Friday, April 01, 2016


After what happened yesterday, I could just wallow all day.

But where would that get me eh?

So... I'm going to try and be cheerful about  SOMETHING.

Just don't know what yet!  *smiles*

I will show you what I bought yesterday... it's an item of clothing, and was on SALE for half price. 

ABOVE: It's called an In Bloom 'Memoirs of a Geisha' Kimono.  I can wear it over a shift dress, or more formal dress, or even a skivvy and jeans.  I love it.  The fabric is amazing:

 ABOVE:  I fell in love with the lace fabric the moment I first saw it.
This is my first, and probably LAST, item of clothing designed by Trelise Cooper!  It's a 'One Size' item, so I could actually wear it right now.  
But I have a special event in mind to wear if for.  Our 30th Wedding Anniversary NEXT year.  By then I plan on being at least 30 kilos lighter.

In light of that.... I'm going to sit down and think about my diet. It's something I can have control of. I need to buckle down again, stop putting it off 'till we get to Hamilton'.

First up. Re-join Weight Watchers here.

We might be here for ages yet, so no more putting shit off.

Brylee and I re-dressed my stupid toe yesterday.  I'm happy to say it's actually looking good, healing well already!
Sure, I'm going to lose the nail, and it might take a while till it's ok again... but I'm thrilled it's not infected or showing any signs of becoming a problem.

So glad I didn't go to the Dr and have them 'fix' it for me!  That would have involved needles and pulling the nail off and putting in a stitch or two.... OH HELL NO!  I'm too chicken for that.


The morning has been spent tidying up, doing the usual housework and catching up on Home And Away on the telly!

After lunch I went down to the supermarket and bought some food for dinner.  Steve, Bex and the boys are coming for dinner.

Right now... 2.37 pm:  I need to put my sore toe up, it's throbbing quite badly today.  I think I slept on it 'wrong'.  I'm a tummy sleeper, so I no doubt had it pressed into the mattress all night.  Ouchy.

Dinner was lovely, I did roast chickens and veges.  Coronation Street tonight... is rather interesting right now.
Poor Stew took himself off to bed early!


  1. The good part about a lot of bleeding from a wound is it cleans it out and reduces chances of infection. I hope the house situation is resolved quickly for you. I can only imagine the stress.

  2. That lace is so pretty! Very versatile, changing the look depending what colour you wear under it. Hope you get so me positive house news soon 😊

  3. Gorgeous Trelise Cooper Kimono-can understand the first and probably last!!. Have yet to own my first!!! Still keeping fingers crossed.

  4. I like the kimono, its very versatile. New day , new attitude. :-)

  5. Love how fast you are bouncing back. The stress is no longer getting you as down, have you noticed?

  6. That kimono is beautiful!!!

  7. I'm in total love of that kimono it is exquisite, good for you thinking ahead and positive here's to the weekend and family time. I agree with yesterdays comment NO finance no looksee IF you cant afford to BUY you don't get to look and WASTE your time cleaning and organizing.

  8. so sorry yesterday went to shit with the house. Love your attitude today & love love love your lace kimono. Hang in there!!!!


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