Sunday, April 03, 2016


So, just the usual sort of stuff happening today.

Get the house ready for Open Home this afternoon.

Hope we get a 'backup offer' so we are not left in the shit if our 1st buyer doesn't get his finance.


So f#*@ing sick of this.  You have NO IDEA unless you have been in this position how stressful it is.

And I said I wasn't going to 'talk' about that anymore!!!  Ha ha.

I'm going now, busting for a pee!

3.16 pm:  open home went well I suppose.  6 groups through, 3 expressed 'interest', but I'm NOT getting my hopes up over any of them.

Been there. Done that.

One is coming back on Monday... shit that's tomorrow,  with another person for a 2nd viewing.  Oh yaaaa... oh well, at least the house will be clean!

I have been in the WORST mood ever the past few days.  Can't help it.  I'm just so crushed that our sale didn't go through when we SO expected it to.

ONLY good thing?  I've lost 3 kilos!  Did ya know you can eat Movenpik chocolate STRAIGHT for three days and lose 3 kilos???

Well I can.  *laughing me tits off*

Hopefully I will enjoy dinner tonight.  I'm doing Teriyaki Chicken with Basmati rice and garlic bread.  A family favourite.

Dinner was really lovely tonight.  Everyone loves my chicken dish.

Off to bed soon.... another day tomorrow.


  1. christine9:34 AM

    Good luck with the Open Home today. I know you were hoping to be done with these!

  2. How can you not talk about it when the issue is paramount in your mind! Talk away, we don't mind 😉

  3. I hope the Open Home goes well today and a back-up buyer is found.

  4. Fingers crossed for the new people putting in an offer.

  5. You are getting much better results from the new real estate than the previous one arent you ? Two more private viewings are a good back up

  6. I'm going to get some Movenpick Chocolate! It won't hurt as much as the gym lol.

  7. me too I'm off to get Movenpick icecream ! I am trying hard to win lotto to buy your house SO A: I can be closer to me boi boi B: leave my job and C: just so I can say I have the cleanest house in AUCKLAND ha I can only but dream can't I?

    1. oh and D: so it helps you out too.

    2. I take it you didn't win then? Booo hooo.

  8. Ooh Chris, how do you do your teriyaki chicken please?
    I have everything still crossed for you x

  9. Anonymous1:14 AM

    No class

  10. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Fingers crossed the private viewing turn to contracts. I'd love to know how you do your teriyaki chicken too it's a favourite in my house also. What the heck is that suppose to mean Anon you rude person!!

  11. So hope you get a second offer! I also would love to know how you do your teriyaki chicken!


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