Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Well... today we are getting a visit from a Valuer for our current purchasers.

Hopefully the house measures up (value wise) so the people can get their finance.  If not, the sale will fall over AGAIN.

If that happens I will just have to reign it in and move on ... no choice really.

As the valuer is due here at 11, I have plenty of time to get the house tidy.  

After that I think I will go and do a bit of shopping... probably just groceries though.  

IF we have a viewer coming tonight, I will put on a bacon and egg pie for dinner, and have it in the oven while he's looking at the house.
Nothing like an amazing aroma in the house during a viewing.

I wonder if he will turn up today?  He's postponed twice now.


11.52 am:  well the valuer has been and gone.  He didn't even bother going outside!  He just walked around inside for 10 minutes, took some photos and then left!

AND our Estate Agent couldn't get here so she sent another lady as her Representative. She was a lovely lady, we had a good old chat.

NOW... I'm off to do some shopping.

1.50 pm:  and grocery shopping didn't appeal after all... so I bought a pair of winter tights and three tops! 
Rather demoralizing shopping for clothes, but... ya can't go around naked eh?

NO viewer tonight, so I can now relax.  Thanks goodness.  I'm already knackered and it's only early afternoon.

I made the bacon and egg pies for dinner, and they were delish!  Stew will be having more for his lunch tomorrow.

It's been a quiet evening... time for bed.


  1. That is a wonderful idea about the home cooking aroma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Id be telling that guy to nick off and if he wants to see your house he will have to come to an open home. how annoying.

  3. Bacon and Egg pies - yum!! I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  4. I love bacon and egg pie could eat a whole one by myself. I do hope the house issue ends soon for you.


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