Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am dedicating this morning to blog catch up ... reading and commenting on YOURS ... I hope to catch up with all my regulars! lol

Seems to be the norm for me lately... getting behind and having to do a big catch up.

In my defense (again)... life is just so BUSY here!  And it's going to get worse soon with the arrival of Miss Muppet!

I feel sure there will be lots of visits to make sure Lacy and baby are doing well.

Miss Muppet's due date is 8th of July... only 10 days.... I hope she isn't late!  I am SO impressed with how well Lacy is coping at this stage of the pregnancy... but I don't know how she will feel if baby is late!  Suppose there is NOTHING we can do but wait!

Griffin is home with me this morning, his school has Cross Country running today, but as he has his Speld Lesson at 1pm I didn't feel there was any point him going for half the day then turning up at his lesson covered in MUD!  Cos there is A LOT OF MUD around now due to all the rain we've had!

Right, let's get the day started eh?  Make lunches, beds, get washing on, vacum then sit and read blogs...


So... I'm sitting in the lounge, with me blankie on me legs cos it's cold... reading blogs.
And I think "where are the dogs?" ... cos they are usually on my lap if I'm sitting down!

I get up and start looking, but I don't even get out of the lounge before I 'find' them:

ABOVE:  I look out the lounge room sliding doors... and I can see something in Griffin's room....

ABOVE:  there they are!  Curled up on Griffin's bed trying to catch some sun.  Griffin's room gets sun streaming all ALL DAY LONG ... not that there's much sun going on right now... it's cloudy and COLD.  

Oh well... at least I know they are happy.  On with me blog reading...

Blog reading done.  Speld lesson done. Lunch done.
Stew home early?  Done!  He had his quarterly Doctor's appointment to keep an eye on his Type  2 Diabetes.  I forgot he would be home early.  Tis nice to get to spend more time with him than normal.

Right... I am about half way through the first book in the Shades of Grey trilogy.  So far out of 10.. I'd give it a 5.  It's a bit 'smutty'... and almost predictable in it's content.  Some how I think I may not be reading the next two!

End of Day:  a nice day in all... managed to catch up on blog reading/commenting, which always pleases me.
nite nite.


  1. Have a good lesson with Griffin! I hope he is helping you with the housework. :)

  2. Good luck with commenting - with all the bloggers with their sites set to give word verification when you comment, does my head in!!

  3. Did you get your blood test results back?? And have an awesome day only 1 more day then school holidays yippee

  4. Now animals always find the warm spots, and Griffins new bed why not? eh!! very cold her today am over shivering...

  5. I just want to tell you......THANK YOU!!!!! You are so good to stick with me when I totally bomb as a good blogger......these last two years I have been a bad joke! And yet I can count on you to still be there and be a good support.......a comment here and there sure can build you up and I appreciate your friendship!!!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!!!

  6. Blogs and Balnket here too. For a while.

    Dogs have more sense than us.

    Hope your drive to the Speld teacher isn't too bad, So windy here.


  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    how was your blood test/diabetes result??

  8. Anonymous4:23 AM

    I was wondering about your Dieabetes results myself...were they ok? maybe not since you didn't mention it. The dogs look so comfy laying there in the window! Glad you had a day where you could just chill for once!!..debbie


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