Friday, April 08, 2016


I'm going to have a look in The Warehouse this morning for a cheap single bed, topper pad.
I only thought of it as a possible inner for Russell's window seat squab yesterday, so maybe I will be making his window seat squab yet.

I also plan on popping by and visiting Bex and the boys, it's 5 DAYS since I saw them!  We are so used to seeing them every few days, I have withdrawal pangs!  Gotta have me cuddles and kisses from the wee boys.

Hopefully they are home so I can visit!  What ya doing today Bex???  lol

Oh I'm so much happier these days, getting a full night's sleep is wonderful!  Having hope of a house sale sure helps too.  One week or so till we find out if the latest contract will go unconditional.  7 sleeps....


11.44 am:  Well I haven't found a foam topper yet.  But I did get to visit with the little boys and Bex at Playcentre.
I got a bit of a fright when I first saw Archer:

ABOVE: Poor wee man had just taken a tumble onto concrete face first!  I'm sure he will be just fine though, little kids always seem to be getting bumps and bruises.

After indulging in some morning tea with the kids I came home.  It's sure cooling down now!
I ALMOST feel cold!

ABOVE:  Someone else wanted his photo sent to Grandma!  Little cutie.

Well it's been a really quiet evening.  Missed Coronation Street cos I was watching The Voice.  Bummer, it wasn't recording it either, so I'll have to watch it ON DEMAND. Thank goodness for that feature!


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Well be at playcentre you no we're it is.☺

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    My poor baby it's looking way better now thankfully just grazed.

  3. Now he looks battle hardened, the ladies will be all over him, he is his father's son after all

  4. So glad he is looking better as that looks so sore. Yes Chris it is certainly cooling down-I'm not ready for that!!

  5. Ouch. Poor Archer, presumably there will be a full Health & Safety investigation into how a small child could fall over at playcentre & in future the concrete area will be covered in a soft foam and all children safety harnessed so they cannot fall :-)

  6. Awwwwwwwwww that looks so sore and teary eyed little man Dante is so cute and growing so fast.... Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Poor little Archer. Gosh Dante is growing so fast and changing. He's a little big boy now. Glad you're feeling better Chris. Nothing better than a good nights sleep. X

  8. Aww Chris the boys are gorgeous, poor little Archer, boys eh!


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