Thursday, December 20, 2012


ABOVE: Dante getting some sunshine for his jaundice.
ANON FROM YESTERDAY:  Dante is seen by our Midwife every day until he is a week old, then every other day for another week.  She actually KNOWS what she is doing, Dante's jaundice is being monitored very closely.  Sunshine on him is just as effective in treating jaundice as putting him under the 'lights' in hospital BY THE WAY.  Shame you don't know as much as us eh?

Lacy came over for dinner, and Bex and Steve invited her into their room to meet Dante... it went something like this:

   Lacy: "Oh my god, he's so small... *sniff* *sniff* "

 "Awwww, look at his tiny arms, *sniff*  *snivel* "   wiping tears away...
 " Oh LOOK!  He moved, Oh My God ... he's so gorgeous! ... *sniff* *sniff*" .... tears running down her face!
So... after all the snivelling ... I got a few photos of the girls and their babies,  OUR 2012 BABIES...

ABOVE:  little laid back Dante. 

I wanted a photo of the girls, the babies and the Dads....

 ABOVE: Tess, Russell and Bodhi, Bex, Steve and Dante and Lacy, Keera and 'The Banjo'.  Yep, 'The Banjo' is a private family joke.

Dante got his first bath last night, and because neither of his parents wanted to 'miss out' on doing it... they both bathed him.
 ABOVE:  Drying him... they took an 'end' each...

 ABOVE: and for the SECOND time in his very short life, Master Dante pee'ed on his Daddy!  And all over his bath towel.  Well done Dante!

ABOVE:  Bex laughed so much she had to leave the room, so Steve nabbed the baby and dressed him.

Today?  Well... I think Russ, Tess and the kids are going shopping, so I will stay home and get a few little jobs done around the house.

Russ, Tess, Haylea, Joshua, Griffin and Brylee have gone out for the day.  Shopping.  Lunch.  Ten Pin Bowling. Dinner.... so we have a relatively quiet house today.

WELL... as quiet as it can be with 4 babies in the house!
Lacy is coming over to spend the day, so it's me, Bex, Lacy, Sienna, Bodhi, Keera and Dante here for the day.

Our midwife Debs visited and said Dante was doing really well... his jaundice has started to abate... so very pleased about that.

Just fed Sienna and Bodhi their lunch.... and Lacy is going to watch Sienna, Bodhi and Keera while I have a nana nap... Bex and Dante are also having a nap.

Another good job finally done, Lacy put up the Christmas Tree... and Bex and I watched.  lol
Then I put on the 'very precious decorations',  after Lacy had put on all the balls etc.  And I decorated the mirror too.
Bex found her Christmas Decorations and added a few to the tree, and we hung all the stockings, including Bex's ones.  I'm hoping Russ and Tess can get their kids some stockings too, and Kelly, if you read this, bring Rena one please.

End of Day:  well the family are back from a long day of shopping, movies and ten pin bowling... time to wind down the day and get everyone off to bed... WELL, the kids anyway.
Tree photos tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Awwwww, just gorgeous!!!
    I never noticed just how much Brylee looks like Lacy until these photos - CRIKEY!!
    Hope you have a calm day today chick :)

  2. Awesome photos chris. Lacy's reaction a treasured moment caught on camera. Have a great day by yourself :)

  3. The photos of the girls is so lovely, Reading Lacy's little Aunty crying moment nearly made me get the sniffs, Dante is gorgeous just gorgeous.

  4. Cute cute cute!! Keera and Bodhi look so big next to Dante!

  5. Gorgeous pics as usual Chris! So cute.. all those BABIES...

    Paige was jaundice too - bit of sun and she was all good. I think it's pretty common nowadays!

    Hope you have a happy day - I am off to do my housework (I am procrastinating, can you tell???)

    See ya later.


  6. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Yay for Dante, has started early.He has learnt how to make a girl cry already.Those photo's are priceless.

    As for the Jaundice,30+yrs ago they were being put in the SUN.It definately works I know.

    Take care Chris.

    Southgirl x

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Lacey meeting Dante! Gorgeous!

  8. Love the photos of the three babies! Altho Dante looks the babyish! - Keera is looking way to cute in her clothes!
    Have a great day

  9. Gorgeous photos - and yes you are right about the jaundice :) It is common and sunlight is all it needs.

  10. Aaaarrgh, all the beautiful babies is making me clucky. Oh well, way too old for all that stuff now.

    Have a great day! xxx

  11. beautiful photos of the girls Chris x Happy Christmas to you all.

  12. Seeing Lacey's reaction to Dante made me tear up! Such precious pictures to have. You have such a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing all the joy!!!!

  13. Funny about Dante peeing on his dad - my friend at her baby shower got given a little pee pee cap - that the parents place on the little mans privates when he is naked so as to "catch the pee"

    Enjoy your baby day!

  14. Those pics are just priceless and will be a great addition to the family albums.
    Jaundice......of course sunlight is all they need. In hospital 43yrs ago where did they put my baby.....on the windowsill in the sun....and 3yrs ago when grandson was born where did the specialist (he was prem) say to put him, in the sun of course. It's the most natural and beneficial way of dealing with it. Sorry to sound you I know these things .ROFL :) Maybe we should open a how to treat babies club :)
    Enjoy the peace, well when they are having naps, as much as you can. You need a medal :)
    Take care of yourself too :)

  15. Awesome, beautiful photos!!!!!

  16. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Pity they don't have a pee pee cap for some grown boys!!lol
    TG Lacy didn't go up to the hospital you would of had to row home
    Gorgeous pics of everyone
    Loved the pic of Sienna yesterday & the pot. Bet she likes the noise of them hitting the bottom (just as well the pups as gone)
    Mary H

  17. You are truly blessed! What beautiful babies!!!!! Congratulations once again!

  18. WOW look at that! Just a baby explosion over there!! Such wonderful pics!

  19. Anonymous6:28 PM

    What beautiful babies!!! How fun! All three of mine had jaundice. Fairly common. I hope y'all have a blessed Christmas together!

  20. Anonymous7:09 PM

    photo of tree please always like to see the tree at your place.

  21. Oh those babies are so beautiful. The other babies look huge against Dante.LOL. You can sure tell all 3 are related!! You are so blessed.
    I too had not realized how much Brylee looks like Lacy until the pics of the Moms and their babies.
    Can't wait to see tree pics tomorrow!!
    God Bless~

  22. What a happy family of new babies and fun! Dante seems like he is going to be a real "pistol!" Can't wait to see the tree!

  23. Wonderful photo of the babes and parents. Enjoy the house bursting at the seams.

  24. So glad Bex, Steve & Dante were able to go home! What a precious boy! I imagine your heart is full to overflowing with all the sweet grand babies to love on. :)

  25. I remember when my son had jaundice as a newborn. The ONLY thing that seemed to work was the sunshine. It only took a couple of days...hopefully Dante will be rid of his jaundice soon. Hugs to you all!


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