Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday Lacy and I bought Steve and Bex a gift from each of us... keepsakes in memory of her Dad...

 ABOVE: Bex's favourite colour is orange, so Lacy got her this pretty photo frame.

ABOVE: and instead of getting her a bunch of flowers, I got her this one instead. It's made of metal and crystals... it's so pretty.  Me foot is in the picture so you can see it's size.  Once they have their own home they can hang it on a wall.

F*#K:  Coco has turned into an escape artist... if she can bolt out the front door ... she will !  She got out again last night... we had all gone out to inspect my car... I backed into a post yesterday... Ooooops.  Did a bit of damage... but Stew wasn't even upset!  As he said, worse things could happen.  I love my man.... I really expected him to be cross at me.  It's only the THIRD time I've dinged our car.  *sigh*

They say things go in threes ... well that's me done eh?  lol  NO MORE DINGS IN ME CAR.  Yeah.

As for Coco... she had run up the road and come across a man walking his two dogs, so Coco was socialising and getting better aquainted with them.   She was easy to catch and bring home again.
I don't think she's trying to find her puppies, she's just stir crazy!  We haven't been taking them out for walkies in the park for ages... other things keep getting in the way. 

Things will change once Christmas/Visitors/Bex and Steve's Baby's Arrival are all behind us and things settle down again.  Until then... it will be hit and miss as to when the dogs get taken out and about.  As they can easily get enough exercise running around our house and yard, I'm not going to feel guilty about them. 

TODAY:  Steve and Bex are going to take it easy today, Bex MUST keep her feet up... they are really, really swollen.
I'm hoping to have a nice quiet day too... just staying home and keeping Sienna and Bodhi company.

I will take a photo of the damage to me car later on today too.... It isn't TOO BAD.... but probably several X's a few hundred bucks to fix.  Ouch.

Russell is the Best Man at his mate's wedding today... it was a bit touch and go there for a while on whether they would even be going to the wedding... but things sorted themselves out thankfully.  I wonder how many couples are getting married today:  12/12/12 ?


I don't want to go outside and inspect the damage to my car in the daylight.  It will ruin my day... So... nope, ain't going out!

Bodhi was a good wee man again last night, last feed was at 10.30pm and he only woke once in the night... I THINK it was around 4.30am.  I say think cos seriously, I can't remember.  Getting used to night feeding with an infant... takes a while!  I think just as I'm getting used to it.. his Mum and Dad will be home again. 
Expecting them late tomorrow. 
I will be ever so happy to hand him over when I go to bed... *smiles*

Up/fed/play/bed... this little girl is a breeze!
ABOVE:  ready for bed by the look of it... yaaaa... a few moments just to myself until Bodhi wakes up for his next bottle and lunch.

PINKY:  in Sylvia Park...  at Aquisitions it was $89.99 and at the other end of the mall at Surprises it was $75.99!  I had bought mine from Aquisitions before I saw it cheaper at Surprises, so told the bloke in Aquisitions and he kindly refunded me the $15 difference.  They don't usually do that He said, but because it was ME (I shop there quite a lot) he did match the price.

I got the only one at Aquisitions, so if you want one you better hurry cos they only had one at Surprises too... it's in their window display.

I'm happy to say Steve and Bex had a really good sleep in this morning, and they got up ready to do some 'nesting'... They were BOTH sorting things out... so I told Bex off and said she had to get on the bed and put her friggin feet up!

 ABOVE:  Steve doing all the 'work'...

 ABOVE:  Bex, Bodhi, Teddy and Coco all resting on the bed.  lol

ABOVE: Steve rubbing moisturiser on her legs... they are both badly sunburnt. 

ABOVE:  last night her left foot was twice the size it is today... but her right foot is still very swollen. 
Midwife tomorrow... I thought it was today but I was wrong. 

They have just gone out to get some more storage bin type things, Bodhi and Sienna are asleep... and I am going to lie down too!

ABOVE:  in answer to your question Christine.... here they are either before or after, I don't know which!  They loved falling out of a plane!  Mad as both of them. AND don't ask me what's with poking their tongues out !

'SANTA' just found the portable DVD Players for Brylee and Griffin and bought them.  Yaaa... major gift sorted for those two.

I saw a recipe in one of the latest women's magazines... so I made it tonight... It's a rice/bacon/egg/courgette/corn and cheese bake.  I will take a photo after it's out of the oven.

It's been a bit mad here this afternoon... I bathed the babes... and to my utter horror I found Sienna's hair was crawling with nits.  Fuck, she has now gone to bed with her head plastered with nit treatment creme.  I can't see any on Bodhi... well he doesn't have much hair afterall!

Mind over matter... now I feel like my head is crawling with them.   *sigh*  I will be going out later on to get some Nit shampoo for everyone else in the house.

 ABOVE: Tonight's dinner... it was delicious.  Everyone loved it... next time I will put a little less corn kernels in it... the corn was probably the most predominant flavour.  It was still amazing though.

ABOVE:  super yum... you can see all of the ingredients in it... you were supposed to add seasoning but I didn't.  It simply did not need it.  You would never know it had 3 big cups of cooked rice in there.  It's a meal on it's own.

If anyone wants the recipe, just ask and I'll post it tomorrow.

End of Day:  looking forward to tomorrow when Russ and Tess come home.  I want to hand over the night shift feeds!  *smiles*
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    You should get B&G to walk her! :)

  2. I'm glad Steve and Bex are home and she can focus on taking care of herself now. Nice of you and Lacy to think of getting her gifts.
    You are super woman getting up for Bodhi's night feedings.

  3. Hope Bex is resting nicely! Is Coco hormonal/missing her pups maybe??

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Bugga about the car, glad bex is resting and as for cocoa she has freedom :)
    Have a great day and yes i too think you are awesome looking after those babies :)

    donna @ work

  5. Yeah bugger about the car! - Glad to hear Bex is back safely - now she just needs to rest and grow a baby!!!
    Hey what store did you get the flower in - it is beautiful

  6. Such a busy day! I hope we are done with car stuff for awhile :knock on wood:

  7. Whatever happened with the Skydive?

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I love the thoughtful little gifts for Bex from yourself and Lacy.Oh yes the Southland heat(sun)is more intense than you think.Been there done that with it down there too.

    Keep those feet up Bex because the time is going to go faster than you expect.

    Southgirl x

  9. My head is itching now too! LOL

  10. Anonymous9:31 PM

    recipe please!

  11. Yes the recipe would be lovely!! It looks delicious!!!

    God Bless~

  12. Boy you sure cram a lot in your day lady, sleeping shopping sorting cooking car cleaning!!!! buggar about Roxy...

  13. Your dinner looks lovely - so yes please to the recipe :)

    Glad to hear that Steve and Bex arrived back safely. What a lovely idea giving them the gifts!


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