Saturday, April 30, 2016


Morning!  Today we are off to Hamilton, primarily because we want to look at the house again, and our 2nd choice house too.

There's not much else planned for the day... we just want to get out and about really.

Hopefully we can pop in and see a few grandkids while we are there too.  

It feels weird... because Stew's been home for two days already, I keep thinking it's Monday.
But it's not.  

In 4 sleeps we will be back in Hamilton for the house Auction!  Nerves are frayed!

I can't believe it's the last day of April already.  Archer will be 1 year old on the 5th of May.  I think as you get older, the year goes faster.  
Who else finds that?

So anyway... that's it for now... catch ya later.


5.45 pm: on our way home.... stuck in motorway traffic.... will update more once we finally get home.

6.11 pm:  And home again.  It was a lovely day, still very warm out.
We went to Cambridge and looked at a favourite house again, then took a drive around several houses in Hamilton, checking them out.

Then we had lunch at Chartwell Square, and popped in to visit Amanda, Kelly and the kids.

 ABOVE:  Miss Muppet was in a shitty mood, but oh well, she still had plenty of loves for her grandparents, as did Rena, Emily and Liam.

 ABOVE:  Totally forgotten what Kelly was laughing over.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Amanda is finally out of her moon boot, she just has a little limp now.  That is her dog 'Lady' btw.

ABOVE:  Home, and Tallulah is checking out the new nail polish I bought today.  
Both dogs went nuts when we got home, clearly they had missed us.  Hopefully we won't have to be going out of town again till we move.  And then the dogs will be coming with us of course.  *smiles*

It's dinner time, but stuffed if I know what we shall have.  I'm still full from lunch!  No one seems to be starving right now, so it can wait a while.

I'm gunna sign off for the day now and just enjoy a quiet evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is on... YEAH.

p.s. :  I'm sitting here, and Stew says to me... "What do you want for dinner?"

I reply "Chocolate Ice Cream"

And he said "NO"!!!

Like, ... how mean!  He is getting Pizza instead.  *sigh*


  1. Have a wonderful day. I hope you still love the house and the auction goes well. Yes, time flies faster and faster the older you get, I wish it didn't.

  2. Yes, much faster for me with each passing day. I too, wish it did not-makes our lives go by much too fast. I am So hoping you get a house that you LOVE.

  3. Hope you have a lovely day :)

  4. Hardly stalking, how many times did the lady in red visit your place???

    1. POOR LADY IN RED, our house is sold and she has missed out. She 'visited' 11 times all up! And she did 'drive bys' a few times too. Nope, we are not that bad! lol

  5. We were remembering when amanda put vivd on y a face and was like no no no. It was funny

  6. How cool and before you know it you will be in your new house and we will get to see the moving pics and you will be busy busy busy all over again...

  7. What day is 'your ' home going up for auction ? I cant wait for photos.


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