Monday, April 18, 2016


Today I am going to sit down and make a list of what we need to do between now and moving.

Today I'm going to sort out the kid's clothes, and pack up my Britto.

That will probably take all day.

I also have to go down to Manurewa and get my latest prescriptions filled.  There's something else I NEED to do... but I'm damned if I can remember what it is!  

Grrrr, don't ya just hate that?  I'm sure I will remember at some point.

Hopefully Stew is working on getting our finances sorted/approved, so if our FIRST choice house goes to Auction this week we are in a position to bid.  STRESS ... STRESS... it never stops!


Well it now looks like someone went mad in my house!  There's a bed in the family room, boxes and bubble wrap all over the lounge floor... crazy.
But... I'm getting heaps done today I must say.

The kids have been fairly helpful... though I think Griffin's temper is ramping up!  He's getting grumpy.

Too bad, I can't do it on my own.

ABOVE:  what a mess!  But, the kids and I have made a good dent in packing up a lot of china/ornaments/fabric and so on.

I'm knackered.  Dinner is going to be something quick and easy... Chicken steaks with Bubble 'n' Squeak patties and baked beans I reckon.  *smiles*

Can't believe how much the kids and I got done today!
We sure made a dent in some serious packing.  I think we did about 5 boxes!
So tired now though.
Stew and I both have colds, snot and sore throats.  Ikkk.


  1. Maria8:12 AM

    Can you not put in a pre auction offer?

  2. Yes we can... but ONLY after we have our finance sorted and approved.

  3. So exciting... you will be able to get your 'staging lounges' collected too :) Have fun packing...

  4. Hang in there Sweetie!

  5. Yeah I bet you've have a long, long list of things to do!!! Now for a VERY RANDOM question. Where do you buy your tights... I need to get some red tights and I've been in and out of every shop at Sylvia Park and The Warehouse and had no luck - yes I can find black but I need XL red ones. I remember you said you bought some a while ago and you're a very experienced "shopper" so thought I'd tap into your expertise ;-)

    1. Try Emma Rose. Other than there, I have no idea... I usually only get black ones.

  6. Good luck with the next phase!!! I hope the buying is far less stressful (& bloody faster) that the selling!!!!!

  7. oh the joy of packing but just think a new home soon and then the arranging starts and placement of things its so exciting the Britto looks so cool near the cushions the colours! so bright now for another random question How are Brylee teeth? after all the dental work.

  8. And yay - no more open homes:-)

  9. dang it! I was away and missed the drama of the sale!!! Congrats gorgeous girl xoxo

  10. Good timing with the school holidays, the kids can help which will be great for you & keep them occupied. If they start to get poopy about having to do it bribe them :-)

  11. Oh no sick on top of everything else, that sucks!

  12. Feel better soon! Your house always looks so lovely - I'm sure your stuff will look great in your next place also. Can't wait to see which one you guys pick!


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