Monday, December 24, 2012


I have decided on getting a second tattoo... of an anchor with flowers?  Not sure about the flowers yet... but if I do get flowers, they will be blue!

I love the shape and shading of this anchor tat... but not the flowers.  So, might tinker around with it for a little while and see what I can come up with.

ABOVE:  I love this blue rose.  Can you even get blue roses???  OMG, if you could I would have a few for sure!  And I don't even LIKE roses that much!

ABOVE:  I wonder if he's dreaming? 

 ABOVE: this is how Dante sleeps. ... adorable.

 ABOVE:  Griffin got his first cuddle yesterday of our newest baby. 

PUNCH DRUNK... too cute.
I gave Teddy a shave last night, I am not his most favourite person right now...
 ABOVE: it took me over an hour, but I am sure, while I have not done a good job like the groomers, he's going to be more comfy over summer without his sheep thick coat.
ABOVE:  our Mantlepiece is running out of room for stockings!

ABOVE:  I am loving our Christmas Corner.
 It's Christmas Eve!   We have still not done the grocery shopping... or made firm plans for Christmas dinner... how slack is that!
The thing is... I have no intention of getting all stressed out and tired cooking a huge dinner... we will just go with the flow!  Cooked chooks, ham, some salads and a few desserts.  Easy peasy.
 And a wine or two... sounds good to me.
Stew and I finally got the grocery shopping done... and WOW!  The supermarket was NOT cram packed with people... and we could get everything we wanted too.
I was a bit worried that the shelves would be empty.
We did our usual "Guess How Much"... Stew guessed $740 and I guessed $800.
The total was $799.43!  I win!!!  $0.57 cents off the EXACT total.  Shit I'm good.  lol
Now it's all put away... and the sweat is dripping off me!  So humid today!
Tonight I will make the Amrosia dessert, whip all the cream for the Pavlova, chop up fresh pineapple (OMG YUM), put the salads together ... so just prepare as much as I can ahead of time.
I got a BIT crabby while loading the freezer, the broom is kept down the side of the fridge/freezer, and it kept falling out so I grabbed it and turned around to take it to the laundry... and the blasted thing was sideways in the doorway and I got abruptly stopped in me tracks, so I stamped my foot and screamed!  Dante didn't even wake up!  The bloody broom got thrown into the laundry... the dogs had to scarper!
Frustrated... MUCH!
 ABOVE:  most people have a beer and chips on their BBQ table.  Not us.  We have naked infants.   Dante catching some sunshine for his jaundice.
ABOVE:  Baby feet.  You can still see the nicks on his heels where he had this PKU tests done. 
Lacy and Keera have come over so they are here first thing in the morning for Presents time.
Uncanny how Stew is wearing just the right shirt to match his littlest granddaughter AGAIN...

ABOVE: I tied her hair up... and look! You can see her first two teeth clearly now.
ABOVE:  Yep, seconds after this photo... Bodhi threw up all down his front, all over Stew's arm and onto the chair.  Ahhhh.... gotta love babies!

End of Day:  well it's been a long day... but productive.  And hot.  Sticky, ikky hot.  The babies are feeling it... so is Grandma.
nite nite


  1. I love the mantle with all of the stockings! Good for you for not stressing about the food. In the end no one will care what you fix to eat, just that you are all together. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family. Warmest wishes and love to you Chris.

  2. Dante is so gorgeous and an "old soul" look about him WISH I was nae naes like that he has very light hair Griffin looks so delighted with him, how spoilt is he for choice of baby cuddles!!! That mantle is stockingtastic, if you go grocery shopping go early take water and snacks, and be merry, the rain is brewing here wind picking up a bit..

  3. Those photos of Dante sleeping are gorgeous!!!
    Love your Christmas corner too! So many stockings :)
    Hope you get the Christmas groceries done without to much stress!
    Happy Christmas Eve to you and the whole family xx

  4. I personally don't understand tatoos but understand that others enjoy having them.

    If you do get another one I hope it is not as large as the one in that picture and I think blue flowers are awesome.

  5. Seeing that baby makes me think I may want another one...Maybe not. He's gorgeous:)

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Love the photo of dante and griffin very cool.....Hope you have your stress free christmas sounds good to me :)

    donna still @ work :) roll on 5pm

  7. I hope you all have a great Christmas! It's going to be 39 degrees here in Perth tomorrow so we are all going to roast.

  8. oooh that B&W photo could be very groovy framed... love the babies... they are very cute.

    :) Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see ya in the New Year!!


  9. He's so gorgeous!! I just want to cover him with kisses!

  10. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Merry Christmas Chris to you and your wonderful family :O) May you have a lovely day with all the little ones.

    Michelle x

  11. Exciting to see Keera and her 2 bottom teeth, such a sweety. Dante is also a little darling and Bohdi is just an adorable little bub.
    Love all the stockings along the mantle. Merry Christmas Chris, Stew and all the family and enjoy your special day together. Small gathering for me with no direct family this year but a great friend and her family, so very relaxed here in Qld in Oz, we will be eating prawns and ham with all the other trimmings and salads that come with Xmas day and swimming in the pool most of the day and enjoying a few cool drinks. Bliss!!!

  12. love the pic of keera and grandad in purple ...cute hairdo!
    I have a rose called blue moon starts off looking blueish but turns mauve it is lovely but not really blue blue :)

  13. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Gosh Dante is one of the cutest newborns I have ever seen! Out of all my 3 kids only one was cute! My boys were ugly newborns lol but bless and praise to Disney lol they have grown up to handsome young men.Merry Christmas Chris!

  14. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I just love the photos of dad holding the grandbabies and the smiles on his face says it all

    From Kelly Hamilton

  15. Chris you take some beautiful photos of Dante. He is very photogenic and those pics are lovely. How lucky Bex and Steve are to have such get moments to keep xxxxx

  16. Happy Christmas!

    Blue roses are beautiful, but I think they are dyed or put in blue water to turn blue..I don't think there are natural blue roses...I could be wrong. I got some a few years ago and fell in love with them.

  17. You're not sure about the flowers on the tattoo? I figure a girl would be sure about the flowers and unsure about the anchor!
    Usually, if you're guessing a price and you go over, you're out. So I think Stew won....


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