Friday, December 28, 2012


Today, at 10.45pm ... Mike and Joyce arrive from Palmerston North... we can't wait.  I can't even remember the last time we saw them... far too long obviously.

Until then, we will fill the day with family ....

 ABOVE: I came across this photo on me old camera... it's when Russ and Tess first arrived and we still had Phantom.  So cute, brought back memories of our pups.  I hope they are all doing well in their forever homes.

ABOVE:  A nice one of Tess... 

ABOVE:  The picture with the 3 Koru, which depicts new beginnings, harmony, growth and life in Maori.  I added the '2012' and K for Keera, D for Dante and B for Bodhi.  Our three 2012 babies.

 ABOVE:  Miss Sienna last night, being a right little cutie.

 ABOVE:  cuddles with Granddad.

ABOVE: Joshua and his baby brother Bodhi, playing on a PSP.

ABOVE:  Both beautiful boys.  Shame they will not grow up together, but hey, that's life now days.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex chilling out in their room, watching a movie.

ABOVE:  the girls in their room. Yes, that is Brylee's calendar!

 ABOVE:  Sienna and Bodhi in the bath last night.  Sienna owns that baby brother apparently!

 ABOVE:  I just love this photo!

ABOVE:  yes, she did share her bottle with the dog!  Slightly gross... but the parents sterilised it afterwards.

ABOVE:  if I hadn't been there, Teddy would have growled at her... but I told him to behave.  He does not like the littlies much. 

ABOVE:  Stew on 'watch the kids' duty... they are all loving their skateboards.

 ABOVE: the smaller three kids are doing well, whereas Griffin in still learning to balance... but he's getting there.

ABOVE:  I can see Joshua skating to school this coming year.

ABOVE:  last one for now... me and Dante last night... he had just been fed.  This kid is a pooping MACHINE!  He poops non stop!  You only have to hold him for a few minutes before he lets rip with a nappy full. 

Right... better go and do something productive... like get out of bed!  lol


Right... outta bed... it's another cloudy, probably gunna rain days.  *sigh*
It's a bit of a drag when one has visitors and it's wet. 
Russ and Tess and kids were supposed to visit Stew's sister Khady today... but might not be now due to the weather.  They were going to the beach with her.

What else?  Oh ... KAREN... Mike and Joyce will be staying here.  We are going to put them on an airbed in the lounge.  *smiles*
We had originally planned on them staying with Lacy, but we want them here so we can spend maximum time with Mike... we hardly ever see him, so want him here with us.

Russ and Tess and their kids have gone for a  drive to Orewa, and maybe the hot pools at Waiwera today. I told them it wasn't good to sit here all day, they needed to get out and about.  Tess has never been here before, it would be nice if she got to see some of our country. 

So, while they are out, I've got the family left here doing some cleaning... they just love me! lol

No rest for the wicked.  I must be VERY wicked.
Just picked up Keera, we are having her for the night, then taking her to the access visit with her Father tomorrow.  Hoping to get her back to Lacy after lunch tomorrow.  Then I can spend some time with Mike and Joyce.

End of Day:  well it's 9.30 pm, only an hour or so until Stew and I go out to the airport to pick up Mike and Joyce.  So can't wait to see them.
nite nite


  1. Still loving the photos Chris! Your grandbabies are just gorgeous!! Looks like the kids are having so much fun on their skateboards! Lucky you living in a nice wee cul-de-sac :)

  2. Ohhhh also meant to say - YAY for Mike and Joyce coming up for a visit too! It will be so nice for him to see everyone :) How long are Mike and Joyce staying? And do I dare ask - where are they staying? Surely there is no more room at your place.... *smiles*

  3. I'll be glad at the end of the day Friday, like it's Friday there but Thursday here..
    Lets see you test out one of those skateboards (video)

  4. How nice that Mike and Joyce are visiting, what a surprise for them to see all the babies!!! I have had 4 "could I " requests whilst on official holiday how nice for me.

  5. I love the pics of all the kids together in the various groups...cousins, brothers and sisters, etc. They are making great memories that will keep them close no matter where they live.

  6. I love your blog I have missed reading it.. Love all the grand babies they are cute ! ... Orewa is just north of where we are building, hope they enjoy their day :)

  7. Luv the pics poor teddy ;) lol
    Hope mike and joyce arrive safely enjoy your day with less people around :)

  8. Great to see the kids having so much fun on their skateboards and Stew on granddad watch duty. Great they have a good section of road close by to play on. Should be more fun days leading in to the New Year with the new visitors arriving. Love the pic of you and Dante having cuddles. Sienna is so cute with Bodhi, I'm sure she will be by his side always, never seen such love before.

  9. love the pics the kiddos are all just adorable... The brothers... remineded me so much of my boys who grew up apart and now are very good friends... I have a pic of them together on my fridge one 24 years ago one of them a few years ago... totally brought all that back... and I LOVE MAORI... i had a friend teaching me the language ages ago then we lost touch and of course not using it made me lose most all of it :(
    well love ya and glad to be jumping back in the blog world.

  10. Anonymous1:42 AM

    So whats with the blue hair

  11. Awww... with these pics, you almost fool me into thinking life is going a little slower over there now. :)


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