Saturday, December 08, 2012


Christmas is a lovely time of year... you get parcels in the post sometimes!

For me... I've had parcels arrive for over two weeks already, and most of them were not even Christmas parcels! 

Yesterday was no exception:

ABOVE:  two of them are from my Mum for all of her Great-grandkids... and the other is from a Blogger who dropped of the radar a while ago, I miss her posts very much.  LINDA I miss you, thank you for sending me a parcel...

She even gave me INSTRUCTIONS!!!  Very cute.  I won't open it... I promise.

Phantom is leaving today on his trip down to Taupo to meet up with his new family.  Stew and Griffin are going, while the rest of us stay home and hopefully do very little besides look after Sienna and Bodhi, and make sure Bex gets plenty of rest.  She has a big few days ahead of her.



  1. Aww... poor Coco is gonna miss her baby!

    Hope your Christmas visits are going well. :)

  2. Thank you for the mental picture of the big dog chase! It made me laugh out loud. I'm sure Coco will need her time out..... she'll be exhausted by her sprint ;-)

  3. Lol at cocoa the great escapist she saw freedom from motherhood and ran with it.... hope bex is resting up. Sienna is such a lil cutie she reminds me of a human cabbage patch kid with her lil dimples :)Try to have a good day with your grandies . And you need to rest up too chris take care

  4. I'd be running for my baby too! ;)

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Maybe Coco was running after her litttle Phantom!! At least she gave herself a good work out and everyone else too!! lol, It's fun to get packages. I got a Havanese Calender I ordered today! What fun!! You are just well liked by everyone!! ...debbie

  6. Coco thinks she is a greyhound!

    Enjoy your parcels. It's so exciting ot get things in the mail.

  7. So sorry to hear of Bex's loss. I hope all goes well.
    Your grandbabies are all so cute. You are blessed to have so many.

  8. LOL steves been bad again :)
    Glad phantom arrived to his new parents safley and stew and griffen got back without a hitch :)

  9. My wife frequently has "contests" and "giveaways" on her blog; She sends off things she made and sometimes she gets things back. I think that would be fun. Maybe I'll try it. What am I going to give away? I can't make anything....

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