Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry... I don't have much new stuff to yabber on about... so it's just gunna have to be more kid/baby photos!

Steve and Bex have a really cute camera, and I now want one like their's!

It takes these cool photos:

 ABOVE: Brylee having a cuddle.

 ABOVE: Steve and Dante.

 ABOVE:  Oh ... I'm tired of all this photo taking...

 ABOVE: might just lie here and go to sleep.

ABOVE:  his 'not impressed' look.

ABOVE: having a happy dream...

 ABOVE: his cute as little imp look.

 ABOVE: yesterday he slept through his entire bath... instead of screaming!  First time happy in his bath.

 ABOVE:  Bodhi and Dante having cuddles in Grandma's bed.

ABOVE:  how darn cute are these two babies!

ABOVE: Sienna 'helping' her Mum feed Bodhi.

ABOVE: Dante got put in a little sleeping 'sack' last night as it was a bit cooler... first time he's worn actual clothes since he came out of hospital.

I love that I am making memories for the kids to look back on one day.... via my blog and photos.  I think that is one of the primary reasons why I blog... because it is like an 'OPEN' diary.  Who knows, I might still be blogging in 20 years! 


Steve and Bex have taken Dante out to the mall for his first outing... they are meeting up with one of Bex's sisters-in-laws.  I took a few photos but they were crap... I had the camera on the wrong setting...

But I did get one semi-decent one:

ABOVE: not the best... but it does show him ready to go out.

Once Russ and Tess arrived home, Stew and I went out for lunch, just the two of us.  It was kinda nice... except the eatery was sweltering... I had sweat dripping off me.  Ikkkk.  Very happy to come home again I can tell ya.

ABOVE: Miss Keera enjoying herself with her Mummy.  MAD HAIR day everyday with this bubba!

End of Day:  well, another day winding down.  Not so hot and sticky today, almost bearable.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day too... and tomorrow... MIKE and JOYCE arrive!   Can't wait to hug me baby boy.
nite nite


  1. OMG I love the phot of Dante in the blue blankie thats a FRAME job for sure Bodhi and Dante adorable Sienna helping feed Bodhi cute as a button your house will seeem very quiet when all the visitors go HOW lovely to have them there ....

  2. Gorgeous photos as always Chris! And they make such wonderful memories for all of the family!

  3. The blk n white photos of Dante would make a lovely triptch frame I meant to say.... your hot n humid has arrived on our doorstep THANKS!

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Oh My Gosh Chris all those grand babies are beautiful. Miss Keera is just adorable, I love her mad hair and that smile.

  5. love the pics glad you got to have some time out with stew...
    Miss keera is soooooo cute luv the mad hair its growing fast :)

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Bit late but Merry Xmas and Happy NY
    So you & Stew had a hot date aye Smiles Sounds like you should have just made a sandwich and got in the spa. Can you have a cold spa?
    Love the pics of little Dante in blue So cute
    And Miss Keera just cracks me up with her cutey pie smile and hair dos. Such a sweety

  7. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Wow. Miss Keera is changing with every photo you take.

    I love her Mad hair days such a cutie.

    Southgirl xx

  8. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Sorry that was me as last anon Mary H

  9. oh what cuties! am like you totally decided to keep my running open diary ... maybe will revisit it one day... Love n hugs and love the baby feets!

  10. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Merry Christmas Chris, looks like you had a great couple of days - you have such a beautiful family!! How is Amanda going with the pregnancy? Anyway all the best for 2013, still love your blog, Bec

  11. Don't you just love Canon Color Select?

  12. I don't think anyone minds seeing more adorable pictures of the grandkids! They are cutie pies!


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