Friday, December 21, 2012


Thanks to Lacy, our tree got put up yesterday...

 ABOVE:  self explanatory really!

 ABOVE:  Beautiful little Bodhi...feeling the heat a bit... he's going to REALLY feel it when he goes home to Kambalda, where the summer temps get up to 40 degrees Celcius PLUS!

ABOVE: well... he is SO kissable!

 ABOVE:  both Keera and Bodhi thought the tree was 'interesting'... but not tasty.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Miss Sienna ... just up from her midday nap... and all she could say, over and over again was "WOW"... so cute.

I looked in Stew's bedside drawer for an elbow brace thingee for me sore arm... and came across a bag full of little gnomes... so .... hmmm...

ABOVE:  they found a place on the mantle piece.  Don't they look so darn cute, along with a few other bits 'n' bobs.

Russ and Tess have spoilt me rotten since they arrrived, yesterday was no exception, they came home with a really big fan that I had my eye on...

ABOVE: cool fan... literally blasts the room from one end to the other!  Fan-bloody-tastic!

Here's some cute photos taken last night:

 ABOVE:  cuddles with Granddad....

ABOVE: and of course with Grandma too.

 ABOVE: our stunning little Bodhi... such a happy wee bubba.

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist posting this one!  lol

Today I must get down into the garage and do a list of things I still need to get for Christmas!  There's heaps of 'gaps'... and not much time left to get it all done.


ABOVE: Tess getting her first cuddle with Dante... Russell was like "Oi, not fair"  and rushed off to the bathroom to clean his hands so he could get a cuddle too!

ABOVE:  I never would have thought Russell would go clucky over babies!  But wow, he loves them!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Miss Sienna getting a look at Dante... she was so gentle!  She adores babies too... such a little ♥love♥.

Tis a very hot day today, so while the sun is at it's hottest, the babies are sleeping and the big kids and adults are going to watch a movie.  House should be nice and quiet for a while.

YEAH RIGHT!  Quiet?   Ha ha... I must be dreaming.

I was holding Bodhi and wanted to put him down and make a bottle.... and I spotted this little basket, so... ummm ...

ABOVE: I  kinda plopped him in it.   Works for me!

End of Day:  Just watched the final of The X Factor... thrilled to bits with who won... but won't name the winner in case some of me readers haven't seen the final yet.
Spent a lovely evening chilling... Tess made dinner again, tonight we were given a Mild Chicken Curry, it was damn nice.
nite nite


  1. I love the tree and mantle pieces they really POP with colour the kids all look cute especially Bodhi, Dante Keera, Sienna oh hell they all just do. I only have wine and choccies to buy and I'm sorted and IM ON HOLIDAY as of 3pm today for 10 bloody days how fantastic is that!!!! Lets see how much "could you stuff" my bosses lump me with whilst I'm meant to be on holiday!!!

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    So Stew has a bag of gnomes in his bedside table????? Ha ha ha. I'm scared to ask.......!!!!!!
    Have a very merry Christmas with all your family. Love seeing photos of the wee ones. They are all so cuuute.!

  3. Love the photos Chris!
    Have a great day

  4. Looks great Chris!!! Lovely to see Miss Lacey so happy (been meaning to mention that for a while). In case I don't get back before Christmas, Wishing you all a safe & Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!! xo

  5. It all looks fantastic! Love the pic of the babies under the tree.

  6. WOW! How do you DO ALL THAT with so many littles in the house??

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. That's all the bubs and the decorations. You have a lovely family who like most families find total harmony very difficult at times. I hope harmony rules in your home over Christmas.

  8. Awesome photos (as always)! Love seeing the photos of your grandbabies (and everyone else)! And love ALL the stockings hanging up!! Santa's gonna be busy at your house this year! xx

  9. We used the sun to clear up our Baby jaundice, too! Now he is 14 years old and just fine!

  10. Anonymous4:43 PM

    You certainly have a house FULL for Christmas! Those babies are so wonderful!

  11. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I love the photo's of Bodhi in the basket.Anything to keep them happy.

    Southgirl x

  12. Such beautiful babies! Each one of them! My gosh, you've got such a houseful! I love the pictures of Bodhi in the basket. Adorable!

  13. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Just goes to show when you brought those baskets that they would serve a purpose.Know matter what it

    Southgirl x

  14. Happy first day of summer!
    Glad you got your tree up. I like the pictures.

  15. Ariel Bell, NY4:07 AM

    Russell..... nice bod man, nice bod!


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