Monday, December 03, 2012


I can't remember who to thank... but whoever she was, she suggested I get Lacy to do some housework for me in return for all the running around I do for her.

What a brilliant idea.  As I will be taking Keera to and from the access visits with her Father, I decided that instead of her giving me petrol money, I would ask her to do housework instead.

As she LOVED the idea.  She starts today. 

ABOVE:  me housekeeper!  Wonder if she will be smiling after a few Monday's of doing my housework!  lol

Today I will get her to help sort out Brylee's room, the vacuming and hopefully clean the kitchen/family room floors.  And dust.  OMG I detest dust.  Why can't people just keep their skin on?  Did you know that a lot of house dust is shed human skin?  Yeah well it is.  Gross.

While Lacy is slaving away I might just do my 'normal' housework... and sew some cot sheets for the 2 porta-cots that will be in use TOMORROW night.
OMG ... Russ, Tess and the kids will be here tomorrow afternoon!!!   I am so excited about seeing them all.


Well.. me housekeeper is doing an  awesome job!  My kitchen cupboards and appliances have had a thorough clean... and the Housekeeper found where some 'wild life' was living!!!
Cockroaches... in the crack between the benchtop and the oven... 5 cockroaches!!!  DEAD NOW.
House is getting vacummed now... yaaa!

I've done all me usual housework... washing and the like.  I've also wasted a whole heap of time looking for a particular photo album... it must be up in the attic cos damned if I can find it! 

Almost time to tell Lacy to stop and we can relax and have some lunch.

I decided to drive down the road and get a filled roll for us girls for lunch.
500 metres down the road... 2 Ambulances are parked on the side of the road, lights flashing... and there's a whole bunch of people working on someone on the ground.  Clearly doing CPR... I felt ill. 

Forgot about food and went back home.   As I had seen my neighbour's work vehicle parked on the grass beside the ambulances I was hoping it wasn't him!... Lacy decided to go over and check what was going on, and see if it was my neighbour? OMG I hoped it wasn't my neighbour.

It wasn't.  It was a lady at the bus stop.
She died at the bus stop.
How awful for her and her family.
To just go like that.
Made me feel very sad.
And realise how precious but fragile life is.

HEY ARSEHOLE in Porirua, Wellington... you might as well STOP leaving hateful comments, because I will NEVER EVER publish them!

AND GUESS WHAT?  I KNOW when you visit my blog... yep, every single time !    See... you have been on my blog lots of times... and you earnt the name 'ARSEHOLE' quite some time ago.  I never forget an ARSEHOLE like you.  If you persist in leaving hateful comments, I will contact Telecom, give them your ISP number and they can deal with you.  JUST. BECAUSE. I. CAN.

TO CLARIFY: I do not use the StatCounter to check on people very often, usually only when a nasty comment comes in.  I have too much going on to be bothered!

End of Day:  a good day in relation to getting ready for our visitors tomorrow.  Not so good in relation to passing a woman dying on the street.  These things happen ... but it's still unsettling when it's so close to home.
nite nite


  1. Lacy is looking so relaxed and happy these days, despite being a new mum!

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM

    What a super idea, Can she come to me on a Tuesdaysand bring that darling Keere lol
    I am so excited for you , to have all your family together. You are so lucky to have a large family ,

    Have you bought Lacey her white pinnie
    an hat and black dress, lol

    Joan x UK

  3. Damn, I'm excited for Russ, Tess, and the kids, too. Can't wait to see pics of all together! What a fun time you are going to have...

    I love the idea of Lacy helping you out. My kid used to help me out a lot too (he loved the money). My teenager, still at home, isn't interested - even with the promise of a nice pay... Buggar!

    I hate dusting and I hate bathrooms. I used to gag cleaning bathrooms. I'm much better now - but it took about a decade.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  4. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Congrats to you and Lacy. :)

  5. What a great plan to have Lacy help with the cleaning. Good thing it is getting done today cuz with the crowd you are going to have for a while cleaning will be the last thing on the list. You will be too busy hugging grandkids.

  6. Great idea and I too must say Lacy is beaming in that photo and very beautiful, Happy houseworking, sewing,mooching!!

  7. Win Win situation - Gotta love that!
    Exciting that you get to see you Aussie grandbabies - They are gonna love you!
    Have a great day

  8. Another Win win situation :) That's great :)
    I can only imagine how excited you must be but I know it will be hard counting down the hours until they arrive :) Better get those sheets made today LOL
    Enjoy your housekeeper :)

  9. I am getting excited for you too. How wonderful to have all your kids and grand kids in the same time zone for Christmas. I hope that you have time to relax and enjoy them all.

  10. That was me:-) i am glad Lacy liked the suggestion too.

    I can't believe Russell & family arrive tomorrow, that has gone so quickly!

  11. Anonymous12:31 PM

    What a great idea. Lacy is looking so happy but who wouldn't with that beautiful daughter of hers. Can't wait for the family pictures with Russell and family in. What an exciting household you have at present with visitors and a new grandbaby on the way in the very near future.

  12. Oh no! There is no shame in HAVING cockroaches, only in KEEPING them. God bless! :)

  13. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Well done Lacy.

    Take a deep beath Chris and just concentrate on all the joy you have on the horizon over the next few weeks.

    Southgirl x

  14. Really - do some people not have anything better to do?? Dear ARSEHOLE - get a life.

    So sad about the poor lady at the bus stop.

  15. What a win win situation for you both.

    You're going to have a wonderful time with all the kids around you - especially the new edition that you've had the chance to cuddle yet.

    Major catch up time ahead.

  16. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Sad sad sad Hope the bus didn't leave without her thinking she was asleep!
    Mary H

  17. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Ooops sorry Chris looks like I didn't use spell check.It should have said "take a deep breath".Sorry about that.

    Southgirl x

  18. That's fantastic Lacy! When I do housework (and I seem to do a lot too) I'm always thinking of the workout I'm getting and it makes it a bit better.

  19. That's cool that you can see who comes to your blog. LOL I do a few times a day as you will know. :)
    Hope you got everything done that you wanted today. So sad about the lady at the bus stop. :(
    Enjoy your evening.....not long now for lots of hugs and cuddles....enjoy :)

  20. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Lacy looks Stunning in this Picture. So happy and Healthy! You are a wonderful Mum Lacy ( You don't need me to tell you that) and a wonderful daughter for all you do for your Mum!
    As for the Cockroaches... Kids new After dinner treat?? Hehe
    Ash xx

  21. I'm so gonna have to check out that stat counter thing! Classic :).

  22. I want to see what it says when I visit your blog!
    New housekeeper! Just keep her happy.

  23. That's a great idea to have Lacy help you in the house!

    That's also very cool that you can see who visits your blog from where. I didn't know StatCounter could do that...very cool indeed. I need to check into that, I get some anonyomous comments from a person (I think an old high school boyfriend) that I'd like to try to track....hmmmmm....

  24. that stat counter is awesome! Nice to know who is visiting :)
    Yay, exciting about your family visiting, I am sure the kiddies will warm to you in no time.
    Bex's card is lovely, I love the dove.


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