Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Well... it's taken a long time, but today is here.
Today Russ, Tess and the kids arrive for an extended visit.
I am going to find it hard to not just want to grab me grandkids and smother them in kisses.
BUT... I am a stranger to them, so it might be more prudent to hold back a little... and bribe them with lollies!  lol
Not that wee Bodhi will be eating lollies yet... dammit.

Before they arrive... I want to re-make beds that are for them... put up the porta-cots, and sort out dinner.

They arrive in the country mid afternoon... I can't wait!!! 

OMG I hope Sienna doesn't cry at us, or Bodhi!
Haylea I'm not worried about at all... she's 8 afterall.... I am expecting her to get on with Brylee and Griffin just fine.

I'm having a few problems with my Camera... but I don't want to take it in for a service as I NEED IT over the next few weeks.  Can you imagine ME without a camera with family visiting/Christmas/New Baby Due???  HELL NO!  I will just have to be a bit more careful with the settings in the meantime.

 ABOVE: Stew and the dogs... Phantom will not be with us in just a few more days, *sniff*... can you tell my photos are not nice and 'crisp'?

ABOVE:  Teddy is rather SPOILT ... but rather cute too.  His ear infection is already so much better.  And YES... I do know what to do with him ... we had medication for him, prescribed by the Vet, and I gave it to him AFTER talking to our Vet the other day. 

ABOVE:  Bex made this card yesterday... it's for her Nana at Christmas.  Just saying... Bex is a smart tart.... she just had a laugh at me for asking her if the card was for Christmas!  WELL... it MIGHT have been for her Nana's Birthday!  How was I to know... Pffffft.

Ok... time to go and get busy so the day goes faster...


WHOOPS... I've been busy! went out with Bex and got me camera card copied off onto DVD so I can use it!  It was full... 2145 photos! Almost at capacity.

Lunch.  Lacy and Keera here.
Feilding calls from Russell... he is getting me my favourite perfum at Duty Free!  SCORE!

Now ... just waiting for them to call ... I may have to go out and 'guide' them here from wherever they are getting their rental car from.

Bex baked muffins.  I ate ONE.  So nice!
Lacy cleaned out the fridge, ewwww she found some rotten mince!  GROSS.  And whoops!

Nervous.  Hope the babies don't scream at me! 
It feels like it's going to rain.
Is it Friday? ... NO ... just feels like it for some strange reason.
Wish my phone would ring... I want to be DOING something... like meeting them at the car rental place....  HURRY UP!!!

THEY ARRIVED!!!  Baby had a stinky bum, so Lacy got nominated to do the change:

ABOVE:  ha ha!  NOT what she is used to... another baby's nappy is always a bit ikkkk!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  isn't Bodhi GORGEOUS!!!! Stinky bum and all!

ABOVE:  Her face say's it all!  So funny.

 ABOVE:  How lucky I got a baby doll out for her to play with.  She is still a bit clingy and tired from the trip.  It took them about 20 hours, car/plane/plane to get here.

 ABOVE: Russ, Sienna, Tess and Bodhi.  IN. MY. HOUSE. .... AT. LAST.  

ABOVE:  how gorgeous is our Granddaughter!

ABOVE:  settling in... got a drink, time to relax.

End of Day:  well as you can imagine, I'm in 7th heaven.  Sienna is still wary of me... which is understandable.  She will warm up soon enough... I believe in LOLLIES ... lol
nite nite


  1. The day has arrived **yahoo** enjoy chris you have waited a long time for this. Omg those dogs just get cuter. Bugger about your camera.
    Have a great day :)

  2. Chris,

    I am so excited for you! What a full house you will have - nothing like family. Don't you worry about those yung-uns taking to you... They are going to get so attached!

    Have a beautiful day!


    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. I think every kid has an aunt that would grab them and give them kisses they didn't want. Grandmother'd be no different, Go for it!

  4. I a smother gather hugger kisser kinda person and I do it without realising others may not want THEIR space invaded by me but I just gather and hug regardless, one child always says IM so warm fluffly and soft!!! ENJOY your family you lucky thing!!

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Your camera photos look as usual - very nice!! Oh MY!! you are going to have a house full. Is everyone staying till Christmas? That will be a riot!! All those kids all ready for Santa!! You'll never sleep!! Sounds like fun to me....debbie

  6. Great looking card from Bex.
    Have fun today with your grandbabies!!!

  7. Your pictures look great from this end. I am so happy for you to finally get together with your new grandbaby boy, and everyone else! I can't wait to hear details and see tons of pictures. xoxo

  8. Woohoo so exciting and we all get front row seats via your photos :)


  9. Such an exciting day!!! I am sure the grandkids will take to you really quickly, they have seen you on skype so will recognise your face and your voice - not to mention the love radiating from you when you see them.

  10. Yay! Such an exciting day for you all! Can't wait for more photos - be careful with your camera as your blog would not be complete without photos :)
    Love Bex's card too :) She is very clever (just like you)!

  11. I love Bex's card. She certainly has a talent for cards. I am sure that her Nana will be very pleased to receive it.

    I wonder if you will be pleased to see the vistors go home? All those people in the house would give me the hebee jebees - I need my own space.

  12. Duh, left my comment about Bex's card on the other post.

  13. You are just going to be over the moon. You will win the kids over. lol.

    And no - there is no way I can you being without your camera.

    Is Mike going to be coming up from Palmy sometime during Russell's trip.

  14. I'm so excited for you Chris! Hope it all goes well :)

  15. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I keep looking to see if they have arrived yet, I am so excited for you.


  16. Woo hoo.....the day has arrived. Enjoy :)

  17. I've been feeling so excited for you all day! I can't believe the day has finally arrived. I know you're going to have a fantastic time getting to know Tess and your Aussie grandkids, plus catching up with your son. Enjoy!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous photos of the little ones. Bet you are in your element with them all being home.

  19. How exciting! Hope you all have a great time! xxx

  20. Those two make some beautiful babies! I am so glad they finally arrived! Have a fantastic time together.

  21. How cute is wee sienna love the Little earrings and wee bodhi looks like a very chilled little boy. I'm sure u will all have a fantastic Christmas.

  22. Sienna has her EARS pierced I love it!!! she is still cute even if tired!!

  23. Happy for you that you finally get to meet Russell's family in the flesh! Enjoy:-)

  24. Sienna is a lil cutie... enjoy your first night :)

  25. ow wow, aren't Sienna and Bohdi real little cuties...enjoy your evening.

  26. I am so excited for you. Spending time with Russell & his kids is going to be great for you, Stew & B & G. I am sure there will be times where your patience will be tried but just remember how much you wanted to see these babies & grit your teeth :-)

  27. Making memories, lovely for everyone to be together. Should be fantastic catching up and then next month your new baby grandson arrives!


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