Thursday, April 21, 2016






Yes, it's that time of year again.  I started coughing 2 days ago. And I'm already at 'that' stage.

As I KNOW I will probably be coughing for months (like I normally do), I rang the Doctor's yesterday to make an appointment with my 'Doctor of choice'.

I am trying to stick with just one Doctor in the practise we go to... cos if you don't, you don't have continuity of care.

Then things get stuffed up.  I hope we can find a nice Doctor in Hamilton...

Anyway, I digress.   The earliest I can see Dr Kate is NEXT TUESDAY.  So, OK, I can wait.  What's a few days when I will be coughing for months anyway?  *lol*  But... not really laughing.  I'm hoping she can give me something to stop the coughing/vomiting.

It may sound like a good thing: "Hey, I will lose weight vomiting all the time" ... YEAH... NAH.

Not fun.  Not anything LIKE fun.

Today I will be packing up linen.  Leaving only the bare essentials out for our day to day use for the next 5 weeks or so.

After linen, I am going to start on the kid's rooms.  God help them.  I'm gunna be RUTHLESS.  ha ha ha.


Our Estate Agent in Hamilton told me to look at this house:

ABOVE:  Apparently it WAS a plaster house with issues, but has been totally re-clad and re-listed.  She says it's in a lovely area, with a park next door.... and thinks we should look at it.

I have this HUGE aversion to anything with PLASTER in it's write up!!!  I know if you look after your plaster house it will be just fine, as our home is... but still.

I really don't think I can even bring myself to look at it!  I just want to run a mile.  So, maybe we will pass on it.  *smiles*

I love that funky fireplace in the centre of the room though.... *sigh*

I stayed in my bed till almost 10 am... but still feel like shit.  OH and the kids are gunna love this:  I have almost lost my voice.
I tried calling Griffin (who was in the lounge) to do something for me and he simply couldn't hear me.

So I rang the home phone and he answered it!  Only then could I get him to do me bidding.  
Bloody cough, my chest is already starting to hurt.

3.43 pm:   Well I've managed to pack up the linen and a few other bits 'n' bobs from that area.  It took longer than I thought it would.

I've not done anything in the kid's bedrooms at all.

But, I do have a few weeks to get it all done.

So far today I've only vomited when I woke up, so I'm doing well!
Came close after lunch... but fingers crossed it doesn't get coughed up later.  *ikkk* tmi

I've not heard yet whether the lovely house we have our eyes on was sold at Auction or not.  Still waiting to hear from our Estate Agent.

I'm also waiting to hear from me hubby... his job was to bug the bank!  lol
I can't wait to be in the position to buy something!

So... that lovely house sold. I'm pissed.  If we don't get our finance approved by very early next week we might miss out on my other top favourite house. Then I don't know what we will end up with... cos there's nothing else out there that I love.  Feeling very down right now.

Going to bed with me dinner intact!  Almost lost it for a while there... bloody cough.


  1. O, that's cute.
    What is the problem with Plaster houses?
    I am so sorry to hear about your cough. Is it something to do with your lungs?

  2. No, forget that plaster house. It still has a flat roof! Ever plaster renovation I've seen they re-roof with an angled roof and proper spouting. Is this photo the "before" photo perhaps? Go with your gut instinct and stay away from plaster. You don't ever want more "resale" dramas like you've just been through. Buy a house that other too will want to buy.

  3. After the drama of selling your current plaster house I would be avoiding buying another plaster house too

  4. God, imagine if you had to sell another plaster house! I'm with Lynda, steer clear, follow your gut instinct. And they might have fixed the plaster problem but what caused it? The pitch of the roof?
    As for the park next door imagine all the fucking noisy kids. Screw that! :D :D :D
    Did the house going to auction sell?

    1. I got the day wrong! It's auction is today.

    2. Ah shit! Hopefully it won't sell!

  5. Hi Chris,

    I owned a house that had been a reclad (not due to being plaster, it was another cladding that had been installed incorrectly by the building company, so under their master builders guarantee they ripped it all off and reclad). When I first heard it had been reclad I had my doubts thinking I didn't want to touch anything that was reclad but the owners had a builders report that showed it was good, so I questioned my brother (whose a builder and has spent the last 5 years doing reclad work in Auckland) and he told me that a home that's reclad is as good as buying a brand new home, for (often) a lot less money, as all reclads have to under go a new full council compliance, and as many of the building regulations have change (become a lot tighter) a reclad will be fully up to all the new codes of compliance, without the price tag of a brand new home. I also spoke to a local ( Tauranga ) building inspector who has got a excellent reputation in the Bay, and he backed up my brothers views that a reclad would be like a new home, as EVERYTHING has to meet all the new regulations.

  6. Oh, I should have added, that if it has a flat room, don't touch it, and if it has internal gutterings, they are a 'no go' too. as it wasn't just the plaster issue that caused leaky homes, it was the design (ie, flat roofs and internal gutterings, and no soffits) that caused water to get back into the home. A lot of people think it was the plaster that caused the issue, but it was more the design that allowed water back into the house, and the timber framing was not treated, so would rot.

    1. Good points Lynise... I know re-clads are OK, but the house above has a flat roof except for the front bit you can see. So, ain't even going to look at it now.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, you can write a big list for the kids so you don't have to talk to them. I agree with the others about the house, there are plenty of other options for you down there.

  8. opps. typo, I meant flat roof

  9. yeah I agree with you, if it has a flat roof, the water doesn't drain away like on a pitched roof, so I wouldn't be at all keen either.

  10. christine3:10 PM

    I am sorry to hear about your illness - it sounds like it's a drag. If this house is still for sale the next time you visit Hamilton - it might be worth a look. I guess I would not make a special trip... But you want the realtor to speak up and make suggestions - so it might be worthwhile to take a peek if you are in the area. IDK. why not? Shopping is fun, even if you don't buy!

  11. Bad luck about the house Chris, it looked nice too BUT all those hedges to trim !

  12. Do not worry, that house was not right for you. My mother always used to say if it was meant to happen it will and 9 times out of 10 she was right.

    Sorry you have the coughing fever again, hope the Dr can do something about it for you, nothing worse than being under the weather.

  13. There's a saying and I've told you before. ... "What's for you won't pass you by ". There's something better out there waiting for you.

  14. Sorry to hear you are unwell. You will find a place you love for sure!!!

  15. I know you don't WANT to go into a rental or furnished apartment until you find the perfect house, but don't settle. Bee is right, that front would be a PIG to mow!

  16. Which house is the other favorite?

  17. Hope you're feeling better by now, or at least not worse! Sorry about the house. It looked really nice. Oh well, you'll find something when the timing is right.

  18. Gee I would be pumping myself full to the brim with vit c horseradish fenugreek garlic marshmallow tablets, fenugreek loosens muck marshmallow soothes tickles coughs garlic immune vit c a must but take extra vit c like up to and including 1000mg daily I take vit c all year round improves circulation skin tone etc but beware can give you the shit. I/we also take buccaline burna in march then again end may to get as through cold season both Samuel and I do NOT get flu vaccine ( he is allergic to vaccine compounds).

    On a more pressing note next week it will happen you know friends of mine saw a house they liked and they knocked on peoples door and asked them is your house for sale? and boom they bought it private bit of a fluke really they are still in that house today.

  19. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Sorry to hear you are ill!!! Hope the DR can do something about it for you. Bummer about the house. I know you don't want to rent at all, but at least financially you have the option. Don't feel be forced to settle, because you cant face the thought of short term renting!! All the luck in the world for something brilliant to turn up before you are really forced to consider that option though!!!


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