Monday, April 11, 2016


Let's just kick this week off with...

- A Valuer coming around to value the house for the latest 'purchaser'.

- And then, at the end of the day, a private viewing for another potential purchaser.

We can't say there's not been any interest in the house of late can we?

But, it has/is stressful.

This is the last week before school holidays ( comprising of 2 weeks) starts.  So I am going to try and make the most of it.  Cos once they are home it's going to be less than peaceful around here.

Those two kids are really good at arguing over the slightest thing and it does my bloody head in.

Here's some happy photos from last night:

 ABOVE: Tallulah and Bex.  Tallulah was actually sheltering from Archer, cos Archer wanted to scrag her!  His idea of fun is to grab a big handful of hair and yank.  Neither dogs particularly likes that. *smiles*

ABOVE:  Steve decided he would bring cake for dessert last night.  At the cake shop they asked him if he'd like some words on his cake, for an extra $3, so of course he did!   Only he would put THAT on a cake though.  "Steve is Awesome"... yeah right.  lol

ABOVE:  Dante climbed on the toybox and then told me to take a photo!  So, being ever so obliging, I did.
Cheesy smile Dante.

 ABOVE: One of the two little boys, Archer's nose looks worse now that it's starting to scab over. It doesn't seem to be bothering him though.  Which is lucky, cos it has the potential to be mucky.

ABOVE:  Coco and Tallulah enjoying left over veges and gravy.  I reckon they would eat just about anything.

Right, that's all for now.  I have to get moving and AGAIN... make the house perfectly presentable.


I could spit tacks! 

First I have no idea when the valuer is coming ... it might not even be today.

Second, the viewer who was coming at 6 pm today has postponed it.  MAYBE coming tomorrow night now.  I'm so angry.

I've spent 2 hours this morning making the beds, vacuming and so on... for NOTHING.

I could cry.  Well actually, I did.

Why is this happening all the damn time?  I feel like we are fucking cursed.

BAD LANGUAGE!!!!  Oh well... if you ain't used to me swearing by now, you never will be.  I ain't saying sorry.  I swear.  Lots.

Now, just heard from the Estate Agent, she's bringing the valuer through tomorrow morning.  So, I WILL be getting the house all pretty again ... I would not be seen dead with an untidy house when it's something this important!

I had ice cream for lunch.  With chocolate topping.  I am a dreadful emotional eater!!!

Can't wait for bed... I'm tired and grumpy.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Forgive me for asking but is our Bex expecting? I hope so. This would be wonderful! I love babies.

    Sue Chalis, Athens, Greece

    1. No she isn't.

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Haha no I'm not the boys are enough for now. Just to much good food ☺have


    3. cake..... TOOOOOO MUCH CAKE........... lol

  2. OMG that cake is hilarious... gave me a good morning giggle! xxx

  3. Love the pups pictures . It tickled me to see them eating something good for them. They look so pretty and healthy.
    Bex is so lovely and has turned out to be such a good mother. I am so proud of her and Steve both. We hold our breaths and hope for our children to be healthy and happy -yet it is really up to them to pull it off. When they turn into decent young people it just makes me want to cry for joy. I love your sweet family.
    Just keep telling yourself that you are getting paid to clean house now ! ~smile~ And you are your own boss - not such a bad deal. Plus, it looks so beautiful!

  4. christine1:59 PM

    Maybe.... you should just let the house be "normal" when private viewers show up. You have gone the extra mile so often and they don't show up / or buy. We looked at a house once and there were about 5 people passed out drunk on the front porch. We remember that to this day!!!!! Maybe YOU should try that! Laughs. But seriously, give yourself a break. I know that is easy to say, but not as easy to do. It is coming to end, I know it! There is so much interest right now!

  5. I agree with Christine, don't put so much pressure on yourself by trying to have everything perfect, it won't make any difference to the valuer :-).

  6. Do you change the bedding every time a buyer is coming? Is it different doona covers or something?

    1. I change the duvet (doona?) covers, and put all the matching pillows on teh beds. Our bed is always done pretty, as is the spare bed. But Brylee and Griffin's beds have to be changed. They would RUIN the pretty covers/pillowslips etc if I left them on. Brylee would probably get nail polish on it, and Griffin? Well he's just a smelly teenage boy! You have no idea how teenage boys STINK!!! His socks alone would drop an elephant... I kid you not. Thank god he's me last teenage boy, my nose and sense of smell is just about gone I tell ya!

    2. I teach at a BOYS HIGH SCHOOL! 1000 of them! In classrooms with no AIR CON! :D :D :D :D
      Trust me, I know that it would be necessary to change it! :D I just didn't know if it was bedding that you kept especially. xx

    3. Shit I forgot that little bit of info! Ya poor bugger having to be around that many smelly boys !

    4. You know what I always have in my bag that comes class to class with me? A CAN OF B.O BASHER!

  7. Goodie Goodie Gum Drops??? My favourite. If I had some I would have had it for lunch too. There is no rainbow without a storm. So close now. Hopefully this is it.

    1. Nope... Movenpik chocolate! Though I do like Goody Goody Gumbrops too... don't give me ideas!

  8. when the house sells please please have champagne loads of it and ice cream and invite us all!!! lol Steve is such a dill at times but insanely funny.. boy smells morph into man smells and that's a whole nother kettle of fish.

  9. Yep! I am thinking house sale party too!!! Everyone bring their fave ice cream (mine might melt on the way over - lucky you have that yummy NZ stuff!)

  10. Man I was hoping it was all said and done. When was it supposed to go unconditional or did that already not happen?

    1. Julie, if it goes unconditional it will be in the next couple of days or so. Keep everything crossed!


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