Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I'm heading out again today to get a couple more items of winter clothing.
One more pair of trousers/tights, and one more top.

I am sure we WILL be in Hamilton by winter, and it's a whole lot colder there, so I'm going to need more warm clothes.

Time to go through the kid's wardrobes and drawers and sort out their clothes too.  Brylee has been LIVING in the same jeans/top all summer!  Not that she doesn't have more to wear, she just wants to wear the same stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY!

She's ga-ga over 5 Seconds of Summer (a boy band), and has a t-shirt with them on it... so she wears it every day!  It gets washed, hung out to dry for 15 minutes then it's back on!  I kid you not!!

Recently she got two more 5SOS tops, and we got some long sleeve tops for her to wear under them, so I'm thinking she's set for winter, lol.

Griffin on the other hand... probably needs an entirely new wardrobe, he's growing so fast.  He is now wearing size 14 shoes and Mens size clothes. 

So, once they get home from school today that will be my mission.  Sort out their clothes, then what they don't fit/need, will be going to the  Hospice shop. 

Maybe only one more sleep till we find out the outcome of our latest house contract.... feel sick even thinking about it.  Just can't believe it will go through, knowing the bad luck we have had for months now.  

So... off shopping, keep my mind off it... if that's possible!


LYNDA/PENNY:  thanks for answering that question for me.

I've been out and bought a couple more winter items.  Now to go through my clothes and toss out or pack up anything I don't need/want.

IT WOULD ONLY HAPPEN TO US:  would you believe that now the Purchaser's Bank wants an extension as they ONLY got the valuation today?  I'm like, hell no!  We will give them till Friday at 5pm... it doesn't take that long to read a valuation ffs.

AND.... the viewer who has postponed viewing twice already is now coming at 2 pm today!
So guess what I've been doing?


I'm so completely and utterly CRABBY RIGHT NOW.  This nightmare just keeps on going, and going... 

3.11 pm:  And the viewer DID arrive.  He liked the house very much, and is coming back with his wife at 5 pm.
Maybe we will get ANOTHER BACK UP OFFER!!!

My stomach is doing flip flops, I'm that wound up right now.

5.44 pm:  Second viewing took 40 minutes, they both love the house... and have gone home to talk it over.  We MIGHT get a back up offer tomorrow.
Or ... we might even have the 6th contract go unconditional?

Just don't know what's what right now.  Too much going on.

I just want to go to bed and have tomorrow OVER WITH... or if it drags on till Friday?  I will just have to stay in bed for 48 hours!  AS IF.  *sigh*

There's been some very positive noises coming from the Purchasers with 6th Contract.  MAYBE tomorrow night it will be all over!


I'm going to bed soon... my nerves are Shot.


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Chris, I'm from the UK and our house buying market is completely different to ours. I have been following your blog but just dont understand how the buyers put offers in without finance? Can you explain to me and to others from other countries how the NZ housing market works. We certainly dont have valuers to value the property. A house is on the market at XXX amount to money. Buyer offers on that or nearest offer. We dont have multiple offers at one time. Waiting for it to go unconditional? No wonders you are suffering with anxiety etc. Come to England.... less stressful
    Carol Bailey, Brighton, Sussex

  2. oh my god size 14 shoes it must be a mammoth task buying shoes I know how hard it was to get shoes for Anthony in size 13...thankfully by time he got to Griffin age the shoes I bought were 'naf' so he started buying his own I kid u not some where 400$

  3. Carol (comment above)... houses can sell for hundreds of thousands above valuation here and banks will only lend the finance if the house "values up" so they won't lose their money. We don't have fixed prices often on sales in Auckland as it is such a strong market and estate agents let the buyers determine the price by what they offer or what it sells for at auction. Most offers on houses here will be subject to valuation, finance and building report. When a buyer makes an offer it is conditional on those factors and once those are satisfied it goes unconditional... meaning it is sold. I still have no idea why anyone puts in an offer though without finance pre-arranged. Usually people have an approved amount that they can buy a house at.

    Hopefully Chris this will be you house tomorrow - my goodness it's stressing me out so no idea how hard it is on you all. I'd say get that bubbly on ice - it might actually happen this time!!

    1. This pretty much covers it. I agree that generally speaking people make offers on houses with finance already in place but as Lynda says, the banks still want the value of the house confirmed via valuation.

      Having said that, a number of people have been asking the finance question. We bought our first house in this situation: we had just started looking when we found our house, and while we knew in theory based on the bank's guidelines what we could afford, we had to put in an offer conditional on finance while we waited for the bank to approve our loan, which took 3 days or so from memory. It was just the timing. I know a lot of people who go to open homes because they are curious but are not really considering themselves in the market, but then they see their dream house and decide to put in an offer, so I guess it could happen in that circumstance too. I felt a lot better putting in an offer conditional on finance than one that I had to commit to even if the bank wouldn't loan me the money. It must be a pain in the neck for sellers dealing with people that don't have a good idea of whether they will be approved or not, but I imagine the fact you can do that is designed to try and facilitate sales that might not otherwise happen rather than to stuff people around as it has for Chris and Stew.

      Hope that helps! Penny

  4. This too shall pass sweet and I think focussing on Winter in Hamilton sounds like a great plan!

  5. If that viewer doesn't come he can FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!

  6. Love that Cranky. I have thought that too ( and I am sure Chtis has as well). The worst thing is that Chris has to pander to all those 'difficult' people to get rid of the house

    1. Penny8:44 PM

      Yes, and while I get everyone's instinct is to tell them to just come to an open home, when you want to sell you have to do a bit sometimes to work around them - being perceived as rude could just scare off buyers.

      Chris, you only need one buyer - it's like I keep telling myself, I don't need to get every job, just A job! Preferably a good one, but one will do it!

      Good luck xo

  7. Oh for FFS!! Unless he offered more than was approved it will only take them 24 hours to check the valuation & approve his finance. God this has been stressful for you, I really hope it gets sorted soon. Take Griffin to South Aucklans (Otahuhu, Otara) for shoes, they seem to have a lot more options there for big feet.

  8. oh Chris.... even my stomach is churning with not knowing!!! Good on yu for giving the bank a deadline. FFS!!!!

  9. Tracy said it all.... Oh FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough already.

  10. So many looking now and so much interest, it's close to selling Chris! Just takes that one buyer. Can totally understand how frustrated you are - but I reckon you better start house hunting in Hamilton - soon! Anne - Palmy

  11. All things able to be crossed are crossed! !

  12. I think you should make thurs 5pm cut off offers, the that leaves Fri for someone else to jump right in cause if Fri at 5pm is the time then you have to wait through the weekend AND more open homes, I too feel sick in my stomach for you after reading todays comments. A DAY SPA treatment day for you me feels... OR your own homemade day soak in the bath lounge around in bathrobe read eat icecream dance drink ( but don't make a mess)!..... Hope it ends soon soon like real soon.

    1. Anonymous6:44 AM

      Stew can give her a back rub ;)

  13. omg I dont know how you are coping with all the stress!! Everything crossed for you for the best outcome!

  14. OMG I hope it goes for you!


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