Saturday, December 22, 2012


First up for the day, I have a couple of cute photos taken of Dante last night:

ABOVE:  Bearing in mind it is very early days, he's a very chilled out baby right now.

ABOVE: Some photos are just worth taking... and showing.

Next up... I took this video of Sienna dancing last night while she was watching The X Factor... it's crap quality as it was taken in a dim room, but you will get the drift.... she loves dancing!

ABOVE ... the little video of Sienna dancing, she wouldn't dance without holding onto her baby brother's hand... such a little sweetie, she loves her brother Bodhi.  AND she has seen me and Tess put our mobile phones down our fronts and tuck them into our bras... so now Sienna is shoving anything and everything down her front too!
Today I have to take Keera over to visit with her Father.  When I get home I MUST get onto sorting out stuff for Christmas!  I've got to get a few more gifts, and because SOMEONE spat out a baby before Christmas instead of after (when he was DUE) ... I've got to get our newest Grandson his first Christmas Present from Grandma and Granddad too!  Hmmm ... wonder what he would like? lol
Such a lot to get done, and only a few more days... I haven't even started to think about Christmas Dinner yet either!  Stew said something about cooking chickens... and Kelly is bringing the ham.... oh well, there's still a few days isn't there?  dumm dee dooo....

Sorry about the video... I've changed the settings now, so it can be viewed.

Well another successful visit over to Keera's father.  It was nice to sit and relax for a while... I played Solitaire with REAL CARDS too!  I haven't played with real cards in years!  lol

OMG... went out to fill in the 'gaps' with Christmas presents.  It's a mad house out there... went to Spotlight... not a problem there at all... but then we went over to The Warehouse.  You could hardly get in the door! 

We found the things we needed there, then off to the supermarket to buy the boxes of chocolates.  We only needed 14 ... so $100 later... chocolates bought.

Got home and found we had ONE MORE gift to get... will do that tomorrow then it will be DONE.  If I sat down and worked out what I'd spent for Christmas I would probably be shocked... but as I get stuff all through the year it helps spread out the cost.  AND it's all bought and paid for, which is something I promised myself I would do a few years ago.

No more charging it up and taking all year to pay it off.  And no interest being paid either.  Such a good feeling.

End of Day:  expecting the Aussy family back from their day trip to Hamilton soon.  A very late night for the little kids!  Dante had a bath in the kitchen tonight... I MIGHT be able to post a little video of that tomorrow... just waiting for parental approval!  *smiles*... it was an 'entertaining' bath... depending on where you were standing!
nite nite


  1. Tried to look at the video but it was marked as private and would not play.

  2. Can't see the video as it says it is private..

  3. I think he looks like you!

  4. She is adorable and keeps pretty good time to the music! I think she really favores you in looks.

  5. Cute as video clip

  6. The video is so cute. I noticed Granddad is nesting the dogs!

  7. Ham, chickens, salad, new potatoes & carrots. Dessert ice cream, fruit salad chocolate brownie & cream. Christmas dinner sorted.

    Nuts& chips to nibble on before - easy. You have a houseful to delegate to so enjoy the day.

  8. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Too many new babies around ... you have labelled the video 'Dante' and Sienna dance. lol.

  9. We got turkey ham baby beets carrots potatoe pumpkin kumara asparagus beans then strawberry icecream torte with berry coulis!! inbetween cheese crackers pate chips drinkies nuts raisins.... YUMMMMMMMMMMM Dante sienna just beautiful Bodhi and Sienns holding hands gorgeous glad the visit went well.

  10. Your planning inspires me. You are my hero!!

  11. I put $25 away every week in a separate account so Christmas is covered. I know what you mean....its a good feeling not going into debt for the start of a new year.

  12. I'm almost done shopping. I went out last night and did almost all of it. The stores weren't as bad as the parking lots and streets!


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