Monday, December 17, 2012


BUT I got FLEAS!!!

OMG I'm sitting in the hospital, in the room just before Dante is born and I look at me leg... and there's this little black thing moving ... I say "Fuck, is that a flea?".... and Steve jumps up and looks, and just as he's about to nab it.. the little bugger jumps off!

It was a bloody flea!   I look at Deb (midwife) and she smiles and say's "YEP"!

Disgusting!   We have our babies in hospital and they can get bloody flea bites?  That is disgraceful.

Let's hope we can 'spring' Bex and Dante from there quickly.

Steve has the next couple of days off work, so I shall probably go up to the hospital to visit Bex and Dante at some point.  I think Steve is going to be dropped off at the hospital by Stew first thing this morning on his way to work.

I'm sure Steve is chaffing at the bit to see Bex and his son again.  I will update later on how Master Dante is doing....

Three photos taken in the space of 10 hours yesterday:

 ABOVE:  moments old....

 ABOVE:  One and a half hours old...

ABOVE:  9 hours old.

What a difference some time makes!  I'm so happy he's on the mend.  Really hoping he can come home soon.

Last night when I got home... Tess had made dinner for the whole family... Shephard's Pie, it was darn yum too.  It was so nice to sit down to a meal that I didn't have to cook... in me own home even!  *smiles*  Apparently she's cooking tonight too!
I could get used to this.
THAKS TESS, your cooking is much appreciated.

Today I hope to go out and get the 'Teddys' ... I always buy each of my Grandchildren a Teddy.  I've already been 'reminded' that I have not got Dante's Teddy's yet!  Impatient buggers!


CarolinaFromArgentina:  Hey Chick, you won the little baby weight competition, so can you enail me your address please?

ABOVE:  Steve just sent me this photo from the hospital.  Dante is doing so, so much better!  He just had a feed from Bex... so it looks like they have already got him breathing well!  So relieved, it's just so scary when such a tiny baby has trouble breathing! 

Just home from the hospital... took up some necessaries for Bex... and got to see and hold Dante.  He is doing extremely well... off the air, heart monitors etc.  He will still have the IV line in for his anti-biotics, but otherwise he is perfect.

 ABOVE:  still in NICU... but may be joining Bex up on the Post Natal ward later on today, all going well.
He is feeding well and can breath all on his own now... so happy.

I'm never likely to get back all the sleep I've lost over the past few days... but a NANA NAP is on the cards right NOW.... *smiles*...

ABOVE:  I nicked this photo off Lacy's Facebook .... it's KEERA'S feet!  How darn cute is that!

 ABOVE:  there are some benefits from having visitors... SOME of them actually cook the dinner... and this will be twice in a row!
Tonight we are getting corned beef and roast veges, cauliflower & broccoli in a cheese sauce and for dessert we have a Chocolate Self Saucing pudding!   OMG I can't wait!  lol

ABOVE: sweet wee Bodhi... he cut his very first tooth while we were caring for him... Tess was so not impressed...  OH and he rolled over for the first time too... on our shift.  hee hee.
Now he is totally off the breast too cos he keeps biting Tess and laughing at her!  Little bugger.

Dante is up on the Post Natal Ward with his Mum and Dad.  He's basically all better... his oxygen stats are normal, he's feeding well ... he can come home soon!  AND Bex is very happy, Dante has A Negative Blood like her, so she doesn't have to get the Anti-D injection!

ABOVE:  Bex just sent me this photo... the New Daddy is knackered.  *smiles*

*** PEPSI UPDATED *** PEPSI UPDATED *** PEPSI UPDATED *** and now edited too.

End of Day:  another long day... just so very happy that our wee Dante is doing so well. 
nite nite


  1. It looks like Dante is getting the best of care (in spite of the fleas). I hope he will be home soon to be surrounded by all the love that is waiting there for him.

  2. Hope you had a great sleep chris.
    Im glad Dante is on the mend and yes fleas suck.
    Yahoo for Tess cooking dinner you need a hand and there are many at your house to give a hand :)
    Enjoy your teddy shopping.

  3. Awww looks like the little guy is doing better already!

    How can a hospital have fleas? That's just wrong!

