Sunday, December 02, 2012


And so did Bex.  We only made one each, but it was so much fun... we both used a stamp as our starting point... different for me as I have always used fabric as my starting point.

Anyway... here's what we accomplished:

 ABOVE:  this is the one Bex made, I really like it as she didn't overdo it..... unlike me:

 ABOVE:  yep... far too much on it me thinks! 

 ABOVE: I am happy about how I painted the little girl though... I didn't have any of the marker pens I was looking for, so I used special water colour pencils instead.  Not too shabby?

 ABOVE: Phantom checking out Keera yesterday.

 ABOVE:  Steve 'teaching' Rena how to tie her laces... but in fact he was just showing her how to do knots!  She's just a wee bit young to be tying her own laces.

ABOVE: Hi Fives... and well done.  lol

 ABOVE: it was lovely having a full house... it's going to be even fuller in a few days!

ABOVE: Rena and Teddy.  Notice he's not wearing his cone?   We took it off to clean his ears... well Lacy cleaned his ears.   He was stinking something shocking and I had no idea why.... now we know.  His ears had gotten all ikky from having to wear the cone... his ears were rank man!

Lacy (bless her heart) took on the job of getting his ears sorted out.  Luckily I had a big tube of Anti-Septic / Anti-Bacterial / Local Anesthetic ointment ... perfect to clear up his obvious ear infections.  Oh and I had Dog Antibiotic pills too... so he's on them too.

TODAY:  well we got Griffin's room sorted out yesterday... so it's ready for Russell/Tess and Bodhi to use.
Now I have to sort out Brylee's room... then I think we will be set.


I took the advice of someone who left me a comment a while ago,  and I have hired a Housekeeper.  She starts on Monday.  I will elaborate on that tomorrow.

I felt a bit tired at 9.30am, so went and lay down on my bed... and bugger me!  I fell asleep and just woke up... at 1.30pm!  Have no idea why I was that tired...

I have spent a lot of the afternoon looking at different card styles... mine just look a bit amateurish now!  Getting ideas from lots of sites.  I want to find a few card making classes too ... Bex and I want to learn different techniques that can be used in card making.   It's a art if you do it 'right'.  And time consuming. And no doubt expensive!  *sigh*

Lacy, Kelly and their girls visited again this afternoon.  Not for long though as I am really tired.  I took me 'night night' pills at 8am this morning... cos I forgot them last night.  BAD MOVE... that is why I went to sleep for 4 hours this morning!  Dumb Tart!

End of Day:  it's been a nice day ... did bugger all and that's OK.  No one is exactly my 'boss' afterall!  I do sometimes feel I should be doing more... but why?  Who cares if my floors are not vacumed?  Opps, usually I DO!  Again, I'm a Dumb Tart.
nite nite


  1. Ah, Steve is so sweet. He's going to be a great dad!

    Glad the fam got together. Always fun... Do you cook for everyone? Can't wait to see the other fam members joining in the good times.

    Poor Teddy. Glad Lacy got him fixed up and he's on meds. He'll be feeling (and stinking) better in no time.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

    Oh, forgot... The cards? A-dor-able!

  2. You and bex did great jobs on those cards :) Looking at Bex on the couch I don't think baby is too far away from making an appearance.....sorry I can't remember the due date.......she has that "I am uncomfortable look" LOL
    Great that you have the beds what a full house you will have. Don't forget to let them help in the kitchen though!!!!
    Great that you have the "housekeeper" sorted....I am sure it will work out fine and also be fun and a win win situation :)
    Enjoy your's wet and cold downn here :(

  3. Steve sure seems to have a way with him when it comes to babies/kids. He and Bex are going to be awesome parents.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Wait a minute! You have all those females in the house and no one but YOU cleans?? You gotta be kidding. Put em to work!! Let them earn their keep!! Wouldn't hurt the guys to pitch in either....debbie

  5. Love the cards - can't wait till I get my table today for our spare room so I can do some more card making etc :)

    Loving the family photos too - can't wait for lots more over the next month! Looks like Kera won't be in the bassinet for much longer!

    Yay for getting a housekeeper! Best thing we have done!!

  6. I'm guessing it's Bex or one of the kids?

    Great photos. Nice of Lexi to clean Teddy's ears!

  7. I had the cards picked backwards before I read who made them. (I like yours better, that blonce girl is cute)
    I almost always take a nap on Saturdays. You needed it, obvioudly.

  8. A housekeeper??? I want a housekeeper!

  9. love the cards those stamps are cool. Steve is such a patient person, cause laces shes knots tying ohhhhhhhh it does my head in...

  10. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Yea Teddy looks heaps better today, so happy we got onto his ears, lucky you had the right meds & cream Ma.
    We will see you tomoro,
    Love Lacy & Keera

  11. Oo, a housekeeper! How lovely! And your family is looking so good. Haven't seen Rena in a while, she is so pretty.


  12. Gosh, I just noticed how long Keera is, she has grown soooo much. About the cards Chris, don't put too much on them, less is more, you have some lovely ideas, but you don't need to use them all on one card lol. Happy families today, how lovely for you.

  13. I love the picture with everyone sitting relaxing. I love having a full house. I know it gets crazy, but I miss those times. My house is tooooo quiet.

  14. Fabulous first paper card Chris! You did a fantastic job with your new goodies.


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