Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well clearly you don't actually have a choice!
I took this three days ago when he was 11 days old...

iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How cute is he!  I love taking little videos of the bubs.

Sorry for the late post.  I slept in.

ABOVE:  the boys in the spa yesterday afternoon... I've turned it down to 26 Degrees Celsius... so it's nice and cool.  Great for cooling off on a very hot day.
At some point I do believe you will find me in it too.

Today... I would like to go out and get some photos developed to send to my Mum in Australia.  She has not seen any photos of Sienna and Bodhi in a long time... actually I don't think I have sent any at all since just after Bodhi was born.
I'm sure she would love to see some photos of all the babies ... so getting some for her is top of me list.
Also, I will get me camera cards copied to DVD so I can use the cards again.
Tess gave one of her 'spares' the other day as I had filled my one and only card up.

Must get another card today too!

I need my most recent camera fixed as some point too.  The stupid thing is not working properly ... and I bet it's out of warranty.  *sigh*
If it's going to cost too much to fix I will just use my even OLDER camera and start saving for a new one... I'm kinda wanting a Canon ONE DAY.

BUT that will be in the long term wish list.

Things like school fees and new uniforms for Griffin come first.  Griffin is moving up to Intermediate this year!  Yaaa... only about 7-8 years to go until both he and Brylee will be independent... I HOPE!

It used to seem forever... but now I can almost see a light at the end of the 'tunnel' that is my child rearing days.  34 years as a full time Mum in 3 days!


TIRED.  Been out to Sylvia Park, had lunch, did some shopping... tried to find a 'Cake Pop' machine.. no luck so came home and will try and find one on the net or phone around.  It's too hot to go from shop to shop to shop.

Came home to an even fuller house:

 ABOVE:  two of Bex's 4 brother's came to visit... and they had a girlfriend in tow too...

 ABOVE: left is Matt, and right is Chris.  Chris lives in Hamilton and Matt is in Invercargill.

ABOVE: they gave Steve and Bex some lovely clothes and shoes for Dante... and a little punching set too!   Yeah, very funny guys!

ABOVE: looks like they are having a good time...

ABOVE:  this is Caitlin, Chris's girlfriend.  She lives in Morrinsville.

ABOVE:  and here's what all the fuss is about... our darling wee Dante.  Spoilt little man.

I got some really funny photos of Bex's brothers leaving yesterday... they will be on tomorrow's post.

I've got chicken legs in the casserole dish baking for dinner ... in a teryaki marinade ... it's smelling devine.

End of Day:  ANOTHER lovely day! We may be 'home based' this summer due to babies/visitors, but we are still having a lovely summer... rain and thunderstorms thrown in too!
nite nite


  1. It looks as if Dante is trying to crawl already!!!! Bex and Steve are going to have their hands full.

  2. Wow, Dante seems really mobile for 11 days old!

  3. Cute video ... I agree with Bella above - it looks like Dante is keen to get moving and is trying to get grips with crawling already. Have a great day Chris.

  4. wow that's serious movement a swimmer maybe? School Fees they are a worry..... and no change out of $1000 first year college I want to register as a school and have donations paid to me....

  5. Anonymous1:19 PM

    It does look as if Dante will crawl very soon,love the video of him.

    Good on you for sleeping in this morning just goes to show you needed it.

    Southgirl x

  6. Anonymous1:54 PM

    He is so cute and so active!! He is a beautiful, or rather handsome little guy!! I can't imagine being in the house with all those babies!! How fun that would be!! Lucky you!! ...debbie

  7. So good to see Bex and some of her siblings together. I'm sure Dante will be helping to soothe some of the grieving process for them. Your house is really a home, and the way you and Stew have open up to family, friends and loved ones. Blessings will come back to you in abundance. Just lovely to see.

  8. Dante is beautiful, as are all your grannies but there's nothing like a brand new bubba to make your heart sing!

  9. Bex must be loving getting visits from her family & she is so lucky to be living with you & Stew who are so welcoming not only to her but to her family as well.

  10. Wow! Bex is looking SO GOOD. I hope she is eating ok! So glad you are able to host some of her family and get to know them. You are awesome. :)

  11. Looks like Bex is thinning out quite a bit already! Such a pretty girl!

    I don't know how you do it with all those people in the house, I'd be locking myself in my room for some quiet lol. I can't take a lot of noise and people for a long time.

  12. I love my Canon camera, but there's a new Samsung out... copy and paste.


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