Monday, December 10, 2012


Last night Steve and Bex sent me a couple of photos... to prove it was hot down in Invercargill:

 ABOVE: Steve is fair skinned with a tinge of the ginger in his hair... so he got sunburnt! .... but not as bad as Bex! 

ABOVE: WHOOPS!!! I bet she's not smiling in a day or two when it really starts to hurt!

Today is the day Bex and her family lay her Dad Noel to rest... 

May today go smoothly for you Bex, Steve and the Heenan family, take strength in each other, and comfort in knowing you are very much loved by Dad and I, Lacy, Kelly & Gordon, Russell and Tess, Mike and Joyce AND Grandma in Australia.  Come home safe.


The 'Papparazzi'... that'd be me... took these photos yesterday of Sienna and her Granddad:

ABOVE:  this wee girl just loves her Granddad!

ABOVE:  I'm not BIASED or anything... but isn't she a stunner!

ABOVE:  she'd be a poser too!  She makes me melt,  this darling wee girl.

ABOVE:  Happily playing... Miss Sienna.  She may not have many words but she can sure convey what she wants without any problems!

I got a few lovely photos from Molly's Mum last night too...

ABOVE:  Miss Molly at 11 weeks.  She's had the hair around her face trimmed, nails and butt trimmed too.  She is looking adorable.  I do believe she has her family wrapt around her little...... toe?  lol

The 'housekeeper' is coming over again today... provided it doesn't rain.  I found her a little pinny to wear:

ABOVE:  me housekeeper!

ABOVE:  I really don't think I've seen THIS face before!  She looks like a right twit... lol!
I hope it's not wet today, I want to get a few jobs done around the house while everyone is out.
Stew at work, kids at school, Tess and Russ in Te Awamutu, Steve and Bex in Invercargill .... and hopefully the babes in bed for a while.


Russ and Tess are jumping out of a plane today!  They are going to Taupo to do (I think) Tandem Skydiving...  why anyone would voluntarily jump out of a plane is beyond me! 

Once my 'Housekeeper' gets here I am going to wave me magic wand and turn her into the Nanny for a while so I can go out and post a Christmas parcel to me Mum ... and get a couple of warm outfits for Bodhi and Sienna. 
Our early summer is probably like their winter and they are cold!

SORRY.... to all my blog friends out there, I have not had much of a chance to read and leave comments lately... and may not for a while yet.  It is enough that I get time to blog myself!  I will get back to it eventually!

♥♥♥I would also like to say 'THANK YOU' to everyone reading here and on my Facebook Account for all the love and condolences on behalf of Bex and Steve.  They have truly appreciated all the kind thoughts, flowers, texts, phone calls, comments and messages, and I would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU too.  You guys ROCK.♥♥♥

CRANKY:  Bang on mate! Wasn't done with any intentions... just being honest, and straight up... like I always am.

So... Bodhi just woke up ... he had a good sleep from 5am to 10 am.  Clearly his bodyclock is still on Aussy time.
Sienna has had her breakfast, had a play, morning tea and now she's gone down for her midday nap.
Just waiting for Lacy to arrive so she can take over and I can go out for a minute.

Well I did manage to slip out for an hour, posted a parcel to me Mum in Aussie, got a couple of stretch 'n' grows for Bodhi so he is covered up and not cold at night.  Had a quiet afternoon just chillin with Lacy and the 3 babies...  and now I'm getting dinner sorted.

End of Day:  I heard from Steve a few times today... the funeral went well.  Bex is being cared for like... well... a 37 weeks pregnant girl!  They are all looking after her, and Steve has found her family very welcoming... they have treated him as one of their family and embraced him with love.
So glad today is over though, I miss them both so much.  And I worry about our girl.... so close to having our next grandson.
They will be home tomorrow afternoon.
nite nite.


  1. I think the pinny is cute! So are all your pics. Continued prayers for Bex and her family! So much going on with you always. :)

  2. Love seeing all the pics. Grandbaby just a doll!

    Molly sure has grown-up.

    Am thinking about Steve, Bex, and Bex's family today. Sending warm thoughts.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. My thoughts are with Bex, Steve and you today.
    That sienna sure is a cutie and love the pinny for the cleaner lol.
    Awww molly is a real cutie i bet her family are lovin her.
    Try to have a good day chris :)

  4. Sienna !!! the spitting image of you .

  5. I did a Tandem Skydive last summer, I couldn't get anyone to do it with me though. So I think it's great that Russ and Tess will be doing it together. Have fun guys! Be sure to post pics and find out what altitude they jumped from!

  6. hugs to Bex!

    All the little ones just love Grandpa!!

    Molly is super cute!

    Love the maid :) She looks like she is enjoying herself.

    We were talking about ski diving at work the other day. Not too far from here there is an indoor sky diving place that has some kind of air thing that lets you get the feel like you are ski diving. Seems much safer with the big pillow things under lol.

  7. My thoughts are with Bex and Steve and family today.
    I melted when I saw Molly's photo an cute Sienna and grandpa. Lacy is really looking great as well, you should see what I look like when I'm doing the housework, not flattering like Lacy, lol! Have a great day, cheers.

  8. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Hehe Lacy Has Arrived lol with my bubs in tow of course lol

  9. Thinking of you all today :0

    No way would you get me jumping out of a plane for fun either LOL
    Those little ones are gorgeous and yes I bet they do need some warm clothes. I know our grandson did and that was a couple of weeks ago.
    Take care xox

  10. hugs fro Bex and her family today. Horrible thing to go through so close to her due date.


  11. Sienna sure is one little cutie. Lacy looks cute in her little maid uniform.
    Best wishes and condolences to Bex and her family for their loss.

  12. Sienna is a stunner, yes. She's beautiful and her lil brother is a keeper too. They all favor each other. I think they have their Grandma's expressions. You are a lucky lady, to have all those adorable babies around.
    Bex and Steve have been in my thoughts and prayers. I just lost my Mom in October and it's so hard. Please give her my condolenses and love. Her father will be this baby boys "angel" to always keep him safe.
    I love your blog Chris. Thanks for sharing your family with me.

    God Bless~

  13. I do hope Bex and her family had a day of laughter tears memories stories amd togetherness... Sienna is cuter than the Aussie shots I reckon she is beautiful, the photo of her and Grandad just gorgeous, Lacy TOO cute in that pinny, MOLLY just darling how is Phantom doing?

  14. I hope today went OK for Bex. It must have been difficult. I am glad Steve could go with her to support her & to make sure she takes care of herself.

  15. love to bex. be good to have her home tomorrow

  16. So sorry to hear about Bex dad! I myself haven't been able to read up on many blogs, and just read about his passing today. Your little grand-daughter of yours is so cute. I would do a free photo shoot for you guys if I was a little closer. I really hope things are going well for you. Are you all ready for Christmas? Well I should get a little work done so I'll talk to you soon.


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