Sunday, April 10, 2016


I'm thinking today will be our last Open Home.
Power of Positive Thinking and all that... ya know?

We all have to get up early this morning, no Sunday lie in.
Poor Stew, he usually does get a bit of a lie in on a Sunday.

Our '6th Contract Buyers' are coming at 11 am for another viewing, so I have to get moving.

I made sure I did as much as I could before I went to bed last night, but there is still a few things to get done this morning.

We visited Steve, Bex and the boys yesterday afternoon.  I had bought a couple of new cushions for the house... and one for Bex too.

ABOVE: She loved it!  I got a giraffe one too...

ABOVE:  And a cow one. I won't be leaving them out during the Open Home though, I 'get' that the house has to look impersonal and uncluttered!


Well the 'potential' purchasers came back at 11 for another viewing.
All going well... we might have something settled at the end of the week.

In the meantime, we had 5 groups through today, of which, 2 were viewing for the 2nd time, and there was talk of a back up offer.

AND we have another purchaser coming through tomorrow night.  *sigh*  Surely something will go right for us eventually?

Going to bed tonight with a massive headache.  
Just WISH this was over and we could move on.


  1. Those cushions will look great on the lounge suite, I would leave them there for the open house, they tie in nicely withe the pictures

  2. Boy, it sure does "wear on the spirit" trying to sell a house , doesn't it? You have my admiration. I love the pillows - I thought for sure you had made them .~smile~

  3. I love love love them. Where did you get the cow cushion? Chris I am sending positive vibes to you all. Your home is beautiful. I loved it. It's going to sell. Luv to you all. Hope Dantes face is getting better.

    1. From a shop in Sylvia Park called Red Currant.

  4. The cushions are fantastic and FOR SURE the house will sell this coming week !! It is time to move forward and start the next journey.....

  5. Love the cushions wish I colud find one with a turtle on it... keep all my fingers crossed

  6. It has GOT to be over soon. You have so much interest at the moment. It will happen, it IS happening! Hang in there!


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