Tuesday, December 18, 2012


First up for the day, I want to show you the lovely meal Tess made for the family last night:

 ABOVE:  our dinner... so, so yum.

ABOVE:  Father and son...

 ABOVE:  Oh look!  Dante can cry... and I'm thinking we will be getting used to that. *smiles*

 ABOVE: The new little family.

ABOVE: A lovely photo of them, shame it's a bit blurry.
 ABOVE:  me and Dante...  yeah... I look tired.

ABOVE:  ditto.   Such a little love.
Today:  Brylee and Griffin finish school at 12.30 today... then they have about 6 or so weeks summer holidays.
Steve and I will go up to the hospital once Brylee and Griffin are home.  Maybe by then Bex will know if she can come home, or stay another night.  It will depend on how Dante is doing of course.
 Last night Russell let rip with a nasty fart in bed... Sienna was sound asleep.... the smell must have hit her cos she just up and said 'SHIT'!!!  Well done Steve and Bex, she can now say SHIT.  Russell and Tess laughed their heads off... so much so that Tess had to leave the room cos she was cracking up so much.  *smiles*
Steve has been called into work, they are flat out and need him, so today's plans change.  Bex will know after 3pm if they can come home from the hospital.
Bex got the 'all clear' much earlier than we expected...
ABOVE: Steve dressing his son in the nightgown his Paternal Grandmother made for HIM when he was a newborn.  Yep... I kept it... it's 26 years old.

 ABOVE:  Dante in his going home gown.

ABOVE:  Steve putting Dante in his carseat, with the Baby shawl that was made for my first born baby by my MATERNAL Grandmother.  So now it's on her Great Grandson 34 years later.

 ABOVE:  leaving.... if Bex could have skipped down the corridor she would have! 

 ABOVE:  Yaaa, fresh air at last.

ABOVE:  Home.

ABOVE:  Steve about to give them a kiss before he had to race off back to work.
Bex, Dante and I all had a nap after lunch, which was great.  So needed a little catch up rest.
Dante is doing well.
Stew saw my blog update with Dante in the little gown his Mum made for Steve and he found it hard not to cry... awwww, he's a big softie is my man.  I love him so much, he's special is my man.
How anyone can dislike him is beyond me.  He has a heart of gold ... and marshmallows!
End of Day:  it's been a really lovely day, having family all around us... and of course having Bex and Dante home with us is special too.
Finally got the Christmas tree and deco's out of the attic, so that might just be a job for tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Can I just say congratulations all round
    Beautiful baby
    Proud mum , Proud dad , Proud grandma

  2. Great photos Chris - glad Dante is doing so much better. Bex is looking good as well! Fingers crossed he can come home!

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Bex looks absolutely gorgeous!! I never looked that good after my babies. Dante is so cute

  4. Your dinner looks good!

  5. awesome photos of the new lil family.
    Chris you will be able rest up now nice photos :)

  6. Darling photos, so glad to see everyone doing so well.
    How nice is is to have someone else cook dinner

  7. That meal looks delicious Tess.

    Bex looks so happy and Steve is like you, doesnt seem to smile very often....lol

  8. Bex looks so radiant ...what a fantastic photo of the 3 of them! Dante is a beautiful baby! I'm so happy for all of you!

  9. Wow, Steve has to go to work?? Well at least he is needed. :)

  10. Woo-hoo! I am so happy for you, Chris. Little Dante is beautiful and I'm thrilled he's doing better. You've had a couple of busy days. Hope you all can get some rest-- although I'm guessing it's hard to take your eyes off of Dante for more than a minute :-)

    Congratulations one and all. You have yourself a gorgeous little stocking stuffer this year!

    Merry Christmas, xo jj

  11. Look at you, you beautiful person. What lovely photos, how happy everyone looks. They are going to be seriously good parents. Martine x

  12. Such a cute little boy. Glad that he is better.

  13. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Yummy looking dinner.You have got (another) caring DIL.

    As for Sienna that is a classic.

    Hoping little Date and his yummy Mummy can come home this afternoon.They look such a beautiful little family.

    TRY and get some rest Chris.

    Southgirl x

  14. Yum! That dinner looked so yummy! Esp all that cheese sauce!!!
    Bex is looking fabulous - what a shame that Steve got called into work on their 1st day home. Dante is gorgeous!!! xx

  15. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Southgirl can't spell.Sorry little DANTE(I didn't mean to spell your name wrong)

    So pleased to see him home right where he belongs with his loving family.

    Southgirl x

  16. Oh My Gosh poor steve having to rush off to work...
    Welcome home Bex and lil Dante :)

  17. Honest to god Chris, do you have to continually make me cry (I say with a smile) , what is it with me and your grandchildren. How lovely that they are home, love the fact that they are home with you. Of course seeing more updated photos has made me cry. How lovely for you to have your Aussie grandchildren and newborn Dante and the lovely keera all with you. Martine xx

  18. LOVING all the great photos of the darling Dante. Both Guy and Corbin wore a handed down home-coming gown from the hospital. I think I wore it (or my brother?) so it's at least 44 years old.

    Not sure where it first came from, but it's very sentimental to me, so I can see why it's important to your family xxxxx

  19. Love the updated photos of Steve and Bex - also noticed the other update there as well.
    So cool having the clothing for the new generations to wear.

    Love Bex's "socks" i guess that is to help the swelling?

  20. Yay, I am so glad they are home, Bex will be much more comfortable and it is so nice Steve got to be there to pick her up.

  21. congrats to everyone!! beautiful photos!!

  22. Who on Earth could dislike Stew? That's impossible. If there is such a loser they are jealous!! Stew was an awesome boss and is the most genuine guy I've ever met. Hr remembers my birthday every year!!!

  23. Yeah!!! I'm so happy they got to go home together and so soon.

  24. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Gorgeous pics! And what a beautiful baby! And holy moly is it just me but is that one huge mother of a serving that Tess served up?-Kate from Wellington

  25. Yum that dinner looked fab yummmmmmm, Dante Steve and Bex look great lovely lovely photos!!! just gorgeous glad they are home.

  26. Steve and Bex are going to be fantastic parents:-) Such lovely photos.

  27. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Congratulations Steve and Bex on the arrival of Dante! And that looks like good aussie tucker you had for tea last night! WOMBAT

  28. Beautiful photos Chris. So pleased to see you have all your resident family members back under your roof :)

  29. Dante is beautiful! He looks just like his daddy. Wonderful hair!

  30. Congratulations! What a lovely baby. Best wishes to the new parents. Have a great time getting acquainted.

  31. So happy Dante and Bex got to come home! Yay! Such a beautiful little family they make.


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