and B: you can bid and win it and then it is all over quickly....

  7. How long do you have before you have to move?


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