Saturday, April 02, 2016


I say 'big'... but really there isn't THAT much to do before tomorrow's open home I think.

We might even get to go out later on today... probably just a mall.  But it is nice to get out as a family at least once in a weekend.

My stupid foot with the munted toe is swelling up a bit, not sure why.  There is no sign of infection.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Yesterday afternoon.  Coco decided to plonk herself down on Dante's lap.  Note, she ain't looking at me, cos she knows damn well she's not really supposed to be on the couch.

 ABOVE:  A happy snap of Steve and Archer.

ABOVE: Granddad came home from work with a surprise for Dante...

ABOVE:  He was thrilled to bits with his Batmobile!  Wee Archer got a little toy too... can't miss him out.  Dante is totally into Batman at the moment.

OK....that's a start to me day...


1.29 pm:  and any outdoor jobs we might have planned are on the back burner.  It's absolutely pissing down!
Torrential rain that was forecast sadly. 
Hopefully it eases by tomorrow afternoon.

It looks like a quiet afternoon here.

Well... it has been quiet.  Except for when it rained cats 'n' dogs!  Tracy, I can't believe you got no rain!!!


  1. Hope your toe heals soon but it may pay to get it checked by your doctor, feet, toes, swelling, infection, diabetes, you just have to be extra careful.

  2. Hope that toe feels better soon. Fantastic photos of Dante - he is really growing fast, as is Archer. Both gorgeous looking children.

  3. Oh those kids are so beautiful. I love Dante and Coco together photo. Did Coco stay there for long? I jope you get some good news soon. Hugs

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM


    You might be getting cellulitis in your foot, better get it checked out....
    Dante is so cute....

    Cheers Peta

  5. it's sweet to see Griffin enjoy seeing Dante get a new toy! xxxxx

  6. Such a big boy!!! He is adorable!

  7. Dante and Coco so cute together and Dante face when seeing batman priceless... Yes sore feet diabetes gosh hope the toe ok tomorrow you will be pleased to know it rained in Rotorua Tokoroa and Taupo all 3 places I have been just today.

  8. Ok, I think you should get that toe checked out just to be on the safe side. It may be broken although there is not much they can do. Love the pics of Dante & Coco - especially the fact she won't look at you:-).
    We got no rain today, it was stupidly hot all day on this side


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