Saturday, December 01, 2012


DECEMBER THE FIRST!!!! OMG, I do not feel ready for Christmas... someone turn the clock back a week or more eh?

TODAY?  Well... with any luck we got a sleep in of sorts!  Not a lot of that happening with a little Phantom in the house... he gets HUNGRY and starts to cry if he can hear anyone up first thing in the morning!  Only a week left before we take him to meet his family from Palmerston North.  I am looking forward to that... just cos it means Stew and I will have a whole day to ourselves.  No kids.  BLISS!  *smiles*

Because I actually have bugger all to blither on about today, I give you some random photos from this week:

 ABOVE:  Coco and Phantom playing in the dog bed.  Hardly anyone actually sleeps in it for long.

 ABOVE: Having said that... here's Coco and Teddy sleeping in it!  They didn't stay there long, as soon as it was bedtime they both went and slept on Brylee's bed.  THAT is going to stop very soon!  Brylee is going to be sharing her bed (top 'n' tail) with Haylea come Tuesday night... It is a queen size bed so they will fit just fine.

 ABOVE:  little Phantom taking a break from running around the house like a mad thing.  He's so darn cute.   Love this little guy .

 ABOVE: I saw this on someone's FaceBook and thought it was an excellent idea!  Might look at making a few for Brylee & Griffin.  But Griffin in particular... that kid really NEEDS something like this.  Then I can stop having to repeat myself EVERY SINGLE DAY about the most basic things that he forgets EVERY SINGLE DAY... like Brush Your Teeth.  Put your dishes in the sink.  Put your shoes on. bla bla bla. 

ABOVE:  the cute wee 'nappy cake' that Bex's work colleagues gave her at the Baby Shower at work. 

I'm expecting Kelly and Rena to visit today... they may just have to tag along when we go to the mall... we are getting a new electric frying pan... our present one has lost all it's Teflon coating and stuff is now sticking to the bottom of the pan... most annoying.

Have I mentioned that I've got a darn sore arm ?  Well I do, I've had it for over a week now.  I hurt it while sorting out the garage... all I did was wrench it somehow while moving a box from up high to me sewing table, my arm twisted somehow and I felt it 'go'... very painful at the time and now it's still not feeling that good.  I have pain when I try to use the arm in certain positions, and it aches A LOT.  Grrrrr.  I am finding it frustrating as.  I might even go to the Chemist and see if they can recommend something to help?  The pain is just above and below me elbow .. topside.  I'm wondering if I've damaged a tendon or ligament... it feels like a soft tissue type injury.


Time to go... got to feed that little scamp then get some washing on... 


Stew is a silly, silly boy.  More about that later.  For now.. we are off to the mall.

Stew in his infinite wisdom mentioned me moving furniture, and how he fully expected me to move my computer desk any minute ... well... as he said it I thought.... hmmmm... wonder how it would go in the corner?  So:

ABOVE:  yep, we moved it... which meant moving the shelving unit.. and the only place to put it was in the front door area.  It looks ok there too.

ABOVE:  the lounge now... with me very cute little Computer Corner.
After we finished that we went to the mall and picked up a new frying pan... it was free through FlyBuys.   Worth $159, free, not bad.  Yep, then we had lunch, followed by some more craft shopping at Spotlight.

 ABOVE:  it's neat having a DIL who loves craft shopping as much as me! 

ABOVE:  Phantom tried taking off with Bex's new Giraffe...

ABOVE:  and the elastic I bought to put around the cot/basinette sheets.  He's a little bugger... but oh so cute.  I don't even get cross when he piddles on the floor! 

Lacy, Keera, Kelly and Rena visited us this afternoon, which was lovely... I got them to do some work!  LOL.
I took some photos, which I will post tomorrow... usual reason not to now.  Too many on here already eh!

End of Day:  well it's been a lovely evening, Bex and I did some crafts down in the garage.  Will show ya tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. I like the "To Do List", but don't let my wife see it. She might make a cute one for me.

  2. I love the "to do list" - may have to make Miss Rachel one of those as she sounds like Griffin - have to remind/nag her to do every little thing!!!

    Cute nappy cake from Bex's work mates!

    Hope your arm is ok. Have a great day.

  3. The pups are as cute as ever... Can never have enough photos of them.

    I love the chore chart. Very clever and good idea to help organize young ones.

    Sorry to read about your arm... I know how bothersome an injury can be when we want to go, go, go...

    Good luck on finding the perfect fry pan!

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  4. Yes, can totally relate about getting kids ready and dressed every. day.

    Guy had trouble with "sequencing" according to his teacher and "motor planning" in class. I had to agree as he is still getting confused dressing and undressing, although I think it's mostly just pure lack of concentration.

    Anyhoo, we ended up taking him to see an Occupational Therapist about it. We've also seen her for Guy's other issues eg: his "hyper-mobility" and his "low muscle tone" which just translates in him being super unco-ordinated, which, again, his teacher actually pointed out LAST year. Sigh.

    They all suggested karate which he now does twice a week. It's certainly helped with his body confidence, but not really with his co-ordination!!!

  5. Luv the puppy pics and the nappy cake is very cute . Hope you can sort out your arm pain, i have it at the moment too but think mine is tennis elbow (self diagnosed lol)but very sore...
    enjoy your day

  6. Chris, I'm going to send you an email about dinner this week. I also just want to say keep an eye on that arm and don't let it go on for too long: go to the doctor or physio if it persists.

    Penny xo

  7. Awww so cute taking off with everything!

  8. Your energy totally inspires me. I so wish I had some of it!!
    That pup is so darn cute!!!
    Take care of your arm Chris, don't let it go to long!!!

    God Bless~

  9. Yes, that to do list is a great idea. You are full of them!

    I'm so glad you get to see your family from Aus soon. You will be in your element:)


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