Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Got two things on me list today:

1/ Pay deposit on me new rug
2/ Find baskets for linen

Baskets?  Yep, I want to have baskets under the terrarium ... to put placemats, doilies, tablecloths in... to free up some space in me linen cupboard.  It's just so cramped in there and it's doing me head in.

So... I'm going out.
With Steve and Bec's, cos they are wanting to get some fabric to make bassinet and cot sheets out of.... something tells me I will be doing the sewing.

If anyone else in me family wants me to make baby sheets for them... just ask.

ABOVE:  that's the gap where I want to put baskets.... suppose I better measure it before I go out to buy baskets eh?  la la la la....


I feel like I've been out all day!  AND I've not eaten anything yet... and it's 1.22 pm.  *sigh*
The shopping went well... although it did take a long time to find the baskets I wanted for under the terrarium.
The Warehouse was where I found just what I wanted, for a darn good price too!

 ABOVE: the baskets I finally got...

ABOVE: three pop open box thingee's for my wardrobe to hold all the baby stuff I'm gathering!....

ABOVE: the fabric Steve and Bec's bought for ME to make into bassinet and cot sheets.

NOW.  Time for lunch!


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Yeaaah, measuring it would be a good thang!!lol I like your little table - it's cute - pretty color...debbie

  2. Chris, the rug you have chosen today is exquisite, just beautiful, you made the right choice.''Maggie

  3. Yip I think everyone has an overflowing linen cupboard and baskets are a great idea, also I loved the yesterday rug but todays rug is just to die for......

  4. Your day sounds great. Specially the long talk with Mum.

  5. Been out all day today :) That rug is just gorgeous. I love blue :) Those baskets are great too and will hold lots.
    Nice that you could chat with your Mum...special for you :)

  6. Love the baskets and prefer the blue rug as it is more versatile.

  7. Love your blog! And love the baskets too :)

  8. You always manage to find just what you are looking for! I am so jealous!

  9. It always makes me smile the way you are always so busy!
    I REALLY like the cabinet the terrarium is on.

  10. i can safely say that, i will never have to go out to buy baskets...


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