  4. He is a cutie-patootie! Oooh cluck cluck cluck... have some well earned rest and look after yourself!


  5. What a blessing that your Dante is improving so quickly. I'm sure all the love and prayers from all of your followers has helped. Please give Dante a "kiss" from me.
    Kia ora!!!

  6. Anonymous9:42 AM

    That's good , doing better , bless him,

    How can a hospital have fleas, do the midwives not wear uniforms, etc,... Are they their normal outdoor clothes., god only knows what they bring in from outside. The first thing that I noticed ,

    Lets hope you can get them out of there and home fast.
    Hope Bex is doing well

    Joan x


  7. Congratulations Bex Steve Chris & family and welcome little Dante
    Job well done Bex what a marathon effort. I think that Debs is a treasure what a fantastic job the midwifes do.
    So glad he is on the mend

  8. Blessings to your whole family. Fleas? Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Congratulations to all:)

  9. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! Great job!

  10. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Welcome Dante!!

    I am so glad that mom and baby are both doing fine now. Gave me a scare to see him all hooked up and all. Glad that health scare was taken care of quickly and that Dante is with his mom and feeding.

    Congrats to Bex and Steve and your family!

    Ky Girl

  11. awww she is just a sweet little man. Geeee Chris your family make the cutest babies :-)

  12. Oh baby boy you are so beautiful!
    Take care Chris and make sure you rest up a bit today.
    Thinking of Bex, so glad bubs has fed well. xx

  13. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Pleased Dante has improved! He looks like his mum! Shelley

  14. So excited for you all, Chris. And how special for Tess and Russell to be there as well, and just as well so they could help with the other kids (as you helped with theirs).

    A very special time in your house at the moment xxxx

  15. Anonymous12:51 PM

    His hands look huge chris. A piano player if his fingers are long. Glad he is on the mend. He'll be home soon. KJ at work!! Bad girl hehe.

  16. Glad Dante's on the keera's feet .Chris enjoy your nana nap u deserve it

  17. Anonymous2:13 PM

    TG you said what the last photo was because I thought it was a coffin with someone in it Gave me heart failure.
    Mary H

  18. so glad he is better! I bet you are tired and your family is growing so fast how are you supposed to keep up with the teddy's give nana time!!!

  19. Beautiful wee boy. Looks like he will be home any day now. I am so please he is getting stronger by the hour.

  20. He is such a cute wee sausage!! So glad and relieved everything is going so well... excellent news.

    Rest up.


  21. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Oh Daddy make the best of that sleep.Doesn't he look so peaceful.

    Southgirl x

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous :) That is for all the babies (Lacy's photo is extra gorgeous) and for getting dinner cooked. Just gorgeous !!

  23. Oh poor daddy :).... Steve I hate to tell ya but its just the begining ...Glad Dante's back to normal and soon will be home.

  24. Anonymous9:51 PM

    so pleased that Dante is improving , fingers crossed they are home soon,

    daddy is shattered, make the most of that sleep Steve.

    and hope Bex is managing to get a rest....

    love Keeras little feet.

    looking at the photo of tessa, in the kitchen,and with her babies, she looks a lovely person xxx

    whats a self saucing pudding ??????

    joan x

  25. So glad all is going well for Dante. A huge relief for you all.
    Love the photos :)

  26. Dante is utterly gorgeous and I see a resemblance to Bodhi and I can see Bex and Steve there too JUST darling and what a journey he has had from the start, Thanks for sharing that journey.

  27. So glad all went well - and Dante looks well on the way home! What a lovely Christmas present for all involved - and his bday is still far enough away from Christmas that he can celebrate separate from xmas when he is older! xoxo

  28. Looks like everything'll be OK and you'll be getting the baby home soon.

  29. Never heard of fleas in a hospital.

  30. Yeah for Dante!!! Great news!! Love the picture of Keera's feet! Nice that Tess is cooking (you need a better picture of her on your sidebar while she's here ;))

    Jessica did that to me with nursing after I started working and she was getting the bottle. Quick end to the boob!

  31. Wonderful update, and fantastic pictures.


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