Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've got the morning to myself.... first time this week?
I don't know what I will do yet... if it's not too cold in the garage I might work on a wall hanging for Miss Muppet's room.

Or I could read some blogs.... 

Or I could do some housework?

Hmmmm... tough decision!  lol

ABOVE:  the dogs in their new 'beds' (their travel cases) .... I put them in the laundry in their 'beds' and they can't reach the door to scratch and whine.  
Teddy is such a shit at doing that.... but I did this two nights ago and there was no crying, no scratching on the door... so I'm thinking they like their new beds!

During the day I am keeping the crates in the lounge so they can sleep in them too.... it's working too!  I just point at their crates and say "bed" and they go in them.  Awesome.

At lunchtime today I pick up Griffin and take him to his Speld Lesson.  Only a couple more weeks till school holidays ... I'm starting to actually look forward to school holidays! I  get a break from having to go out and about!
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just want to stay home!


So... I've just spent 2 hours tidying up the linen cupboard for the umpteenth time this year... and I've come to two conclusions:
1/  I am far too fastidious about my linen
2/  I've got bugger all sheets!

Where the hell do they go?  Linen heaven?  Or did I just give them all away?  Hmmmm... I think I need to stop giving them away!

It's a glorious day today... can't see a cloud in the sky.  Very nice.

Last hour of the morning I spent watching a TV show I'd taped... then I picked up Griffin from School, Lacy from her house, dropped Steve at his work (even though it's his day off) then took Griffin to his Speld Lesson.
Went into Pukekohe for lunch with Lacy, picked up Griffin .... went to Lacy's house and got all her washing off the line and brought it home to air in my dryer.

Some total of time spent on ME?  1 hour.
And now I have a headache... AGAIN.

Seems to be most afternoons I get a headache?  Can't think why.

I've got 1 hour until I need to put the dinner on (Roast Pork)... might just chill out.

End of Day:  dinner was really yum... even though I overcooked me peas to a crisp!  
Lacy safely home... we are watching some really old Bruce Willis movie on the telly.
nite nite.


  1. Teddy and Coco look super relaxed and who wouldnt want to snuggle on those rugs !! Sew read blogs snooze find a sunny spot and read oh the decisions....

  2. Sometimes it's really nice just to stay home and "do nothing". Well as much as a mom can do nothing lol.

  3. enjoy your alone time :) you need it

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Dogs look like they are liking their new digs!! And it's working!! Wha~La!! Your closet is too neat. Better put some more stuff in there so it looks natural....debbie

  5. Teddy and Coco look very cute and comfy in their beds. I hope you found just the right thing to do with your morning.

  6. OMG - I'll swap linen cupboards!! I have so many sheets there is not enough room for them all! ARGH!!!

  7. perhaps with all the new beds and rearranging you have been doing, they are just all in use. Good excuse to go buy more, I say...

  8. Whatever you decide to do today I hope you enjoy it!

  9. I hate having headaches too having had them my whole life. And I hate doctors telling me I'm predisposed to them. How on earth is one predisposed to headaches I ask? I know what most of my headaches triggers are so when I get one because I did or ate what I'm not supposed to, I tell myself I deserve it. I often imagine a world without headaches.

  10. Oh what cute puppies :)

  11. I remember our high school guidance counselor used to tell us to drink water if we had a headache because we might be dehydrated. It actually helped sometimes, might be something in it? Didn't get us out of PE though!

    I'm with everyone, you need some time to yourself. I don't know how you're going to get it without going away again!


  12. Those doggies look snug, warm and comfortable....great for this cold weather.
    That linen cupboard looks like there may be a need/excuse to go shopping LOL.
    Yum....roast pork .... we had pork chops :)

  13. You sound like me in that I spend a large amount of my day shuttling kids back and forth to school, activities, friends houses, etc. Hope you find a little time for yourself in all of that you have going on!

  14. Your linnen cabinet is empty!
    I was thinking, it's not roast pork you're putting on for dinner, it's just pork. It's roast pork when you take it out of the oven!
    (Maybe I'm the cause of your headaches?)

  15. The linen cupboard is a pain in the butt. I struggle folding those darn fitted sheets too. Counting the days till holiday time too!


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