Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm having all sorts of problems with my Internet connection.
It keeps going off and on... and always just when I want to use me computer.
So Steve rang Telecom last night and after much discussion and tinkering, it was deemed the problem was my Modem. 
Apparently it's too old?
So... I've got to get a new one.  THAT better fix the problem, cos I'm so over my connection going off and on for hours at a time.
And more OFF than on I might add.

TODAY:  well Stew, Brylee, Griffin, Bex, Lacy and I are going over the the Bay of Plenty to visit Lynise (private blogger) to pick up baby stuff that her baby girl has outgrown, so Miss Muppet has clothes to wear!  
It's such a relief for Lacy after all her newborn gear was stolen some weeks back. 
We are looking forward to a lovely day out... it's been years since we visited the Bay of Plenty!

Not long to go now till I have my second blood test for Diabetes.  I'm 110% sure I will get a positive result.
I'm always thirsty.  I'm tired all the time.  I'm lethargic.  And most of all... I'm irritable! OH SO IRRITABLE! lol

In the back of my mind I think I've been just killing time until I get the definitive result before really, really trying to turn my eating/weight around.  Dumb I know, but it's just how my mind works.

So right now I'm waiting for the lab forms to arrive in the post so I can get the next test done and face the result.

Right... we are off on our little road trip, it's going to take about 2 hours to get there...


We couldn't have picked a more lovely day for  a day trip!
We arrived at Lynise's 5 minutes before they arrrived home from a trip to Tauranga... so Lynise's little dog went nuts at us!

But she was scared of us so we were safe... lol!
We had a really lovely lunch and natter... then gathered up the baby stuff she was kindly giving Lacy and left.  
We got home in time to cook dinner.

Our day in pictures:

 ABOVE:  a small herd of cows being moved along the road just up from our street!  They even had a bull whip!

ABOVE:  the gorgeous view from Lynise's lounge window.  

 ABOVE:  one of the most gorgeous wee baby girls ever!  Annalia is Lynise's 5 month old. 

ABOVE: kids playing outside after lunch... they had a ball.

 ABOVE: Lacy & Lynise

 ABOVE: Me and Lynise

ABOVE: Lynise and her man Jason

ABOVE:  all the treasure Lynise gave Lacy... clothes, change pad, steriliser and carseat.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH LYNISE!  You are a doll.

End of Day:  time to get dinner then relax for the rest of the evening.
nite nite.


  1. Have a great day today and drive safely. All the best with the blood tests.

  2. have a great day and it's not long now until Miss Muppet arrives, I know how you feel when fading signal hapens mighty PO material that is.

  3. It more then likely is not your modem ours has been doing it for months now and so have many other people I know with telecom..... it has gotten worse since they have increased the data for everyone. Some days our can go off many times a day, had telecom out and no problems but they could see it was not working properly from their end so came out again and no could not fix it... so am pretty sure it is telecom at their end.... so be prepared for the problem not to fix with a new modem. And on that note have a nice day :). Oh and last nights ours was really bad as well :)

  4. On the modem thing.....ours did improve with our new wireless modem but our internet still goes off and on most days. We have got so used to it now that it doesn't bother us as it's usually only for a couple of mins and my laptop being so slow has time to catch up LOL
    Enjoy your day with Lynise. She is lovely and I am sure there will be lots of goodies to be picked up. Say Hi from me if you get this before you leave :)

  5. I truly hope you're wrong about the blood tests. Hope all works out:)

  6. O Gosh, Chris!
    I had not heard about the baby clothes being stolen! How HORRIBLE!

  7. You couldn't have a better day to travel. It's beautiful here.


  8. Hi ya, Hope you made it back all safe and sound. I realised after you had left that I had forgotton to give you the other box in the garage that had a bath support thing in it and a few more clothes. (blast) So I'll send them up with a friend who I think is heading to Akl sometime later this week or early next week. I'll let you know when and organise to get them to you or left at my parents so they can be picked up.

    Lovely seeing you all today, and sooooo sorry for being late back to the house and hadn't tidied up or made my quiche (all my best laid plans went out the window unfortunately)

  9. A good day for you all:-)

    I have a few things I want to send onto Lacy, only trouble some of it is wool! Is that ok or wil you end up washing it?

  10. We just got a new modem. We lose the Internet light and have yo revolt the modem. Then weirdly, some devices work and some don't.
    I like your cow pics and baby pics.
    May you be healthy.

  11. Hope you don't have diabetes. All the best to you and your family.
    What a great blogger friend. The baby things will come in handy I'm sure. Her baby is adorable!
    Love the cow pictures. They made me smile.

  12. So beautiful! Very nice that she gave the clothes to Lacy.

    Diabetes, not good. You need to kick your own a$$ girl!

  13. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Looks like you hit the baby clothese jackpot!! What a beautiful little girl!! such healthy pink cheeks, the kind you wanna smooch!! ...debbie


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