Friday, December 07, 2012


I am going to start today with an explanation about yesterday.
Bex's Dad passed away most unexpectedly on Wednesday night.
She found out yesterday morning.
It has been a huge shock for her and her family.
Steve and Bex will be flying to Invercargill on Sunday and coming back on Tuesday after her Dad's funeral.

So far she is coping.... there are moments of course, but in between...

Choosing photos to take.... reminiscing ...

... and even managing to remember some moments with a smile.

Easing into the day today.... no plans.  No stress.  Just relax at home and take care of our girl. 

Today is also the last full day we will have with our darling Phantom.
He has been a most delightful little boy to raise, and I am totally confident his Palmerston North family are going to love and care for him as much as we have.

ABOVE:  Phantom and his Mum Coco.

 ABOVE:  Phantom... a little ball of fluff and love.

Next .... Sienna!  She wanted to have her swimming top on yesterday...

 ABOVE: Tess kept calling her to come and get her proper clothes on, but Miss Sienna was having none of it...

ABOVE:  She is the most ADORABLE wee bubba.. I am so, so happy we have finally had a chance to spend time with her and her family.
Russ and Tess will be leaving today for a friend's wedding, Russ is the 'Best Man'.  So we are caring for Sienna and Bodhi while they are away.  Haylea is going to be spending the next few days with her Paternal Grandparents, who live here.

Right... I better get off and do some lunches....


Some good news... Bex has been cleared to fly by our Midwife.  Debs called in to check on her, took her blood pressure and said 'Yep' ... so that's a relief.
ABOVE:  doing what is best for her... resting with her feet up.  Teddy is keeping her company... he's such a love.

Russ, Tess and Haylea have just left, and Sienna and Bodhi are both having a nap, so it's suddenly quiet! 

ABOVE:  They woke up... here's Sienna patting Bodhi's back... she is such a little mother already! 

ABOVE:  Master Bodhi enjoying time on the floor with his sister.

ABOVE:  Imp and Impet!  Sienna is just the most cruisy kid!
ABOVE:  Loving jam sandwiches at Grandma's.

 ABOVE:  even Ted and Coco are looking after Bex.

ABOVE: Bex... she's still doing as she's told!  Amazing... *smiles*

Caring for two babes... piece of cake!  Sienna and Bodhi are such easy, cruisy Babes!  Bodhi really is a 'feed me and I will be fine' kind of baby and Sienna ... well hell, she's just a breeze!  Food, toys, clean bum... boom... sorted.  lol

Bex's phone has not stopped all day, poor girl.  I think today she is in 'hasn't really sunk in yet' mode.  I think it will hit her very hard when she gets down to Invercargill on Sunday. I'm so glad Steve can go with her. 

End of Day:  babies all fed, bathed and now in bed. That includes Phantom!  He is all clean and ready to meet his family tomorrow.
Sienna and Bodhi are just delightful bubs... I cannot believe how good they are!
nite nite.


  1. I am so sorry that Bex and all of you are having to deal with this grief now. My best to Bex and the little guy she is carrying.

  2. Oh, Chris... So sorry to read about Bex's Dad... Please tell Bex I am thinking about her and her family. For sure, this is a difficult time. I am so glad you have each other to lean on...

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. Am so sorry to hear about Bex's dad - please pass my sympathies on to her and Steve and her family!
    Love the photos of Miss Sienna - she is gorgeous!! Am sure you guys will have a great few days bonding with Sienna and Bodhi!
    Take care xxx

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Dear Bex, please may I send condolences to you on your loss... What a horrid shock for you. Please look after yourself .. You have a very loving family around you and Steve to care for you

    Joan x

  5. So sorry for mom died very suddenly and it was such a shock. it is even sadder with the new baby almost here...she will be in my prayers.

  6. Big hugs to bex and you all.
    Sienna is a lil cutie hope they are fine while their parents are away :). ....and Phantom oh Im going to miss the cute pics of that lil sweetie.
    Relax and take each day as it comes chris Im so glad Bex has your strength beside her and Steve

  7. my condolences....

  8. Condolences about Bex's Dad

  9. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Bex our thoughts are with you and this sad time.Take care.You have a loving family with you at this time.

    Southgirl x

  10. Such a cute little monkey Sienna is!
    Have a great day

  11. Please pass on my heart felt sympathy to Bex. Losing a parent is devastating and I can only imaging how hard it is for her right now.

    The babies should keep you so busy you will hardly miss Phantom, but I know you will.


  12. Very sorry to hear about Bex's dad. It's such a sad loss, especially at this time. My mum died when I was pregnant with Guy and I haven't fully recovered.

    Luckily she has the love and support of you and the family. I hope she'll be OK in time... xxx

  13. Leigh9:46 AM

    Please tell Bex how sorry I am for her. It is very hard when someone dies unexpectantly, my Dad did and I remember the shock. Years later when my in-laws had slow cancer related deaths, I comforted myself thinking at least my Dad didn't suffer.

  14. Give Bex a hug from me.

  15. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Deepest Condolences to Bex & Steve (& families). xoxo

  16. Condolences to Bex &Steve & families.

  17. My deepest condolences, and also understanding, to Bex. My father passed away two weeks before my first child was born. I know you'll all take good care of her...but it's one of the hardest of times.
    With love. xx

  18. My thoughts are with Bex and Steve. It must be especially hard for her to ave this happen while she is pregnant.

    Enjoy you time alone with your Aussie grandies.

    I have been called back to the Drs today so it looks like I am about to be told I am 'pre diabetic'.

  19. So sorry to hear of Bex's family loss. I know she has all of you to take care of her xx

  20. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Very sorry for Bex and her family. Sending prayers for her and her family. Little Phantom is absolutely adorable. I want to hold him soo bad!! I bet you'll miss the little bugger! The grandkiddos are soo cute! You must be having a grand time with all the grandkiddos around!! ...debbie

  21. Too Sad, I can hardly bear to read your blog at the moment, how blessed is Bex to have you. I send my thoughts and prayers for her. God Bless Rebecca xx

  22. Our heartfelt condolences to Bex and her family.....

  23. So sorry for your loss. Take care, Kristin.

  24. Just love and big hugs to you all.

  25. You're an awesome grandmum to watch the littles during the wedding. I hope Phantom is a good boy and very happy in his new home.

    And dear Bex, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you will be able to see your family for a bit soon.

  26. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Sorry Bex. Hugs xxxx

  27. Dear Bex - I haven't met you or Steve but I know Chris. I've followed your lovely story meeting Steve and seen how wonderful and right you two are together :) I would just like to express my sympathy for you at this time. Look after yourself and take extra special care of yourself during this sad time.

    I lost my mother just before my daughter was born, it is so sad to lose a loved one and bring a new life into the world at the same time.

    I look forward to the happier times when you and Steve have your beautiful little boy xx

  28. Ohh..... so sad for her. :(

  29. Your grand babies are just adorable! Coco and Teddy are doing a good job looking after Bex.

  30. I'm going to miss the puppy pictures! ((Bex)) The little ones are adorable.


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