Monday, April 04, 2016


And we are still here, still plodding along.

I'm going to do some ironing today, and make sure the house is spic 'n' span for a private viewing tonight.

There will be pea and bacon soup simmering in the crock pot, so a very nice aroma in the house.

Bex found a cool picture of a cake and sent it to me:

ABOVE:  how is that for a cake!  So cool.

So, apart from doing some ironing, I don't have much planned for the day.  I will be back later no doubt...


1.07 pm:  And I've done the housework, two huge loads of linen out on the clothesline... dinner on... now just last minute things before we have the private viewer(s) come.

Yep, now we have two parties coming through at 5.30 pm.  Lucky dinner is soup!  It can be kept on low in the crock pot for however long it takes.

I've taken the dressing off me toe and it's healing so well.  Diabetics are prone to slow healing (so I'm told), but not me.  I must be a good diabetic!  lol

Viewing went well apparently.  MIGHT be getting an offer soon.  

As for our 1st buyer?  Looks more and more definite he is NOT getting his finance.

I could throttle him, because due to him we lost our back up offer.  Grrrrrr.  Clearly we backed the wrong person there.

TERIYAKI CHICKEN recipe will be posted tomorrow.  Sorry I forgot today.

It's been a nice day on a whole, the temperatures are dropping, making life more bearable for me.


  1. Cake looks awesome! I want some soup with a crusty french bread. nom nom nom I should probably figure out what is for dinner here. LOL

  2. Oh, Chris, I really feel for you and the saga of selling your house. You are so strong, I admire you so much. I really, really hope you get a buyer very soon so you can move back to Hamilton, and I hope you never have to go through all this drama and worry again.

  3. I Love soup and sandwich! Yum !

  4. Fingers crossed that right now the viewers are contemplating making an offer!

  5. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Fingers crossed for a new contract. That's an awesome cake, when's your birthday Chris? I'm sure Bex will do an awesome job making it for you. �� (Hehe) her cake making skills are very good, she's made some great ones already.


  6. Can you stipulate to your agent that you will not consider offers that have not already got finance approved. What a crock of bull, all that angst for nothing. Be firm and tell your agent you will not be messed around again. No finance pre-approved no offers wanted.

  7. Hey can u and dad text me plz. One saying mum and one saying dad.

  8. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Yes, I agree with Maggie if that is possible to guys are having a terrible time with all the stress...


  9. Anonymous8:43 PM

    So much interest shown - a sale must be just around the corner. I know how stressful it is, but I feel you are on the right track and it will happen soon! Anne - Palmy

  10. Crossing my fingers for a rich buyer for you!

  11. I'm sure I sent you a pm pic on that cake ages ago like last year lol I think the cake is so you...


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