Monday, June 18, 2012


SO... it's off to the Midwife again today... and it is now only 21 days until Miss Muppet is due! 
The months sure have gone fast is all I can say. Probably cos it's not ME who's pregnant eh?  lol

Lacy has coped so well with the discomfort of these last few weeks, we marvel at the changes we see in her!  She's just so DIFFERENT to how she used to be.
It's really nice to see her looking forward to Miss Muppet's arrival SO MUCH.

I took a few photos of the Karangahake Gorge yesterday, but most of them were crap... but I think these ones are semi OK:

ABOVE: it is a very pretty drive... and not as windy as I had dreaded.  Bex felt a bit carsick on the way home, luckily for her she didn't throw up though.

Right... I better pull finger and get on with the day... got lunches to make, kids to get out the door... then go pick up Lacy.


Midwife rang... no appointment today... she's delivering a baby instead!  That's fine, we will see her tomorrow instead.
Might still go over to Lacy's... I know her and Bex are craving DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

And OMG it's cold today!  I'm sitting in front of the fire and I'm still cold. 

Right.... Bex and I went over to Lacy's...we sorted out her 'baby bag' so she has everything ready for when she needs to go to the hospital.
Then we did the 'DUMMY RUN' to the hospital to see how long it took to get there, and WHERE to go at the hospital!
We had NO idea... but the big sign saying:

ABOVE:   "BIRTHING UNIT" was helpful.
So we parked me car and went in... into a big foyer... which DID NOT have clear and precise instructions on where to go to that freaking 'birthing unit'... so we had to ask a cleaner in the foyer.
Luckily after that it was clear sailing to the unit... where we ran into Lacy's Midwife Debs.... talk about funny!
So Debs took us into one of the birthing rooms to show us around.  Cool.
She was still waiting for her client to give birth and was taking a break... lucky for us eh?

After leaving the hospital we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.  We had planned on getting some warm singlets for Miss Muppet there, but they did not have quite the right ones at Baby Factory, so we hot footed it back to Manukau and got some at Farmers.
ON SALE too... score!

Then we dropped Lacy at her home and came home ourselves.  Time to take a half hour break before getting the kids... I will pick them up today most likely as it is totally PISSING DOWN... sideways even!  

DUNKIN DONUTS!!!  Would you believe after our lunch we just didn't feel like them?  True!  Another day for sure.

I was a good mother and drove down to school and picked up the kids... it was raining so badly I thought I better!

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on me butt reading blogs.  And keeping warm.  

End of Day:  in all... an OK day.  Made a nice sweet 'n' sour chicken casserole for dinner with nice veges on the side.  Went down well with everyone.
nite nite.


  1. What lovely scenery!

  2. what stunning scenery, one day I will see for myself I hope.

  3. It's so pretty esp. considering it's winter there! I am so excited to hear of the change in Lacy as well. Hopefully it lasts AND some of your other family members become ready to forgive! :)

  4. I agree it's freezing.

    All wrapped up like an eskimo.

    I'm over winter already.

    I did drink a few cups of tea the other day *smile*.... Getting tired of all the recording I guess. And it shows..... my weight loss has stalled.

    So glad Lacy is doing well.


  5. We love that Gorge. We usually try and do a walk through there when up at Waihi Beach.
    Thought the girls might have forgotten about those donuts!!! ROFL.....guess not :)
    Enjoy your day with the Mum's to be :)

  6. Countdowns are always exciting!
    Excellent pictures!
    Here all the Dunkin' Doughnuts all went out of business st the same time.

  7. Beautiful photos and I am so glad that lacy is looking forward to the baby........ are the kiddies excited??

  8. How exciting that it's only a few weeks away! Good thing you took the dry run down to the hospital, sounds like it was a bit of a challenge to find the place. Cold and rainy here today. For June here cold just doesn't happen. It's usually 30C and we are begging for relief!

  9. Not long now for Lacy!!

  10. 21 days gosh thats gone fast, good idea the dummy run, It was very cold here too, and is still cold.

  11. Anonymous11:49 PM

    21 days oh my it has gone by fast for both of us only 31 days for Russell and myself can't wait for the suspense to be over and find out what we have on board. 10 days between grand baby's exciting times. Pretty happy it is nearing a end though.


  12. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Hard to believe time is close at hand for Lacy. Glad to hear she is excited, and hope the excitement is looong lasting. Hard to think of you being cold. I think of NZ as being warm all year round....debbie

  13. Great pictures, looks like you have a very busy weekend. Hope all goes smoothly with the arrival on the next little one. Take care keep warm.

  14. The photos look lovely. Bright and green and restful.

    A dry run is a very clever idea! I never thought to do that myself... So glad I never had to make a mad dash!


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