Sunday, April 17, 2016


We go look at houses again.... 

Yep, we are going back to Hamilton today to visit a few more houses.
Steve and Dante are coming with us... so Steve can cast his 'builder's eye' over some of them for us.

We are NEVER going to buy a 'plaster' house again.... but some of the houses I like are 'Plaster over Brick'.... which is quite OK.
But I still want Steve to check them out for us.

We don't have many on our list today as we looked at most of the top contenders yesterday.  But we still want to make sure we are making the right choice.

So... it's another 'Catch ya Later' days.  *smiles*


5.41 pm:  Well another day done on our mission to find a new home.

Found it frustrating today as virtually all the houses we had on our list to look at today had contracts on them already, making it pointless looking at them.

We did manage to get inside one, and Steve had a poke around:

 Steve ended up head down, bum up, checking out various parts of a couple of houses... hard case.  
It was good having Steve with us today, he could point out lots of stuff we wouldn't have noticed.

I hope we can find something sizeable that we like in Hamilton.  It's looking a bit grim right now though... *sigh*

I think buying something might be as stressful as trying to sell!

I'm cooking a chicken/bacon pasta dish for dinner... and I better get on with it!

ABOVE:  Stew managed to get a photo of two brightly coloured parrots in a tree outside our house this morning, I just remembered to show you!

Dinner was nice, and now I'm about ready for bed.  It's been a long weekend.


  1. Hope you are having a good time and learning a lot. What about schools - how will that affect the kids? Don't forget the pups??? Space for a garden??? Taxes???? I know - full of myself, aren't I? lol

  2. Happy house shopping.

  3. SO glad Steve will be there to give you an honest rundown of what you're getting into. You're lucky to have someone like that on your side. ALL the best to you, do update when your upcoming offer is accepted. :)

  4. Congrats in the sale of your home. Happy house hunting in Hamilton

  5. I liked the look of the River Road property in your last post. I hope you find the perfect house in the perfect location at a perfect price :) Good luck with your house-hunting!

  6. Hey Chris - I'm just being nosey so please ignore me if you feel it's not my business and you don't want to share these details..... what is the date for settlement? i.e. when do you move out? and have you considered renting in Hamilton until you find your dream home. And.... YOU of all people know just cos there is a contract on a house it doesn't mean it's gone until that goes unconditional - i know you know that :-)

  7. HI Mel. Settlement is at the end of May. No, we don't want to rent first, as that means a double move. We have a freakin' HUGE amount of STUFF!
    Also, it's very hard to find rentals that allow dogs. And yes, I know a contract can fall over sadly.

    1. I totally understand your reasons. and I definitely understand and agree with you regarding renting with a dog issue... we paid $800 a week rent for a year because it was the only place that would allow us to have our boxer, but she is our family so we had to do it.

  8. I bet buying is just as stressful no doubt cause you SO don't want to shift and sell and pack again, rent farm area? fully furnished home stay scenario until you buy and store stuff? someone may need house farm sitter? I too loved the River Road house and love that area.

  9. Wow end of May isn't s very long settlement. I would be tempted to settle for one and regret it later, but I stress too much


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