Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I went to Hamilton last night.... for this:

 ABOVE:  8 weeks and 1 day old... Number 12 Grandbaby!

ABOVE:  Amanda at her first baby scan... for her baby Number 4.

Do you realise in the last 7 days I have seen 3 grandbabies on scans?  Lacy's, Bec's and now Amanda's !  And of course, there is Russell's partner Tess over in Australia who is due to have their baby on the 19th of July!  

We have 4 Grandbabies ON THE WAY!!!

My calendar is getting full!  LOL.  It's such fun.

TODAY:  off to Hospice shop.... I've missed it too.
I wonder if there will be any treasure for me today?


Nice day at Hospice... busy... found lots more baby clothes... think we are going to need them! lol

Lacy is 'home' for the afternoon... it's good cos I don't have to worry about her if she's here!

I'm freaking tired today.  Not been sleeping well... staying up too late.  So a quiet afternoon for me I hope.

I lay on the couch for a few minutes... next minute it was bloody 5pm!  Hell's Bells!!!  I must have been tired.

ABOVE:  look what 'we' bought yesterday... I forgot to mention it ... so much went on yesterday after all!  lol

Anyone read them?  I bought them cos I'd heard lots of hype about them... I bought 2 and Bex bought 1... we are sharing them.

I just hope I do actually get the time to read them.. *sigh*.   I used to be such a bookworm, but now blogging seems to have taken over my 'spare' time!


  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Many many congratulations you lucky grandma.. And grandpa
    How lovely for you..

    Joan UK

  2. YEAH!! Bummer no twins tho, right??

  3. Congrats on the new grandbaby! What blessings for your family!

  4. You and Stew do breed a fertile bunch your family is bulging at the seams YAY new babies how clucky/lucky!!!

  5. Congratulations to Amanda and Andrew on the impending addtion to their family.
    Congratulations to you and Stew for another grandchild - it must be amazing and overwhelming with so many grandchildren! But oh so much fun!
    Hoep Hospice went well.

  6. Big congrats on another grandbaby!

  7. Another special person to love...congratulations to all. :)
    Hope you managed some "you" time today and rested before the young ones arrived home from school......blimey only 2 more days then they will be home for 2 weeks.......hope they will be of help to you!! :)

  8. wow!!! good for you!!! congrats to everyone! guess we never stop parenting huh?!!

  9. Anonymous3:06 PM

    12 Grandbabies!!! WOW!! you are the Queen of Grandma's!!! I only have 2!! I hope you can keep them all straight and remember all their names!! lol...debbie

  10. Congrats to all!

  11. Hey Chris

    Enjoy the books...I know I am :O)

    Michelle x

  12. You will love the books!!
    I read all 3 in a week and I am starting over again!

  13. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Congratulations on all the grand babies on the way. How lucky are you!

    I got those books last week for my 50th birthday. I don't read a lot for fun and I've just started reading and I am half way through the first book in only 2 nights. Have a glass of water next to you as you may need to cool down a bit and a little warning for Stu to watch out. Def what I needed turning 50!!! lol! Cheers Glenys

  14. Woohoo! I would like to read those too! The hype is big. Let us know if they live up to it or not!

  15. I can't stop laughing at G displaying your MUMMY PORN!!!! LOL!!!

  16. I have read some excerpts from one of the books - what a load of bollocks!! Maybe in some sort of context it would be ok - actually no thete is no conyext in which the reference to Broadway could be anything other than completely ridiculous - if nothing else they might give you a good giggle.

  17. Congrats on all those babies! Have fun reading 50 Shades. Very popular on this side of the world too. I'm done with mine, they were good for a laugh.

  18. Can't wait for the book review!!!

  19. All great news! Grandma X 12!

  20. These books are considered as "soft porn". My friend could not even finish the first one she was so discusted. I don't think you will enjoy them and make sure you keep them away from Braylee and Griffin!!!

  21. babies babies everywhere!

    I'm on the 2nd book. I like it better so far.

  22. I am jealous!!!! We are only expecting # 8.......must be something in the water there hahahaha......I am really excited for your family! You are a lucky lady! CONGRATULATIONS!

  23. Congrats on latest grandbaby. Very productive genes. Hope all goes well. My mother had 9 kids. I was terrified I would end up like her. Ha! As it turned out, it wasn't as easy to get pregnant. At least not for me. It took me 1 WHOLE YEAR before it hit the target.


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