Friday, June 29, 2012


For years,  Auckland City and surrounds were divided into several 'smaller cities'... but a few months ago they were merged into one SUPER CITY... so instead of being in Manukau City, we are now classed as being in Auckland City.

This was just fine by me... EXCEPT for one thing.
Auckland City Council decided in their wisdom to try and double the dog registration fees!

So, instead of us paying about $120 for Teddy and Coco to be registered, it was now going to cost over $300!

I (and thousands of others) wrote to the City council to express our disgust at this increase.

I had just paid to have the MANUKAU City Council inspect my property and dogs and give me a discount because I passed their 'Responsible Owner' inspection when all of this happened.

So ... the upshot was... we got our new bill yesterday... and the Auckland City Council has BACKED DOWN!  
Now instead of having to pay heaps more, they have reduced what I have to pay!!!!

SCORE!  So relieved.

TODAY:  Going to see my Doctor.  Got the blood test results.... and was told I need to see my Doctor.  The 'numbers' were not THAT high... but apparently high enough to need to be addressed.  So... I'll tell ya all about it when I get home OK?



Alllllrighty then. Went to Dr's.  I DO HAVE TYPE 2 DIABETES.  We discussed 'options'... well she discussed them... I told her what I was doing.  NOT taking medication.  WILL diet and exercise and see what the next blood test 'says' in 3 months.
She weighed me... but as requested, she did not tell me the number.  She will weigh me again in 3 months and see how I did.  Still not to tell me the number.  I want to know the number after 6 months, and she's cool with that.

After that visit, I picked up Lacy and we went down to the mall...  had a walk around then came home.  

I wanted to buy some red sneakers... but there were none in my size anywhere... bummer.

DEBBIE: please don't worry!  If I can't turn the diabetes around in 3 months I will do the medication.  I just feel SO SURE I can in fact get a good result from diet and exercise!  My Doctor was happy for me to give it a go.  She will reassess after my next blood test in 3 months.

I'm not so silly that I would refuse to take totally necessary medication for my health. 

ANON:  why don't I want to take the medication?  Not sure really, just want to be given the chance to turn things around myself first.  
My Mum was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes some months ago.  She took the medication and was sick as a dog!  So very sick that she vomitted every day... so she went off it and she's just fine now... she lost weight and stopped eating insulin spiking foods and BOOM... no more diabetes. 

Once the kids arrived home from school we went down to Manurewa so Lacy could pick up her prescription, then I took her home. 
Her home still smells musty, so I spent some time mopping her floors and spraying room deodoriser around.  Hopefully it helps.  

Oh and I also popped into the Hospice Shop and picked up a few more baby clothes!  Going to build up me 'stash'... there's plenty of babies coming to use them!

End of Day: Another day that went fairly well... this is good!
nite nite.


  1. Hmmm... I don't get how these people can double the taxes in one year like that. Good for you all making a racket about it!

    The numbers thing... Did you lose 100 pounds or something and are keeping us all in suspense????

  2. I was one of the people who protested the increases for dog registratio & I don't even own a dog but several of my friends do & like you they are all respnsible & pay the fees & look after their dogs. Raising the fees punishes the people who do the right thing, not the ones who don't

    Good luck with the Dr visit.

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    There is something to be said about living in smaller towns. When you go bigger so do the taxes.
    Glad to hear that your letter helped you to get yours reduced!! That is GREAT!!! ...debbie

  4. Yay about the doggy rego's, we just did Biscuit and Chico yesterday again.... 1 more week on Monday till Miss Chico goes in her op, microchip, spaying and hernia :(

  5. Good luck at the doctors!

  6. With the HbA1c result you had there is no doubt you are Type II. BUT it is totally controllable with diet - that link I sent you has everything you need to know.

    I wish you well - your health can dramatically improve in the next three months :)

  7. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Oh well Onward & upward from here
    Mary H

  8. Bugger about the diabeties! But am sure that you will manage it the best way for you which is the most important thing! And that in 3 & 6 months those numbers will have gone down!!!

  9. Sorry to hear that you have the type two, but I am sure you will kick it to the ground!
    Good luck with the journey!

