Tuesday, April 19, 2016


All going well the kids and I will be going to Hamilton again today.

I've got a few more houses lined up to look at.  We can't put all our balls in the one basket... so have to keep our options open.

I'm also going to take some hand me down clothes to Kelly, for Rena.  She may not fit them right now, but she will eventually!

Waste not, want not and all that eh?  *smiles*

Well, that's my tentative plans anyway.  I have to wait for our Estate Agent to confirm she can work with us today, before we jump in the car and go down.


5.11 pm:  What a day!  
We looked at about 6 houses today, and one of them is a definite possibility... so now we have 2, possibly 3 houses that we could buy.

But we can't do a thing till next week when our finance is approved.  *sigh*  Always waiting.

I am now knackered, so tired I feel sick.  Oh hold on... I'm already sick.
Got a cold, sore throat and thumping headache.
I tried to take a Panadol at Amanda's, but it made me choke and throw up.  Very unpleasant.

Still got the headache.

How about a few happy snaps of the kids at Amanda's....

 ABOVE:  Emily, a big school girl now!

 ABOVE:  Sisters.  Brylee and Keera.

ABOVE:  Griffin riding around on Amanda's kneeler/walker thingee...

ABOVE: 'Girl Power'.... the little girls were pushing Griffin and Liam around the house!
Liam was squished into the basket on the front!

He didn't seem to mind.

Well, I'm going to take a break for now and think about dinner a bit later on.

Takeaways for dinner, thank you Darling.  Off to bed early tonight, I feel rather ill.


  1. Doug and I looked for 3 years and never did find anything that we loved in our price range. I hope you all have good luck. Of course the talent that you have dressing up a home you could make a cardboard box look like a palace.

  2. Oh I LOVED searching for our house! So many possibilities and new beginnings. I'm sure you will find something that is just "you".

  3. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This house is so exciting to read about! I am so happy that things are finally coming together for you. I love hearing about the prospective new homes you are looking at. I hope you find the right home for your family really soon and it all works out.

    Wow, those are some pretty darn cute grand kids you have there!!! :)

    xxoo Tully.

  4. How exciting and stressful all at the same time. Could I just give Amanda a message? Thank you for taking Kiera on - I'm so pleased you were able to do this :) That's a really special thing to do.

  5. Emily and Keera have grown heaps, lovely to see happy faces and the kids enjoying themselves big and small! Gee by next week the bids will be on then eh, great then the fun begins.

  6. Emily is such a big girl now! Beautiful!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Emily and Keera look like they are having fun, are they the same age? I am glad you are having success in your house hunting!

  8. After all the contention between you and Amanda it is wonderful to see a good relationship.


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