Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm probably nuts, but I am entertaining ideas of taking the babes out to the mall this morning.  'Santa' needs to check out a few things... do price comparisons etc.
Santa is going to get Brylee and Griffin a Portable DVD Player each.

They have been using Haylea's since she arrived... and they love it.  Soooo... what to get them suddenly presented itself to 'Santa'.

Right... here's some photos from yesterday:

 'YES Grandma, I did wake up in a grump'
 'See... I got tears ....'
 'What was that?  You gunna get me a bottle?
WOW... Would ya look at that, I can instantly stop crying!'
 'I loves me Granddad THIS Much!'
 'Granddad, I'm practising me stink eye on ya'
 'Awww shucks Grandma... I'm having a poop, must you take me photo now?'
'Yeah, now I feel better'
'I've got to get me some teeth ... cos all this drippling must mean dey comin!'
His bottom two teeth are not too far away, I can almost see them.
I'm going to take the kids out of school early today so that we can all go out to the airport to pick up Steve and Bex this afternoon.  I hope they have a good flight home.
A dear friend mentioned last night that I seem so much happier now... even though we had such bad news last week.  Well... I AM HAPPIER now than I have been in so very long!  I love having my family all around us... and I have finally let go of things I cannot change and learnt to live HAPPILY with how things are now.
No more letting anything bring me down... life is for living and loving.  And I love my family TO THE MOON AND BACK.  And I am going to enjoy being with them all over summer.
Stew is taking a month off work, starting just before Christmas, so we can really enjoy the kids and grandkids, and maybe even some time for just us too.
It's going to be the BEST SUMMER in a long time.

Awwww... I just watched Sienna find two nappies (used) on a chair ... she got them both and put them in the kitchen sink... cleaning up!  What a clever wee girl.

Both Griffin and Brylee have said on several ocassions how cute she is... and they think she's the Bee's Knees!

Lacy and all the babes came with me to Sylvia Park.  I wanted to get a small gift for Bex that Brylee and Griffin could give to her to help cheer her up.

Lacy got a wee gift for her too.  So... we get back to the car.... getting three babies into carseats, two prams into the back of me car... bla bla bla.... so I put the gift I'd bought on top of the roof by the Driver's door... can you see where this is heading?

........ once all the bubs/prams etc were in... off we drove.  We were parked two stories up in the carpark building.  We get out onto the road when FUCK!!!  I remembered the parcel ON THE ROOF of the car!

Stopped, jumped out.. NO PARCEL.
So Lacy jumped out and started running back to see if she could find it.  I in the meantime drove on, turned around and went back too.

And there, right in the middle of the road was our parcel.   And there was this lady coming out to grab it ... so I jumped outta me car and said "That is mine thank you", grabbed it and let rip with a whistle so Lacy could know I'd found it.

YES  I can whistle like a sheep farmer!  Really, really LOUD.  lol

So... eventful... luckily the parcel had not been run over... it would have been  RUINED utterly if it was run over!

ABOVE:  The freakin parcel... it's got a few scuff marks, but on a whole it came out unscathed. 
After that fun and games I dropped Lacy and all three bubs back to my house, then went and picked up Brylee and Griffin so they can come out to the airport with me. 
Lacy can become 'THE NANNY' again.  She gets no pay though... I just feed her sometimes!  ha ha.  Whoops... I just remembered that I ate some of her sushi in the car on the way home!  Oh well.... swings and roundabouts eh?


  1. Oh little miss sienna is a wee trick she sounds so much like Mia ......how can u not love em

  2. hey chris good idea for santa JB Hi Fi are having a crazy christmas sale tonight from 6pm to 9pm apparently its cost plus gst so u may find something there. Theres one at Manukau and one at Sylvia Park. Have a great day Happy Lady

  3. Chris,

    The grandkids are sooo cute! Always love seeing the pictures. Ah, the tears... killers... I'd cave in to any and all demands.

    Hope Steve and Bex travel home safely.

    You go girlfriend! You are fabulous and I love to read all about your fabulous-ity! Rock it all the way!

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  4. Yes! You will have the best summer ever! And anyone in your family who wants to behave and join you, you're right there! :)

    LOVE ALWAYS! I am so super-glad to read all about Lacy BTW. SO super-proud you must be at how she is turning things around...

  5. Hugs to you all esp Bex at this time

    Have to agree with others, you definitely seem at peace, happy, content, feels good doesn't when you are able to let go off things, people or situations you can't control even for a short time

    A lesson I need to learn myself I think


  6. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of Stew and Bodhi (I love my granddad this much !!)

  7. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Somebody was watching over the gift for Bex.Glad you rescued it.

    The Warehouse have the products you are looking for in their flyer starting tomorrow.

    Give Bex a big hug.

    Southgirl x

  8. I love you lady, so glad your enjoying all these beautiful little ones. it is fun to take pictures of them crying. i thought i was the only one! i have a few of Heather where her motuh looks like the Grand Canyon and she could really pour it on! God bless you all!!!

  9. Hahahahaa I did that but with KFC ...on way home from picking up the boys from camp x drove all the way home, said right who's got the KFC ...oops. Oh dear!

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and that Steve and Becs are happy to be home. What a pity that this happened to them. Mucho love...

  10. Yeah for love and happiness! I'm happy for you and so glad Stew gets a month off. I'm sure you'll have a grand time.

    The babes are getting big and so beautiful. And they both have blue eyes???

    Phew on the package on the roof. So glad it turned out okay.

    xo jj

  11. glad u found the pressie :)
    Bex needs to rest up now and get that baby ready thoughts are with you all :)

  12. Sienna and Bodhi are so cute Sienna is cute personified!!! What a lucky save with the parcel especially in the city. I hope Bex and Steve get relief from sunburn soon.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about bex's dad passing. Hope they had a good trip home and are remembering all the good times. xx

  14. So glad you'll have your Stew on holidays soon. Adorable pics of Bodhi today! Such a handsome boy! I had to laugh when you just got back to your parcel in time, phew that was lucky. You deserve feet up tonight.

  15. Glad everything is good in your world Grandma. .Just wrap Bex and Steve up in cottonwool for awhile. Love to all of you and I'm thinking of you.

  16. I'm very glad Bex is home again. Time to heal now and she will with all of you around her and their soon to arrive baby boy . Maybe Granddad might get a birthday surprise!

  17. So lucky it didn't get ran over! Glad that Steve & Bex made it home safely on such a cool plane :)


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