Sunday, June 03, 2012


I've had so much success with buying curtains on the internet (Trademe) that I wanted to see if I could get new ones for some of our bedrooms... so  I placed some bids yesterday.... and I WON them!

All three of them in fact!

So, Griffin's room and Steve's room will have these hanging soon:

ABOVE:  They may seem a bit 'gaudy' but I am sure they are going to look fab on the windows! We will be picking them up on Monday. I got two this size (REALLY BIG) and the little one below ... all for $30 !!!  

Shit, just realised I'm gunna have to paint Griffin's room to match them!  Hmmmm, that's OK, I love painting!   

I re-painted almost the entire house in Palmerston North, and that was no mean feat considering it was an ENORMOUS house!

ABOVE:  I won this smaller one too... it's quite long but not very deep.  I'm sure at some point I'll find somewhere to put it... I just couldn't resist buying it.... I got it for $2, just too good to leave it!

I do seem to have a problem NOT buying stuff eh?  lol

And before anyone says it:  YES, I know I don't like ORANGE.... but these blinds just appealed to me.  They are nice... YES?

Today is the BIG DAY..... moving Lacy into her new home.  I think it's going to be a long day.

And a big THANKS to everyone for their lovely, positive comments, gifts and good wishes.  Setting Lacy up so she can live a better life with her baby girl is going to be so rewarding... just knowing she is happy and settled will be worth all the effort we have taken to get her to this point.


So, the truck is here and everyone is pitching in to help... but Brylee is being a bit 'mouthy', saying shit that ain't necessary, so there's a little conversation: 

There's Steve in the back of the truck, Stew, Griffin and Brylee on the driveway, when Griffin looks at Stew and says:
"I think things would be a lot easier if we went to the Black Market and sold some of the staff"... pointing behind him at Brylee!


IT'S DONE.... she's in and all set up.  Photos:

 ABOVE:  we were extremely lucky that Steve's boss let him use the big truck!  It cost us nothing but a couple of dozen cans of beer... universal 'payment' for a favour here in New Zealand!  *smiles*

ABOVE: clearly we needed the big truck too!   I had no idea she had quite so much 'stuff'!

ABOVE: Miss Muppet's room... I'm especially proud of how her room looks... it's so pretty.

ABOVE: the other end of her room.  She has everything she will need for most of her childhood!

ABOVE: Lacy's room.  It's a bit cramped with the Queen size bed in there, but she will be more comfy with the bigger bed, instead of a single.  Gunna hunt in the attic for some pictures for her walls.

ABOVE:  The lounge, and Stew fitting security latches to the exterior doors. I need to hunt on Trademe for a new Futon Mattress as her's was super IKKKK.

ABOVE:  Lacy looking a bit knackered.  She was going to have a nap once we left, I hope she did.

ABOVE:  she has an enormous bathroom!  

ABOVE: the very LUSH back "lawn".  Housing NZ have said they will get it mown initially, then it is up to Lacy (read: US) to keep it mown and tidy.  

So there ya have it.  She's all settled and now I can kick back and relax for a little while!


  1. You have put so much effort into this move for Lacy....she is a lucky girl to have you. I hope it all goes well and that she and her new little one will do well in their new home.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Have a great day chris you and Lacy just plonk yourselves on a chair and tell the boys where to put stuff. We dont want lil miss muppet to arrive today :)tommorrows soon enough lol


  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Good luck with the move, you are awesome Chris. I just can't wait to see Miss Muppet. OMG Griffins comment cracked me up. That is just so funny!!!

  4. Love your new curtains !

    hehehe the comment from G was a classic!!

    Enjoy the moving of Lacy, she is lucky to have you as a mum, you've made her little house a home.

  5. Lol! That's a keeper quote!

  6. What a great Mum she has! Hope it all goes smoothly for you all.

    A new start is a great thing.

  7. O Gosh, Chris
    This is so exciting! I hope she loves her new home and Miss Muffet when she arrives.

    I really like the curtains! I think that is what you call another WIN!

  8. Her house looks awesome! Now you and Lacy can rest!!

  9. Place looks awesome well done all :)

  10. You have her place looking really lovely & homely. I hope you manage to have a wee break now.

    Griffins comment was brilliant about Brylee - love it!

  11. That looks fantastic Chris-you have done a superb job. I hope Lacey will be happy in her new home and it's a fresh start for her and Miss Muppet.

  12. Lacy's home looks perfect for her and the baby. Wish I lived closer as I have bits and pieces here that you could use. Have a restful, peaceful night:-)

  13. So great that she is all set up and time to nest before the little lady arrives!
    You have done well, all of you. So pleased it has turned out like this. And lovely that she will be so close to you all :)

  14. You all have done a wonderful job. What a fantastic start for Lacy and Miss Muppet. Does she need any sheets, blankets for the cot as I have plenty here??? I'm sure you're well sorted but I can courier them up to you no problems at all.

  15. And just wanted to say I hope you've got a good lawnmower. Might want to get in there with the weedeater.......... lol

  16. You have done an amazing job. I reckon you deserve the next week as Chris time.

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Chris the rooms have turned out fantastic and love Miss uppets room the blinds the colours so fresh and errrmmmm the lawns so vibrant green!

  18. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Wow you have all done a fantastic job, looking really good .

    And that quote , he will go far ,lol

    why was Brylee feeling so inside out with herself.

    I hope Lacey and baby will be very happy in their home.

    Hope you can manage to get some relaxation in now Chris.

    Joan x


  19. You've worked wonders Chris, it looks absolutely fabulous!!! What a little Tardis that place is, it looks so small on the outside but the rooms are lovely and big.
    A job well done I'd say - and you deserved your (not so) quick kip ;o).
    Joy :o)

  20. Everything looks really nice, I hope she appreciates all the hard work!

  21. Kids are great fun aren't they?


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