Monday, April 25, 2016


Today we remember those who died in World War 1 to defend our freedoms.  ANZAC stands for:  Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

There will be dawn services all over New Zealand and Australia today, to mark the day.

Meanwhile in this house... I will be doing more packing.

Steve will be coming back to finish working on his van.

Talking of Steve:

ABOVE:  Some family hilarity last night.  I won't explain what Steve had been doing to poor Bex... but it was grubby!  

ABOVE: Stew was TRYING to watch rugby on the telly, while Dante was trying to constantly get his attention... so Granddad would play with the cars with him.  This wasn't working too well for Dante, and he kept yelling at Stew, then he said :


It was hysterical!

So, I've got me camera out taking photos, next thing I know... I've got a small person at me side ...

ABOVE:  This little one LOVES the flash on my camera!  Weird baby.  But oh so cute.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY*** SHELLY (my niece in Australia).

Right, time to get a move on and do something constructive with me day.

Catch ya later...


5.32 pm:  Whoops!  I have totally forgotten to update today.
Oh well... it's been a relatively quiet day for us.
Steve, Bex and the little boys came over in the morning so Steve could finish of his work van.

Then they left and we went down to the mall after lunch and Brylee got some Thermals.  She will need them in Hamilton!

I did a wee bit more packing, but not much.  I'm so tired I needed a break from it.

Stew is cooking dinner... sausages, hash browns, baked beans and eggs.  Yum!


  1. Awwww Grandad come on that's so funny, Dante looked like he was going to smacks Steves bum in the first pic. Archer is so cute hope you have a nice day the sun is out Taupo crisp crisp morning windows and doors open lovely.

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes Aunty Chris xx

  3. Aww I love your blog posts Chris. Archer looks like he has teddy coloured hair or is it the lights. They are both gorgeous and lol to Dante tring to get Stew to move while rights on! Lol. Steve must feel great to finally be back at work. Have a wonderful day. My nieces bday today too!

  4. Looks like Dante was about to smack his daddy for being silly to his mumma lol

  5. Lorraine1:17 PM

    Love your photo's of the boys.They are growing up to quick.Happy birthday to Shelly(your niece).We share the same day.

    Southgirl x


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