Sunday, April 24, 2016


So, it's a different sort of busy on Sundays now!
We are slowly packing up the house in readiness for moving.

And we haven't even got a new house yet!  Hopefully we will by the end of the week. Or we might just have a little problem!

With most houses selling via Auction in Hamilton, it means timing is tricky AND TIGHT.  

We are hoping to buy and move into the new house a week before we have to vacate this house... so we have a week to move things to the new house, and can make it less hectic.  

So.. timing.  MUST. BUY. NEW. HOUSE. VERY. SOON.

Steve is coming over today to do some more work on customizing the inside of his work van.  I think he's bringing Dante with him which will be lovely.

OH... it's STEVE'S BIRTHDAY today... he's 29 today.  


I'm going to be cooking pork belly for his birthday dinner... his choice.  Which is neat as we all LOVE it! 


2.33 pm:  Well it's been fairly busy today.  I've been down the road and bought more boxes, and done some more packing.
Lunch with Steve, Bex and the boys here... hot chip sandwiches!
Naughty but nice.

Bex has gone home with the little boys so they could have a nap.  Steve is working on his van, with Griffin's help.

And I've just put the pork belly in the oven.

Should be ready around 6-6.30 pm.

My mind is running around all over the place, trying to keep everything sorted in me brain. What needs to be done now, what can wait, what moving companies to get quotes from, bla bla bla.  It's a big job moving!

And because I'm such an 'organise freak'... I'm getting really tired trying to get everything done.

Stew is way more laid back.  Lucky him.

ABOVE:  Uncooked Pork Belly.   It's the 'belly' strips from a pig.  You rub oil and salt all over it and into the scoured lines.  Slow bake it (around 180 C) for 4 hours, then turn the grill on and crisp up the skin.. being really careful NOT to burn it!

I serve it with apple sauce, gravy and vegetables.  It is amazing how much the meat plumps up.

Photo of cooked pork belly to come...

ABOVE:  Cooked pork belly... it was SO TENDER and moist!  And the crackling was amazing.

After dinner we had a birthday cake:

ABOVE:  Steve, being the dick he is, decided to LICK his candle out instead of blowing it.  
The cake was the nicest, most moist cake we'd had in a long time.  It wasn't too sweet either.  It was a chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate cream.  Yummm.

It has been a really lovely day.  Going to bed early tonight as I'm really tired.  Been doing lots of packing and sorting stuff out.  Tiring stuff.


  1. christine9:23 AM

    So, you pretty much need to buy a house that is vacant and ready to move into - right? You don't have time to wait for another family to move out.... Also - with an auction, do you know where your bid stands or is it secret? It would be stressful to bid and not know if you will be outbid. IDK - I have never bought a house that way. It seems nerve wracking! Good luck to you! You will be decorating your new home soon!

  2. christine9:26 AM

    Take a picture (before and after) of this pork belly. Every time you mention it, I ask at the butcher and they don't know what I mean. I so desperately want to try it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE -

    1. What country do you live in Christine. I find it odd that your butcher doesn't know what pork belly is, it's self expanitary

    2. christine1:12 PM

      I am in the USA. Small town. They say they can sell me bacon before they slice it. Is that right? How big of a chunk do you get?

    3. As long as it is raw and not smoked/cured it is what is referred to as pork belly. Size depends on how many you need to feed. Anything from 2 pound up

    4. christine2:55 PM

      Ok! Thanks Diet Coke for the photos, and Thank you Dee. I will ask if their unsliced bacon is smoked or cured and go from there! I must try it!

    5. christine3:11 PM

      Here is a humorous article on cooking pork belly. The thing it stresses is how hard it is to find! They eventually had to order it online. I will start by finding out the cured status of my butcher's unsliced bacon.... Otherwise I might need to go to New Zealand. I wonder if they sell it in Canada. That is only an hour from here AND they have better ketchup than the USA. I will just tell customs I am here for pork belly and ketchup - that shouldn't raise any questions!

    6. Australia is better than NZ. Sorry Chris had to say it. Pork belly has more than doubled in price here over the last couple of years since it became trendy. Sorry to butt in Chris but you were busy

    7. Shit butt in all ya like! Christine, pork belly is not BACON. It's the belly flaps.

    8. This is fascinating - in the UK fresh pork belly is easily available to buy in supermarkets, and it's often on the menu in restaurants or 'gastropubs'. Google 'Jamie Oliver pork belly' for some recipes. It's a relatively cheap cut of meat. It's absolutely delicious cooked as Chris describes, thank you for reminding me of this- I've got a slab in the freezer, think I'll be cooking it this week!

  3. Happy Birthday Steve :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve!

  5. Happy Birthday Steve .... and Happy Packing Chris!

  6. Happy Birthday to a very sweet Steve. Hope it was the best.

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Happy birthday Steve

  8. Happy birthday Steve!! Hey Chris, do you score the skin more? I put lots more on - yum, can't go past pork belly :)

  9. yummm I love pork belly it is my all time favourite too, yes the internal lists when moving are and can be a nightmare!

  10. That crackle looks amazing Chris !!!


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