Saturday, April 09, 2016


Stew's hoping it doesn't rain today as he wants to get the lawns mown before tomorrow's Open Home.

And yes ... *sigh*... we are having another Open Home.

There has been some good interest shown over the past week apparently, so best to have an Open.

We also have a viewer coming through for a private viewing on Monday night too.

Sure is a lot of interest lately!

Hopefully by Monday night we will have a back up offer again!

I shall devote today to getting the week's washing done, and a few other odd jobs around the house.

Pretty boring really... 


11.15 AM:  Three bits of good news:

-  It's not raining, so Stew is mowing the lawns.

-  Just heard from the Real Estate Agent, things are progressing VERY WELL with our current purchasers.

-  We have Feijoas for the first time from our new trees!  

ABOVE:  Woo hoo! One of my most favourite fruits ever, and we grew them ourselves.  How cool is that?

OK, OK, I know that sounds pathetic, but I usually kill fruit trees with love.  Or the kids do.

There were feijoa trees here when we moved in, but Brylee and Griffin used tennis ratchets to hit all the baby fruit off, and in the process killed the trees!

Now they are older, so the fruit trees are safe again.  *smiles*

I am shaking.... so anxious that everything goes smoothly tomorrow.  Our purchasers are coming for a 2nd viewing in the morning, before the Open Home.  

OH, and we have another private viewing, for another very interested purchaser, on Monday night!  

It's been a nice day today... and tomorrow it's going to be really busy with a private viewing in the morning, and an Open Home in the afternoon.... so I'm going to bed early.


  1. Hope the viewing is going well Chris!

  2. christine12:32 PM

    I think you will be done with this house nonsense very soon! Now - I have never seen or heard of that fruit. Can you cut one in half and post a picture of the insides? I am very curious! Just blame it on a clueless American blog fan!

  3. Don't you hate that, fruit tree starts producing and the house is almost sold (crossing everything I can for you)

  4. What an upturn in interest for your house - how amazing. I'm so pleased for you and hope that this sale will go through!!

  5. Yuck, feijoas are probably the only fruit I cannot stand.

  6. Feijoas I love them love love them. Gosh by midlle of week you will be sold HOW exciting the thought of it then the move can begin in earnest! and hopefully before winter too. That would be even better.

  7. Thinking I might need feijoa trees bought 2 at supermarket the other day and it cost me $4.80 they were like $15 kg

  8. Hope the viewers go well and you will be able to sell your home.
    I love feijoa's.... love love them and our tree just gave us some as well. You should try feijoa muffins so yummy.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I googled it and I'm still sort of clueless as to what they are, how to eat them, what they taste like.

  11. O you "lucky duck" - I love having your very own fresh fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you do with these? What do they taste like? Could you put them in smoothies?


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