Saturday, June 16, 2012


Stew often gets me all wound up over something... eg:  I might have asked him to buy some fresh bread on his way home from work.... and then when he gets home he has no bread.
So I say:  "Where is the bread?"
and he says:  "Oops I forgot!"
And I get a bit cross.... then he pulls the bread out of the car.  Grrrrr.  HE DOES IT JUST TO WIND ME UP.... he's a right shit and he does it heaps.

So last night, he comes home from work and sees his new lawnmower and line trimmer. 

Stew and Steve are admiring them... then they say:  "Where is the catcher for the mower?"
And I go:  "Umm, isn't there one there?"  (knowing damn well it's behind the couch)

And they go:  "What the hell, there is supposed to be a catcher!  Now we will have to ring the shop and get them to deliver it"... both with annoyed and accusatory faces directed at me!
Oh it was so good !!!!
Payback is such a bitch.

I laughed me head off and said "Look behind the couch"... and crowed and crowed, going YES! YES! YES!  

I don't think Stew was that impressed.  Tough shit.  I enjoyed it.

TODAY?  dunno yet.  I bet Stew wants to mow the lawns though!  lol
There is plenty of washing to do.
And stuff... you know... boring shit we have to do so we ain't living in a pig's sty....


PINKY:  yes he does read my blog every night before leaving work... but somehow he managed to not see the catcher!  He skims....

We went out... and bought flies and worms.  Riveting stuff.

I'm not the most popular person in my house right now.  I made the kids do some housework.   Poor kids... NOT.
Time to get some washing on the line...

We decided to go to Masala on Mission Bay for lunch... Took Bex and Lacy too.

Griffin and I both had Butter Chicken... guess where Griffin sat?
I swear we should just park him in front of a pig trough and slop his food in it!!!  I can't believe he is still eating like a toddler!

I lived in fear of wearing his lunch the whole time... as I was sitting next to him.
On the way home.. in the car, Lacy and Bex talked about bloody donuts.... for like miles!!!  I swear they have Dunkin Donuts on the brain.  *sigh*

APPARENTLY we are going to Dunkin Donuts after Lacy's midwife appointment on Monday?  Yaaa, just what my fat arse needs. NOT.  I could just say 'NO' I suppose.

End of Day:  *sigh* YES LYNDA... I'm not gunna have any donuts... don't worry you won't have to come and beat me up !
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    OH MY Goodness!! Why didn't he buy one already put together?! lol. Hope they got it all together. I'm sure they did, Stew seems pretty efficient when it comes to things like that!! ...debbie

  2. Well done Chris! Funny cause if he had looked at the blog before leaving work like you have mentioned that he sometimes does - it was in the picture!

  3. hahahaha good on you Chris pay back is a bitch :) you enjoy doing your washing and feel free to come and do mine :)

  4. yay! One up on Stew - doesn't happen very often. Lol~

  5. You. Are. Good!!!! That'll teach Stew ;-)
    Happy Father's Day
    xo jj

  6. Hehehe. Good one - got to love payback.

  7. We had donuts and bagels all week at work. Oh and sweet bread but that doesn't tempt me since I don't like it.

  8. Woo up on Stew :)
    Maybe by Monday Lacy may have forgotten about the donuts!!! :) Sounds like you had a nice family outing and didn't have to spend all day doing chores...well done :)

  9. Have you tried taking your blood sugar reading about an hour after eating food like donuts? Mine shocks me and I'm not diabetic yet.

    Don't eat the donuts - what part of this don't you get? Do I have to come to your house and beat you up??? I know where you live!! Be afraid... be very afraid :)

  10. Today I'm stressed . We are having dreadful weather in England . I can stand a couple of days at a time but this has gone on for weeks ,I live alone so no one to bawl at .
    Today blogger only prnted half my blog leaving everything in mid whatever.
    Because I'm stressed I had extra potatoes on my dinner lathered with salt and butter
    Tommorrow is another day


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