Saturday, April 23, 2016


So today Stew and Griffin are going over to the Botany Storage unit and bringing back all our lounge/family room furniture.
Oh man I can't wait to get my lazyboy chair back!

My feet have been puffing up every day because I can't put them up like normal.

I totally expect that to take them all day though because Steve isn't there to help them this time.
He's back at full time work now.

While they do that, I am going to do more packing inside the house.


My cough is actually not as bad now!  I'm hoping for a miracle.... and it actually stops on it's own really soon.  That would be awesome.

YES!!!  I finally have my lazyboy chair back! And it's amazing!  So comfortable.  Now I'm happy again.
Stew and Griffin are doing an excellent job of bringing everything back.  They have done one full load, and probably have one and a half to go.

I was really worried Griffin wouldn't be able to handle the heavy stuff, but he's doing really well.  What a good kid.

ABOVE:  The garage is slowly filling up again.

 ABOVE:  Brylee and I have been cleaning out the kitchen cupboards this morning.  Everything in use is going on a trestle in the family room and everything else is being packed up.

ABOVE:  The house is a shambles!

But... I'm not leaving anything to the last minute.  Because we are doing our own packing, I want it all done well in advance.  Then the actual move will be less stressful (I hope!).

Well I'm frustrated ... can't pack anymore today cos... I ran outta friggin boxes!
First thing tomorrow I will be going out to get more obviously... *smiles*


  1. That's awesome to hear Steve is fit enough for work again, must be a big relief for him to be back doing what he loves to do for him and his family. How is your cough and such going good its calming down a bit these last couple of days. Have a wonderful day today hope you guys as a family can rest at some point and enjoy each others company.

  2. Oops was meant to say hope its going good and calming day a bit over these last couple of days.

  3. it's sweet to see Griffin being a big man and helping Stew so much. My boys love "helping" Tom, it's adorable. Goon on ya Griffin xxxx

  4. great job Griffen u are being a huge help to dad and Brylee too helping with the packing u guys are growing into great adults its been a joy to watch you grow from kiddles to young adults...almost family lol
    hopw Steve isnt finding it to tough on his ankle back at work I know mine trobbled at night when I first went back to work full time to be fair it actually still does most nights

    Your shambles is all in a good course hun progress toward an new adventure in the journey called life

  5. What awesome pics. The kids are wonderful and I'm sure they're loving it being able to help. I love your shambles. It all looks happy.

  6. It's great to have shambles for a change... no more open homes you are free to make any kind of mess you like!!!!

  7. you are so organized and by the time of the shift I am sure it will go swimmingly, and hear hear yay to shambles means progress.


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