  10. Take care Of yourself as well as you take care of your family ..... They need you healthy and around for a long time.

  11. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Chris, I don't know your reason for not taking medication for your Diabetes 2 might be, but here is what will happen to your body without the medication.

    You will develop hypertension
    You can develop kidney problems
    You may develop nerve damage
    You will become tired because your
    organs can't work properly.
    You may develop blurry vision
    You may became anemic from
    decreased Vitamin D
    and this are but a few changes that will occur without proper medication. I have Diabetes 2 also. Please go on your medication,
    it might be a life saver for you....debbie

  12. Anonymous1:12 PM

    sorry about the diabetes diagnosis. how are you feeling about it? would love to hear the changes you are making health and exercise wise to address this. one question - why don't you want to take medication?

  13. Anonymous1:25 PM

    thanks for the answer - and good luck! just bear in mind that the most common diabetes drug (metformin) also comes in a extended release form - identical in terms of benefit but with no nasty side effects that you can get with 'regular' metformin. If you do get prescribed this ask for diabex xr

  14. Chris, I'm sorry to hear about your type 2 diabetes diagnosis. I went to read up about it. With your doctor's support and your own motivation, I believe you can do what it takes to manage this condition. I have started on my fitness program once again and this whole week I ate healthy. I exercise 5 days a week now. I hope to keep it up. We can do it!

  15. Right - you have the diagnosis, you knew what it was going to say & you also know what you have to do to fix it. Think how awesome it is going to be going back in 3 months & the Dr remarking that your numbers have greatly improved. It is not going to be easy all the time but you can do it. You have too many Grandbabies on the way and you don't want to be too ill to enjoy them for many years to come.

  16. I for one an stoked that you are trying no medication!! As I said yesterday, look at Lucy's blog and how she manages her blood sugar with no medication. There is a club called the 5% club - all the diabetics who get their HbA1c back to the 5%s with no medication!! It can be done.

  17. Doggone it. I know you will be taking care of yourself. I'm just hoping EVERYONE ELSE is careful not to cause drama and make your life hell. Those are the danger points for you, Chris, and I hope EVERYONE ELSE is listening to this warning from the doc and treating you right. :/

  18. From what I know about your determination you will get the diabetes turned around. I'm sure your doctor would not go along with your plan if she thought it would be harmful for you.

  19. Whatever you do or choose to do you have to feel comfortable with it, the next 3 months and then 6 months and 9 months is doable.

  20. You can do it Chris :)

    On the topic of Lacy's house...maybe get a container or two of "damp rid" and put in the rooms that aren't being used. I have done this in our back bedroom (south side of house) and it has made a tremendous difference. The room no longer smells :) I swear by the stuff.
    Have a great weekend :)

  21. I'm glad you don't have to pay more for your beautiful dogs.

    My family history is so full of diabetes, high blood pressure etc that it is scary.

    So far at age 41 I've been able to stay off all medications that some other family members started before 30. I consistently exercise and developed a love of food that is good for me and makes me feel good.

    Good luck with keeping your numbers steady Chris. It's also not a failure if you end up having to take medication. You're giving the alternative a try and that's all you can do xx

  22. Diabetes is a pain in the arse but there has been a diagnosis and nothing can change that. I was diagnosed nearly 9yrs ago and spent a good few of those years managing with diet and exercise. Then my Hba1c's went too high so I started medication.I was also a smoker and knew that was a huge no no so I stopped smoking and put on weight (2stone) over a few years and needed to increase my medication. Now I am trying to lose weight and my HbA1c has gone down to 6.8 from 8.
    I am thrilled with this and the doc said if it continues she will reduce my medication.
    So win win clothes, fitter and fewer meds.....aint life grand.....we must be in control of our destiny.

  23. For Lacy's place, if you find wet or damp or mildewy areas, spray with a teaspoon of oil of cloves in a litre of water. If not wet spots, spray around anyway cause it smells lovely. Maybe put some in the water bucket for the floors?

  24. Just received my bill from the city to register the dog a whopping $20.00. All the best getting the diabetes under control. Happy weekend.


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